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DRAFTING YOUR METHODS SECTION Objectives: -To explore and decide on the type of field research most suitable to your project. - To think about the potential audience for your project, and begin thinking about how you will present your research to this audience.

Background: Now that you have written literature review, you should have a better idea of the different conversations that are surrounding your research area. When you established your niche at the end of your literature review, you decided on the specific focus of your project. The purpose of revisiting your proposal through this assignment is for you to think about how you will gather your own data to contribute to the conversation that you have identified. Following the steps outlined in this assignment sheet, in addition to the reading you have done through the CITI training and Chapter 11 in your textbook, you will develop and conduct a study to further explore the niche you identified in your literature review. Remember that this is just a guide for how you might word your paper. Feel free to make adjustments as you see fit.

Bring your proposal to your conference!

Your Task: In order to complete this assignment, follow these steps: 1) What question(s) have not been directly answered by your sources? Remember that the niche or gap that you will fill by asking your question may be just slightly different than the questions explored by your sources. Start by writing the heading “Methods” right after your lit review. Then, write a few sentences that discuss your specific question and explain how your question is different from the arguments that your sources have made.

Example to get you started: “The question(s) I will explore through this project are....I developed these questions after reading _____ and _____, because....” Please be as specific as possible with your questions. Phrases like “success in general” or “general effects of....” are not specific. enough. Think of your niche. 2) After you have established your question(s) and following our readings and discussion on field research, decide what type of research will be most appropriate for your project.

The task, continued

Next, write a few sentences describing the type of research you will conduct. Provide as many details as possible regarding your study:

3) After you have described your study, write a few sentences that discuss what you hope to learn through your project.

What will engage your audience? What type of language should you use? Though you may not have time to answer these questions just yet, do some research on your audience and

Example: In order to further explore

Example: By conducting this study, I

find examples of the things that they

(rephrase your research question), I will conduct a study to see _____. I will (survey, interview, observe) _____(list a population or group of people).

will be able to .......

Continue giving as much detail as possible about your study. If you will be interviewing people or conducting focus groups, list the questions or topics that you will present to your study participants. Remember that your research needs to be replicable, which means that someone else should be able to follow your methods and get your same results.

4) Next, think about who you think would benefit most from your project. Students? Teachers? Members of the School Board?? Be as specific as possible with the population that you have chosen. Write a few sentences discussing this audience. Example: My intended audience for this project will be.... 5) In order to target your audience, you’ll need to explore the types of things (genres) that these people read.

read. Bring at least two examples (genres) to your conference. We will take it from there.

EVALUATION (10 POSSIBLE POINTS): The format or length of this document are not as important as your thoughtfulness and reflection. You will be graded on how clearly you deliver your ideas and on how much detail you put into your document. We will be discussing this document during your conference, and you will be making revisions before you begin your study. Please feel free to email me any questions before your conference.

ENC 1102 Proposal Part II: Methods  
ENC 1102 Proposal Part II: Methods  

Proposal of methods