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The picture on the left is me a couple of years ago feeling fat and crap. The picture on the right is me now! Wow! I have never seen these side by side. To introduce myself, my name is Laura Milczarek. I am just your average everyday girl from Sydney, Australia and I made a decision to change my life. Now, Here I am happy and healthy. It was a long road and 60 pounds, but I have done it and I feel great about myself. Read on if you want some inspiration and the same results for yourself.

A few years ago I found myself feeling really really awful about myself. I weighed 84kg or 185 pounds and for a girl who is 5’ 6” or 168cm that is really not a healthy state to be in. I had never been so large. I was never a “skinny” girl and I had always hovered around the 73kg or 160 pound mark. Now I was 11kg or 25 pounds heavier than I was used to and it was driving me crazy. My self esteem had hit all time lows. I felt really uncomfortable in my own skin and to be like that is just not good both physically and emotionally. For the first time ever I was having to buy clothes in an Australian size 16 which is equivalent to a size 12 in the USA. Size 16? Wow, that’s one size before not being able to buy clothes in a standard shop. Having to shop in a larger sizes place? No thanks! I was also 30. 30 years old and not a sexy minx, feeling crap about myself, not enjoying life because I was always worried about my weight? No way, that’s no way to live! That’s when I decided to do something about it. I knew it was not going to be easy and I knew that it was a hard road ahead, but I had made the decision. The decision to be the best physically that I could be and the decision is always the first step. From there on I was in a spin. What was I going to do to get this party started? I had no idea where to start and so I decided why not try weight watchers. I was pretty scared about going to the meetings and having to fork out cash every week, but I was desperate, so I joined. Well I can tell you that was a lot of money spent for not much results. I did lose a few pounds, but nothing to rave on about. Where was I going wrong? I was following the plans. It’s so weird now that I look back on that time because I know so much more and realise now why those “programs” don’t really work that well. Have you ever thought about how they keep in business? Places like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig etc etc …… It’s because they want you to stay fat. If you succeed, then they lose a paying customer. Think about it! Anyway I decided that I didn’t want to waste any more money going to Weight Watchers and so I turned to the internet to see if I could find something different to all the “advertised” solutions. While browsing and searching around on the internet, I stumbled across an ebook called “Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle”. I had never ever thought about muscle and it seemed that it was more targeted to body builders than normal people, but I thought what the hell, I need to do something different, so I am going to give it a go.

There were also a number of before and after stories which looked really good from normal people. I spent my $40 and downloaded the book and I can tell you that it was the best $40 I have EVER spent in my whole entire life. You can see from my after pictures how happy I am now.I started reading the book and I could not put it down. The information is just phenomenal. All of the stuff that I was doing wrong. Going "on a diet" rather than "making a lifestyle change". Concentrating on my weight rather than my body fat percentage. Knowing that I have a body type which may require different intakes of different nutrients to get the best results. It was just amazing all this information which I had never ever considered before. After reading the book my journey started. I took each day one at a time and by applying the concepts in the book I started to feel the weight melt off. I was achieving everything which I had ever wanted for myself and I was starting to feel good. Every pound meant something. Every kilogram was making me feel better and better. Of course I had my ups and downs. It was a slow but steady process. There were plateaus which I hit, but the book taught me how I could deal with those. In the process I was also eating much more and feeling healthier and healthier. The great progress I was making also showed me that I aimed too low. I was readjusting my goals all the time because I was hitting marks which I never knew that I could. By the start of 2010 I was weighing 150 pounds and feeling good, but I knew I could do even better. THEN MY LIFE FELL APART! It seriously fell apart. I was in a relationship and living with my partner of 2 years in a nice 4 bedroom house with a pool etc etc. We were having our issues as you do and then suddenly with no warning he broke up with me. I was devastated. Within the space of 1 week I went from that lovely house to living with my parents in a single bedroom and feeling so alone and rejected. It is the worst feeling I have felt in my whole entire life. I went into a depression. Crying all the time and just feeling like I had nothing to continue on for. Thinking that the worst had happened already, I was in for a rude shock! I was not looking after myself properly and one afternoon my ex needed something from me so of course I jumped straight into my car “to do anything for him�. I felt like my car was the only enjoyment I had left in my life. A sporty Mazda RX8 which I bought only 3 months prior. After seeing him again (2 weeks after splitting with me) I was in a bad state. I had not eaten that morning, I was dehydrated and then seeing him I was upset and on the way home I fainted in the car and crashed into a brick wall.

I was lucky to be alive I can tell you. I think the airbags and seatbelt were the only things that saved me. I ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance. After lots of tests I found out that I had fractured both my ankles and so I was stuck in hospital for 2 weeks in the orthopaedic section while waiting for an operation to remove bone fragments from one of my ankles. I also wrote off my car. No more sporty RX8 and my LAST thing I had for myself lost. I felt like I had nothing!

While in hospital I made the decision that I was going to look after myself because I am the only person I have. The first thing I was going to do was achieve my weight loss goals. Coming out of hospital I was confined to a wheelchair for another 3 weeks before I could walk, but I was still sticking to my plans for my eating and exercising (not that I could do much exercising). Well as you can see from my after pictures I have achieved more than I ever thought I could. Even during the worst period of my life I was able to focus and continue on. I actually lost the last 20 pounds since I fractured my ankles. I then got hit with ANOTHER BLOW. I decided to buy a new car. On the day I bought the car and got it home I received a letter from the licensing authority. My license is suspended until I can have medical exams to make sure I am fit to drive. It’s amazing how it feels to lose your freedom. Another blow, but that does not stop me. I am still on my fat burning journey and now that I have reached another goal I am just going to set more for myself and continue on.

The other day I went to the shops and bought a pair of denim shorts and a new pair of jeans. All of the clothes in my wardrobe are falling off me and so I needed something new. I could not believe it. The Lee Rider jeans that I bought are a USA size 5 or size 7 in Australia and the denim shorts I bought are a USA size 4 or size 6 in Australia. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever be able to fit into clothes that size. Even though I have just been through the worst time of my life I can say that being able to achieve my weight loss goals brings joy to me. Focus on yourself and you can achieve anything. If you really want to be the best you can be then I seriously recommend you download “Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle�. This book changed my life. It was the best $40 I ever spent! I am still continuing on my journey and always looking for the best ways to burn that fat.

Visit my website and Join my mailing list. I would love to support you in your own journey. I am always adding in articles and tips and tricks to help anyone that needs it. I am a success story and I want you to be one too!

Real Weight Loss Success Story  

The story of how I lost 60 pounds

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