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Laura Partland

Students Latest Venture; The Pop Up Shop

Southampton Solent students yesterday launched the opening of their pop up shop Re:So. This added a sense of interest and excitement within The Marlands Shopping Centre. The quirky name Re:So, which stands for Retail Solent, is an entirely student run shop. This is the first of its kind within a UK shopping centre so you can imagine the excitement the students would have starting it up as well as running it. “Employability and enterprise is a major focus for Solent. As well as supplying stock and undertaking business-led roles, students will also act as retail managers, store designers and visual merchandisers,” said Programme Group Leader for Fashion Management, Lisa Mann. Excited students were able to see their amazing work presented for the first time within the boutique. In keeping with the interesting name Re:So’s boutique included fashion, accessories, magazines and cards as well as some unique pieces which included a Fork Bookstand and a wine bottle lampshade. “I think it’s really good that it’s focused on supporting Solent students, The day’s been really good and hopefully it will continue to stay busy like this in the future,” said ecstatic customer Jessica Duke explained to me. Also in order to gain the consumer’s attention even more the opening also included a flash mob and a live DJ set. There were also live photo-shoots on view to the customers to help show off the talent of the students and the whole process they went through to get to the final project. “There is a real wealth of creative talent and entrepreneurial flair at the University and it our intention to prove that this talent can thrive in the correct environment,” explained The Marland’s General Manager Tim Keeping. With the diverse range of items and the fact us the public can see the pure talent of these students hopefully Re:So will be able to add a sense of creativity within the centre for a long while to come.

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