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JOYFUL GIFT Your weekly newsletter from the Catholic English Mass in Funchal

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to the Chapel of Penha de França, founded by António Dantas in 1622 and built on a “penha” or peak, by the sea. This soon became so famous a shrine that people came to it on pilgrimage from all parts of the Island, and in 1721 the chapel was restored and enlarged. When the Diocese of Funchal took possession of the chapel it was used for the bishops as a Country House or Summer Residence for many years. In the meantime, the Franciscans had been coming to Madeira to carry out apostolic duties however it was only in 1935, on Easter Sunday, that they founded the Franciscan Residence of Our Lady of Penha de França, at the request of Bishop D. António Ribeiro. The English Mass is a tradition that dates back to 1966, when Fr Rafael Andrade, having just returned from his first visit to England, complied with the Bishop´s request to start an English celebration. It was first held in the Church of Santa Clara but a few months later it changed to Penha de França, making it easier for visitors to reach. Fr Rafael presided this mass for over 30 years, until he became the Parish Priest Capela da Penha de França of Socorro. For eight years there was no Mass in English in Madeira, Funchal, Madeira until it began again on the first Sunday of Lent in 2007. Several priests agreed to say Mass in English and later on Fr Bernardino took over the celebration, and still does so today. Since 1994, soon after Freddie and Thelma Teixeira arrived in Madeira, they began to serve tea and coffee after Mass, in the little garden cottage called “Cantinho do Frei João”. We still serve tea and coffee there, so do come and join us! There is a Visitor’s Book and if you wish to leave any comments, we look forward to hearing your thoughts! Have a lovely time in Madeira Island and we hope to receive your visit again soon. Subscribe by email [] or take a look at our Blog

Thoughts on the Scripture Readings Brought to you by Chris Oliver, UK 17th July - 16th Sunday of the Year

Psalm 85 really says it all this week: God is a loving God, a "God of mercy and compassion, slow to anger", "good and forgiving, full of love to all who call." Eventually "all the nations" - ie the Gentiles will come to adore God. The last book of the Old Testament, the Book of Wisdom was probably written in Alexandria about 50 years before Christ, to encourage the faith of Jews living in a pagan Egypt. It urges that knowledge about the world should affect our moral behaviour. We can see that God moderates

His own power with His justice by the way He gave the Canaanites time to repent during the exodus, and we should follow his example by showing mercy to those who hurt us. The Gospel also shows God's mercy in action. Instead of venting punishment on sinners and immediately uprooting them, God patiently gives us time to repent. Even more, as Paul says to the Romans, God sends the Spirit to help us and to express our prayers more meaningfully. Wis 12:13,16-19 Ps 85 Rom 8:26-27 Mt 13:24-43 Further Information,


From My Heart to Your Heart Brought to you by Father Bernardino, Madeira When Bad Things Happen to Good People


Sunday, 10 July, everybody was deeply touched by the testimony of Katherine Dunne-Purcell. (You can read it bellow – she was so kind to agree to reprint her story here.) The first thing that came to my mind was the title of a book called, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, written by Harold Kushner, a Jewish Rabi who lost his son when he was only 14. Looking at Sister Katherine nobody would guess that she is struggling with a terminal illness when they sense the peace she transpires. It is clear that even if she is not healed as a cancer patient she is completely healed as a person. Usually monks and nuns make three vows when they make their religious profession. The nuns

My motto in life Whatever good I can do, Whatever kindness I can show. Do it today because Tomorrow may never come.

belonging to Sister Katherine’s order make a fourth vow, which is “Service to the Poor”. After doing so much for God and His project she is now caught by a terminal illness. So why do bad things happen to good people? I don’t know. What I know is that God makes the following statement in the Bible 365 times, “Do not be afraid. I am with you”. Another thing I know is that Jesus was a good person and was himself inflicted with horrendous pain but after that pain the Resurrection happened and He was completely healed. Thank you Sister Katherine for sharing with us a fifth Gospel – A Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Sister Katherine. Fr. Bernardino Andrade []

My name is Katherine and at the age of 17 I made a decision to become a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent-de-Paul. Our fourth vow was to serve the poor in hospitals, schools, orphanages and soup kitchens. After 25 years I decided to leave my Order and care for my mother until she died at the age of 93 years. Then, my twin sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I cared for her in her final months. In the meantime, I set up a project in Birmingham caring for the homeless which I continued until I turned 70 years old. After my twin sister passed away I met Michael and we were married at Our Lady Shrine in Knock, Ireland. Now I am suffering with terminal cancer and I ask you all to pray for me. Love, Katherine

Reflections of a Septuagenarian Brought to you by Katherine Dunne-Purcell, UK “Kindness is the key to all hearts” St. Vincent de Paul. Each one of us are called to be Evangelists in word and deed. Remember, God will not be outdone in generosity, he will reward us a hundredfold. “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.” We have so many opportunities in our daily lives to be Christ like. A smile, a kind word, a helping hand. It is so easy to be judgemental, e.g. when we see a beggar in the streets. By ignoring this person, we

miss the opportunity of serving Christ through them. The Poor have taught me more about life than any University lecturer. Their cheerfulness, their resignation and acceptance of their impoverished lives. Finally, I leave you with another quote from Vincent de Paul, “Those who serve the Poor well in life will meet death without fear”. Katherine Dunne-Purcell []


The World Seen from Rome Brought to you by ZENIT, the Catholic Church news agency Church Condemns Latest Killing by Mexico Cartels After last Friday's shooting spree in a Monterrey bar that killed 21 people, the archbishop of the city, Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega expressed the grief of the Church, saying that despite the fact Mexican authorities are waging war on drug trafficking, it continues to rear its ugly head.

