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I’ve never seen this street so empty. There is something to be said for wandering about in the early morning.

Buttons Kylie Puppy Train Stations About Town Glass Bottles Staircases

C o n t e n t

These holidays I went and saw Kylie in her Aphrodite Les Foiles concert! It was amazing! It really had everything I do enjoy in a performance: ridiculously amazing sets, beautiful costuming, half-naked men and an onslaught of glitter- all set to a upbeat pop soundtrack! The sets were amazing and on a rather large scale. The performers utilised the space perfectly, and the set had some great surprises- such as levitating platforms and fountains!

The biggest disappoint was the use of film within the performance. They had videos playing on the back of the setunderstandingly as additional scenery. However, I don’t feel like they pushed the medium and use of video to its full potential, and often let down the theme quite a bit. I felt that the costuming was really very well done! It was either pieces of wearable art, or items I wished I could wear every day! I So many of the pieces I really wished to be in a gallery of some sort, as the detail in them really needed to be studied to fully appreciate the intricacy of the outfit! The men I felt were actually let down a little bit in terms of their costuming- it being limited mainly to gold/leather/sequined briefs! Kylie’s voice has improved so much and she gave a fabulous performance! It made me want to constantly be covered in sequins and re-awakened my adulation for set and costume on stage!

Mademois elle Moulin Ruby Rouge rose`

New Puppy! Her official name is Mademoiselle Moulin Ruby Rouge Rose`. (I appear to be the only family member who actively acknowledges her full name. Everyone else just calls her Ruby!) She is a lovely and positive addition to the household. However, as much as one always loves puppies, you often forget just how much hard work they actually are. For example, she hides under a coffee table, and when she thinks you aren’t giving her enough attention, she will launch herself toward you, and bite you. Ruby is one of the things in my life giving me a lesson patience, as well as teaching me the importance of having a creature depend entirely on me (and my family, I suppose!) for survival! I thought she would be a perfect subject for a still life portrait! Unfortunately, she has more oomph than most, and all my pictures of her are just charcoal marks of her energy! So I took photos instead!

We all inhabit the same train station

I would very much enjoy a coloured house! Although, I would rather a pink house! When you think about it, colour amongst a grey street is really eye catching and day brightening! It inspires me to wear bright colours, especially on cloudy days!

I would enjoy being a collector of tea pots and typewriters!

I really like reflective materials. Making coloured lights reflect off glass bottles.

I have found that glass bottles are both wonderous and horrid!

This is why you don’t put glass bottles filled with water in the freezer.

Inspiration Diary  

Inspiration Diary

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