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Discourse Community Ethnography Rubric 1:30-2:45pm class

Student’s Name:

Note: As a class, we developed the following criteria to evaluate your ethnographies. The categories and criteria listed below are listed in the order that we decided, from most to least essential to the overall success of the paper.

#1: Overall

#2: Results

#3: Introduction

#4: Methodology

#5: Conclusion

These items should impact the overall success of the paper:

A successful results section should:

A successful introduction should:

A successful methods section should:

A successful conclusion should:

The paper should be concise and to the point and clear. Your grammar should not take away from your ideas.

Give examples and analyze them.

Give background on the DC and have an argument with support or reason why.

Have examples of questions and observations and where to find the rest of the examples (appendix).

Relate to your overall argument and wrap it up.

You should explain the quotes you used and the reader should be able to tell where your quotes come from (MLA). You should have conducted at least one interview.

Explain how headings link to your argument, and should use evidence from the textbook, data, and/or personal experience.

Establish centrality by using quotes.

Explain who you interviewed, what you did, and why, and should state what you’re looking for. It should also explain how your methods relate to your focus point.

Explain how learning about discourse communities can help you or the reader.

/8 points total

/6 points total

/ 4 points total

/4 points total

/3 points total Total score (out of 25 points):


DC Ethnography Rubric

ENC 1101-0111/ Fall 2011

DC Ethnography Rubric: 1:30pm class  

A rubric for your ethnography paper.

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