Referring to another incident some two weeks ago, the cardinal said the series of crimes "indicates that the criminals are not weakened, that they have the power, the brazenness, so to speak, to make an excessive show of their strength in these cases."

In a press conference after Mass on Sunday, Cardinal Robles Ortega referred to what is now called "the massacre of Sabino Gordo," the name of the bar located in central Monterrey, in the northern state of Nuevo Leon.

"If the criminals had experienced in their life that God is the source of Life, they would think twice" before committing these atrocities, the cardinal asserted.

The cardinal of Monterrey said that "what we see in the heart of our city is very grave and lamentable." He called it "astonishing" that drug trafficking continues with such strength, despite "such a long time of being combated."

"No matter how much it is said that these people were linked to crime, no one should die so coldly." No one, said Cardinal Robles Ortega, can so dispose of the lives of others. This means that the degree "of contempt for life that has been reached reflects estrangement from God who is Life."

"It is very easy to imply that measures are being taken against crime," he concluded, "yet not go to the root of things." Further Information,

Enjoying Funchal the Most Brought to you by Laurinda Machado, Windsor Travel

The month of July promises a lot of entertainment and festivals for all types of audiences! For this coming week we recommend the Atlantic Roots Festival. It starts on Thursday, 21 July and finishes on Saturday. It will be held in the Municipal Gardens in Funchal, starting every evening at 9.30pm. This festival was created in 1994 and since then it became one of the main cultural events in town. It aims to bring together traditional music from the Madeira and international music. The event organisation team explains that this cross-cultural match is what we designate as the golden decade of the ‘new traditional music from Madeira’. You will be able to experience world music coming from mainland Portugal, Italy, Guinea-Bissau, Holand, Azores, and of course, Madeira! Do not forget there will be after hours DJs too… Further Information,


Music for Everyone Brought to you by Josefina Farinha voice & Larysa Makarova violin

Larysa was born in Ukraine but has been in Madeira island for 8 years now. She has been playing the violin since she was six years old. Having dedicated her life to her beloved violin, she now teaches kids & grownups!

From the yellow book Catholic Hymns Old&New, Entry Hymn = No. 235 Our God reigns Offertory Hymn = No. 134 Father, I place Communion Hymn = No. 82 Christ be beside me Thanksgiving Song = Aria, A. Alexandrov Final Hymn = No. 93 Colours of day

People Helping People A small project founded in the Chapel of Penha de França to help those in need

Mother Theresa used to say that small things, done by small people, in small places can change the world. We are simply a small group of people in a very small island, trying to reach out for those who have lost all hope and love. What started one year ago, as an attempt to help feed a numerous family of eight, has now grown into a project where 11 families (in a total of 34 people) find in us a safe place to either cure their toothache or have their Curriculum written for the first time. We aim to offer solutions for those who do not qualify for other institutions, either because of their age, gender or just policy rules and regulations. Always with a helping hand and friendship, we try to meet the basic needs like food and rent. Afterwards we want to walk beside them until they get a job, recover their dignity and can stand on their own two feet. Our help is based on respect for human dignity and knowing that I have just washed your feet. You, then, should wash one another’s feet. Jn 13:14


If you identify with People Helping People, always remember that help has many forms (a kind word, a lift to the hospital, a birthday cake) and can be anywhere. Start your own People Helping People and lets create an international community that looks after one another. If you wish to know more about the project, don’t hesitate to contact Fr. Bernardino [] and remember, If you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one. [Mother Theresa] Finds us online on facebook searching for People Helping People If you wish to donate, please find bellow the details for PHP Account NIB: 0038 0000 39527051771 85 IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 39527051771 85 BIC: BNIFPTPL

We would like to express our gratitude to restaurant FIGOS in Garajau for always providing a fabulous meeting point, Fr Rafael and Mrs Teixeira for all the information on the English Mass, Fr Nélio for kindly giving the booklet on the story of Penha de França, Sir Ronnie for all his dedication and friendship, Fr Bonifácio, Pablo & Ligia for all the help printing this newsletter, and all of you that, with your endless generosity, support this cause. Editor: Laura Machado © Funchal, 2011


Joyful Gift #7  

Edition no. 7 of Joyful Gift (17-07-2011) - Your weekly newsletter from the Catholic English Mass in Madeira Island