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Discourse Community Ethnography Rubric 4:30-5:45:pm class

Student’s Name:

Note: As a class, we developed the following criteria to evaluate your ethnographies. The categories and criteria listed below are listed in the order that we decided, from most to least essential to the overall success of the paper.

#1: Overall

#2: Results

#3: Introduction

#4: Conclusion

#5: Methodology

These items should impact the overall success of the paper:

A successful results section should:

A successful introduction should:

A successful conclusion should:

A successful methods section should:

Your paper must maintain a focus on your argument and must be clear to the reader

Give a focus for the section and tells how that heading relates to your argument

Have an argument and purpose for that argument

Be concise and to the point, and should tie your argument together

Explain what you did and why

MLA is good enough that I can tell where your quotes came from

Gives evidence from the textbook, personal experience, and/or data, and then analyzes this evidence

Give background on the DC and refer to qualified experts from our textbook

Tells what you learned from your research and/or what someone else can learn.

Explain the process and purpose of what you did, and include examples and explanations of examples.

/8 points total

/6 points total

/ 4 points total

/4 points total

/3 points total Total score (out of 25 points):


DC Ethnography Rubric

ENC 1101-0123/ Fall 2011

DC Ethnography Rubric: 4:30pm class  
DC Ethnography Rubric: 4:30pm class  

A rubric for your DC ethnography paper.