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Final Project Check-List and Grading Guidelines The items on this check-list were developed by you and your peers. I will use these guidelines as general evaluation criteria for your final project. It would be beneficial for you to use this as a revision check-list, so that you can ensure that you’ve addressed all of these issues before submitting your final draft. ____ Examples are used in each of the sections. These examples are specific and detailed. ____ Multiple quotes are used. ____Quotes are introduced and explained. ____Successfully interprets and analyzes genres in the field or major ____The paper is organized ____Ideas are clear ____Sections, transitions, and sentences flow ____Successfully makes transition from preliminary genre analysis to intro to annotated bib ____Has a correctly formatted Works Cited page ____Elaborates on parts of the articles that contribute to your study ____Identifies a “gap” in the research and explains what research is missing ____Explains how the gap would be filled: who you would study, how you would conduct the study, and why the study would be helpful ___Cites multiple articles when discussing how to fill the gap in the research ___Includes a preliminary genre analysis that discusses the patterns, subjects, setting, participants, and features of at least three articles in the field. Each of these sections are supported with examples ___Defines genres clearly and using quotes from the authors we have read in class (Devitt; Bawarshi; Reiff) ____It is clear from reading the paper that the student understands how to analyze genres, and that the student has learned about the genre conventions and values of his or her field.

Final Project Checklist  

Grading guidelines for final project

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