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JOYFUL GIFT Your weekly newsletter from the Chapel of Penha de França in Funchal

Edition #4 #1 th th th Sunday Sunday265 June 2011

Welcome to the Chapel of Penha de França, founded by António Dantas in 1622 and built on a “penha” or peak, by the sea. This soon became so famous a shrine that people came to it on pilgrimage from all parts of the Island, and in 1721 the chapel was restored and enlarged. When the Diocese of Funchal took possession of the chapel it was used for the bishops as a Country House or Summer Residence for many years. In the meantime, the Franciscans have been coming to Madeira to carry out apostolic duties however it was only in 1935, on Easter Sunday, that they founded the Franciscan Residence of Our Lady of Penha de França, with the request of Bishop D. António Ribeiro.

You are also more than welcome to the English Mass, a tradition that dates back to 1966, when Fr Rafael Andrade, having just returned from his Capela da Penha de França first visit to England, complied to the Bishop´s request to start an English Funchal, Madeira celebration. It was first held in the Church of Santa Clara but a few months later it changed to Penha de França. It was closer to Funchal and of easier access to the visitors. Fr Rafael presided this mass for over 20 years, until in 2007 Fr Bernardino took over the celebration, and still does today.

We also serve tea & coffee in the little house “Cantinho do Frei João” in front of the chapel (by the garden) so do come and join us! There is a Visitor’s Book if you wish to leave any comments, we look forward to hearing your thoughts! Have a lovely time in Madeira Island and we hope to receive your visit again soon. Subscribe by email [] or take a look at our Blog

Thoughts on the Scripture Readings Brought to you by Chris Oliver, UK 26th June – Body and Blood of Christ


the "second" book of the law, collected together and organised the whole Jewish law from the previous four books. It emphasises remembering how Israel had been tested in the wilderness so that they would not make the same mistakes again of neglecting their God. God provided manna for their needs then – and continues to meet our needs. Paul recalls the wanderings of the Jews in the desert to warn the Corinthians not to have anything to do with idols. They - and we - must not compromise. Worship is more than words and actions, it implies the spiritual reality of becoming partners. We cannot share in Christ's body and

blood while also carelessly seeking demons such as money, power, etc, which can easily take us over. Belonging to Christ must be total. In chapter six of John's gospel, Jesus feeds the five thousand before saying that the manna came not from Moses but from the Father. And it is the Father who now offers "the true bread from heaven", which "gives life to the world" - that is, Jesus himself. Jesus' teaching is stark. Many could not accept it then, as now. But Jesus insists: we must show we are united with him body and soul by our physical communion with him - and so be united with all his followers. As always, faith must be shown by action. Deut 8:2-3,14-16 Ps 147 1 Cor 10:16-17 Jn 6:51-58 Further Information,


From My Heart to Your Heart Brought to you from Father Bernardino, Madeira My Life Has Been a Disaster

Michelle (not her real name) was 24 years old. She was beautiful and looked younger but with profound marks of suffering on her face and in her smile. Michelle came to my office because she wanted to baptize her four small children. She was not married, and her four children were from four different fathers. It happened that Michelle was not even baptized. My understanding about the Sacraments is that they are always a starting point or ‘food for the road’ and not a ‘reward’ for the ‘good people who are behaving well.’ That’s why people like Michelle are my favourites. I know that they are the favourites of God not because they are better but because they are the lost, the last and the least. And these are the people who need help the most. I extended her a ‘red carpet’ and spent some time talking about Baptism but mainly about her life. At a certain point I wanted her to be reassured that I

was going to baptize her babies, but gently I asked, “Michelle… it is going to be a privilege for me to baptize your babies. But I am very curious to know why you want to baptize your babies when you have been so far away from Church and you are not even baptized.” She squeezed and kissed the little one she had on her knees, her eyes became teary and then she answered, “Father…! I was raised without God or without any spiritual or family values. My life has been a disaster. I don’t want the same thing to happen to my adorable children.” On that evening I learned two important things: I. Hospitality is the eighth Sacrament or… maybe the only Sacrament of the Church. People will join the church and find life not through our policies, our regulations, laws or how ‘right’ we are but through the way we welcome them and touch them. II. Life without principles is a disaster. Fr. Bernardino Andrade []

A Portuguese Treat To try at home – make it & enjoy it! Espetada Madeirense – Meat on a skewer à la Madeira

One of our most typical dishes is Espetada, a simple and rewarding meat dish appreciated by both visitors and locals. It can be found in almost all the festivities and folk pilgrimages across the island. Traditionally, espetada is done with laurel skewers instead of the metal ones, that way the flavours of the plant intensify the meat better. Everyone agrees espetada gets even tastier when served together with milho frito1 (typical fried maize), bolo do caco2 with garlic butter and a decent-size appetite! STEP BY STEP INGREDIENTS 800gr of beef (sirloin) Garlic Bay leaves Sea salt (coarse) 4 Laurel skewers

1 Cut the sirloin meat into chunky cubes. 2 Mix together the salt, crushed bay leaves and garlic. Thread the meat onto the skewers and season well with the salt mixture.

