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Jet Duck™ Pirate A battery operated jet duck with interchangeable pirate themed accessories that speeds through the tub while firing water! Features: • Battery operated jet duck. • 15 pirate themed accessories enable creation of different duck characters for pretend play. • Water cannon constantly fires all around! • Swivel cannon or remove duck's feet - each action effects duck's swimming route! • Easy to operate on/off button on front of duck base. • Scoop container with drain holes attaches to tub, allowing easy mold free storage of jet duck and its accessories. Patent No U.S 9,884,260; Design Patent Pending Chinese Utility Model Patent 中国实用新型专利 201820159212.8 Patent Pending 专利申请,尚未授权

x3 Not included

Storage Container

Item - 40170

Themed Accessories 15 Pirate

Battery Operated



Change Duck's Swimming Routes

Cannon Fires Water

Scoop & Store

Colors May Vary

Spin 'N' Sprinkle Sensory Arc The world’s first newborn water sensory arc that spins and sprinkles creating a multi-sensory fascinating and engaging experience for baby. Features: • Battery operated sensory bath arc with colorful flowers that spin and sprinkle while swiveling bird sprays a gentle stream of water. • Designed to create a multi-sensory fascinating experience for baby. • Press bird button to start the water show. • Firmly secures to most baby bathtubs and full-size tubs with 2 supplied optional connectors. • Designed for newborns and doubles as a bath toy for sitting babies. • Swivel arc to redirect water sprinkles and gentle stream. • Arc disassembles for flat and compact storage. Design Patent Pending Item - 40158

x4 Not included

Baby Bath Connector

Stage 1

Baby Bath Tub


Full Size Bath Connector


Easy Activation Button

Swiveling Bird Streams Water

Flowers Spin & Sprinkle

Multi-Sensory Experience

Flat & Compact Storage

Stage 2 Full Size Bath Tub

Elephant Baby Shower Battery operated compact and portable baby shower designed for ease of use by parents and gentle comfort for babies. Features: • Battery operated portable baby shower. • Designed for safe, gentle and easy maneuvering while bathing babies. • Easy activation shower head with on/off nobs allowing to easily pause or continue water flow. • Gentle stream enabling easy reach and wash of hair, neck and baby folds. • Soft design for enhanced baby safety. • Suits all types of bath tubs. • For newborns, infants and toddlers! • Can be used as a bath toy at later stages. Design Patent Pending, Patent Pending Item - 40159,40160

x4 Not included

Easy Activation Shower Head

Gentle Shower Stream

Battery Operated Water Pump

Item - 40159 6

Item - 40160


Suits All Types Of Baths

Aiming to create yet another revolution in the bath toy category, we are proud and excited to launch new items that expand the category by bringing new forms of play into the bath. This innovative addition also extends our consumer age range from newborns to 5 year olds, and is as always - all about


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Yookidoo new arrivals catalog 27 5 18

Yookidoo new arrivals catalog 27 5 18  

Yookidoo new arrivals catalog 27 5 18