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Skincare Quiz - Serums April 2014 Intensive Skin Supplement: Think: Anti-aging and pigmentation 1. What skin type is this for? All 2. Name three benefits: reduces fine dry lines, reduces pigmentation, brightens skin, tones skin 3. Describe 3 ingredients: white Birch Extract reduces the look of fine, dry lines, while Grape Extract helps clarify and brighten the complexion. Extra Repair Serum: Think: Dry Skin 1. What skin type is this for? Dry to Extra Dry 2. Name three benefits: Tackles fine lines, firms skin, takes down redness, prevents moisture loss, hydrating, radiant and clearer complexion, 3. Describe 3 ingredients: Vitamin C – fine lines, Meadowfoam Seed Oil – hydrates, Wheat Bran and Olive Extracts help skin hold on to moisture, Clary Sage Extract helps reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion Extra Bright Advanced Serum: Think Brightness 1. What skin type is this for? Normal to dry 2. Name three benefits: brightens skin, breaks down pigmentation and darks spots, prevents dark spots from forming, plumps and hydrates fine dry lines, radiant boosting 3. Describe 3 ingredients: SuperCitrus Complex- a brightening mix of vitamin C (antiaging), citrus, unshiu peel extract, grapefruit and lime are all brightening, revitalising and hydrating and help to fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

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