3 Place the meat skewers on a grill and cook until desired degree of doneness. 1,2

Follow the next editions of Joyful Gift to know how to cook those delicacies!


The World Seen from Rome Brought to you by ZENIT, the Catholic Church news agency Benedict XVI Celebrates Anniversary on June 29


Congregation for the Clergy is inviting the faithful to mark Benedict XVI's 60th anniversary as a priest this June 29 with 60 hours of prayer. The intention proposed by the congregation, according to L'Osservatore Romano, is the sanctification of priests and to obtain from God the gift of new and holy vocations. A note signed by Cardinal Mauro Piacenza and Archbishop Celso Morga Iruzubieta, prefect and secretary of the congregation, notes that the anniversary is a "particularly propitious" occasion to draw near to Benedict XVI, and to express to him gratitude, affection, and communion in the service

of God and his Church and, above all, in that "shining of the Truth on the world," which he calls us to. The congregation proposed that the prayer vigil can culminate on July 1, feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Day of Prayer for Priests. The Congregation also indicated some guidelines for the prayer, particularly centered on the Apostle Peter. It suggested Gospel passages from John 20 and 21 and Matthew 16. In addition to praying for the Pope's life, health, happiness and protection from every evil, the faithful are asked to pray for bishops, priests, deacons and all ministers of the Gospel, that they may be faithful to their vocation and their selfgiving, and to remember the Church, vocations, the laity and deceased priests. Further Information,

Enjoying Funchal the Most Brought to you by Laurinda Machado, Windsor Travel Some more cooking & a special Bank Holiday

On Tuesday, June 28th from 12pm to 14pm head over to the Farmer’s Market in Funchal (Mercado dos Lavradores) for a cooking show! It will be hosted by a local chef who will find innovative ways of cooking the local products, showing the vast variety our island has to offer. There will also be gastronomic and wine tasting demonstrations, so if you are a foodlover, it’s a must-go event! By Thursday the 30th of June, there will be a commemorative concert to celebrate the Bank Holiday the following day, Friday. It will be at 9:30pm in Parque de Santa Catarina (close to Casino) and the Orquestra de Sopro e Coro (wind instruments) is performing. 1st of July is a special day in Madeira because we celebrate our autonomy, meaning we got our own regional Government and Legislative Assembly in 1976. The day 1st of July was chosen as Madeira’s Day because the island was officially discovered on July 1st 1419, by two Portuguese navigators, João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira. Therefore, on Friday there will be celebrations all over the island, with fireworks in Funchal, special ceremonies on the Legislative Assembly, and a Mass presided by the Bishop Don António Carrilho in the Cathedral of Funchal. 3

Music for Everyone Brought to you by Josefina Farinha voice & Larysa Makarova violin

Larysa was born in Ukraine but has been in Madeira island for 8 years now. She has been playing the violin since she was six years old. Having dedicated her life to her beloved violin, she now teaches kids & grownups!

From the yellow book Catholic Hymns Old&New, Entry Hymn = No. 434 O the word of my Lord Offertory Hymn = No. 527 Take my life Communion Hymn = No. 248 I watch the sunrise Thanksgiving Song = Ave Maria, Schubert Final Hymn = No. 412 O lady, full of God’s own grace

People Helping People A small project founded in the Chapel of Penha de França to help those in need

Mother Theresa used to say that small things, done by small people, in small places can change the world. We are simply a small group of people in a very small island, trying to reach out for those who have lost all hope and love. What started one year ago, as an attempt to help feed a numerous family of eight, has now grown into a project where 11 families (in a total of 34 people) find in us a safe place to either cure their toothache or have their Curriculum written for the first time. We aim to offer solutions for those who do not qualify for other institutions, either because of their age, gender or just policy rules and regulations. Always with a helping hand and friendship, we try to meet the basic needs like food and rent. Afterwards we want to walk beside them until they get a job, recover their dignity and can stand on their own two feet. Our help is based on respect for human dignity and knowing that I have just washed your feet. You, then, should wash one another’s feet. Jn 13:14


If you identify with People Helping People, always remember that help has many forms (a kind word, a lift to the hospital, a birthday cake) and can be anywhere. Start your own People Helping People and lets create an international community that looks after one another. If you wish to know more about the project, don’t hesitate to contact Fr. Bernardino [] and remember, If you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one. [Mother Theresa] Finds us online on facebook searching for People Helping People If you wish to donate, please find bellow the details for PHP Account NIB: 0038 0000 39527051771 85 IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 39527051771 85 BIC: BNIFPTPL

We would like to express our gratitude to restaurant FIGOS in Garajau for always providing a fabulous meeting point, Fr Rafael for all the information on the English Mass, Fr Nélio for kindly giving the booklet on the story of Penha de França, Fr Bonifácio, Pablo & Ligia for all the help printing this newsletter and all of you that, with your endless generosity, support this cause. Editors: Laura Machado & Susana Costa © Funchal, 2011


Joyful Gift #4  
Joyful Gift #4  

Edition No. 4 of Joyful Gift - Your weekly newsletter from the Chapel of Penha de França in Funchal, Portugal