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JOYFUL GIFT Your weekly newsletter from the Catholic English Mass in Funchal

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to the Chapel of Penha de França, founded by António Dantas in 1622 and built on a “penha” or peak, by the sea. This soon became so famous a shrine that people came to it on pilgrimage from all parts of the Island, and in 1721 the chapel was restored and enlarged. When the Diocese of Funchal took possession of the chapel it was used for the bishops as a Country House or Summer Residence for many years. In the meantime, the Franciscans had been coming to Madeira to carry out apostolic duties however it was only in 1935, on Easter Sunday, that they founded the Franciscan Residence of Our Lady of Penha de França, at the request of Bishop D. António Ribeiro.

Capela da Penha de França Funchal, Madeira

The English Mass is a tradition that dates back to 1966, when Fr Rafael Andrade, having just returned from his first visit to England, complied with the Bishop’s request to start an English celebration. Fr Rafael presided this mass for over 30 years, when he had to stop in 1999 due to overlapping duties. For eight years there was no Mass in English in Madeira, until it began again on the first Sunday of Lent in 2007. Sunday Priest Newsletter

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Thoughts on the Scripture Readings Brought to you by Chris Oliver, UK 1st April – Palm/Passion Sunday


Isaiah was writing during the exile of the Israelites in Babylon after Jerusalem was destroyed. The people are discouraged, in despair, and tempted to give up their faith in God. In today's 'servant-song' Isaiah offers consolation, recommending non-resistance and trust in the Lord. Today Isaiah's words express both our horror at the way Our Lord was treated, and our admiration for his example of patient non-retaliation. Trusting confidently in his Father, he "sets his face like flint", even though it is covered with spittle. The Psalm continues this mood, but ends with praise. The hymn in Philippians rejoices that – unlike Adam – Jesus did not seek to be equal to God. But God raised him to glory and gave him the name

'Lord'. We too must imitate the slave mentality of Jesus, humbly accepting persecution in bearing witness to the gospel. Jesus died just before Passover, when Jews celebrated their freedom from slavery. The soldiers, the Jewish leaders, the inscription on the Cross, all ironically give Jesus his true title of 'King of the Jews', the Messiah, who frees us from death. When Jesus dies, for the first time in Mark's gospel he is recognised by a human being as "Son of God" – by the Gentile centurion. All the disciples had run away when Jesus was arrested. Only two women watched where he was buried. Is 50:4-7 Ps 21 Phil 2:6-11 Mark 14:1 – 15:47 Further Information,


From My Heart to Your Heart Brought to you by Fr. Bernardino, Madeira Only This Blood

There was a French village that had been devastated by the German soldiers during the second world war. After the war was over, a group of German people who knew about that tragedy decided to visit this French village and extend a sign of compassion, kindness and beg for forgiveness.

All the village was ready. A large German choir was coming to perform and a large stage was prepared to welcome that special group of neighbours.

The police interfered and all the Germans were rushed to their buses and left in a hurry. One week later, when the spirits had calmed down, the Mayor of the village called all the people for an urgent meeting and talked to them: What you did was awful. It was horrible. Those children have done nothing to hurt you. They were also, in a different way, victims of that horrible war. They were coming to visit you, to sing for you, pray for you, maybe cry with you and contribute to restart building a new world without wars, with lots of children, a world of love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and cooperation. I want to invite them again but I want to be sure that you are going to be kind to them. All the people agreed with the Mayor and the German children’s choir was invited to come back. This time the stage was the large sanctuary of a large church.

But something went very wrong. The Germans didn’t know there were no children in that village. All the children had been killed during that senseless war. On the other hand, the French knew that they were welcoming a choir and they were excited about that. But they had no idea that it was a children’s choir.

When the children were all lines up around the altar, the leader of the Choir told the congregation that the kids had brought a gift to all the people of that French village. He gave a beautiful box to the Mayor who unwrapped it with anxiety. From the box he took a beautiful golden chalice. On the chalice these words were engraved: There are wounds that only this blood can heal.

All the buses arrived with very well dressed, beautiful children, together with their families and friends. When the French saw that, they felt insulted because they were still grieving for all their children that had been killed. They got upset and a riot started that almost put in danger the lives of those precious German angels.

This is Holy Week. After a journey of 40 days of preparation, the Pascal Mystery is going to be celebrated. Between the white colours of Good Thursday and Easter Sunday there is a red and bloody Good Friday. Jesus goes through the horrible death of the cross in order that all the world will experience Resurrection. Love, Fr. Bernardino Andrade []


The World Seen from Rome Brought to you by ZENIT, the Catholic Church news agency Pope Calls for Freedom and Dialogue

Benedict XVI gave thanks to

God for the opportunity to visit Cuba during his departure speech at Havana’s airport last Wednesday. He also thanked the civil and Church authorities for their cooperation and assistance. “I hold deep in my heart all the Cuban people, each and every one,” he said. “You have surrounded me with prayer and affection, offered me cordial hospitality and shared with me your profound and rightful aspirations,” the Pope added. Christ’s message to humanity, he explained, is not one of constraint, but is rather the premise for authentic development. “The light of the Lord, has shone brightly during these days; may that light never fade in those who have welcomed it; may it help all people to foster social harmony and to allow the blossoming of all that is finest in the Cuban soul, its most noble values, which can be the basis for building a society

of broad vision, renewed and reconciled,” he commented. On a more overtly political note the Pope referred to the limitations on basic freedoms and also to restrictive economic measures imposed from outside that “unfairly burden” the people of Cuba. The respect and promotion of freedom is essential, the Pontiff continued, to enable people to respond to the demands of human dignity and to build up society. He called for a “patient and sincere dialogue” and said that: “The present hour urgently demands that in personal, national and international co-existence we reject immovable positions and unilateral viewpoints which tend to make understanding more difficult and efforts at cooperation ineffective.” Further Information,

Once Upon a Time Brought to you from the old days

They claim images speak louder than 1,000 words, so I leave it here a before & after scenario of our beloved Madeira Island… Because change in all things is sweet; hard work, yes, but nevertheless... sweet. 3

Music for Everyone Brought to you by Cátia Marques organ, Helena Marques voice and Mónica Vasconcelos voice


on the From the yellow book Catholic Hymns Old&New, first Sunday of the Month we put our Entry Hymn = No.14 All glory, laud and honour yellow Hymns Penitential Act = No. 663 Lord, have mercy books back into Responsorial Psalm = No. 789 Passion Sunday storage and Gospel Acclamation = No. 690 Glory and praise instead welcome a Offertory Hymn = No. 44 At the Lamb’s high feast Portuguese choir Sanctus = No. 704 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord to the English Mass, Agnus Dei = No. 733 Jesus, Lamb of God however this Communion Hymn = No. 179 God everlasting Passion Sunday we Thanksgiving Hymn =No. 467 Praise to the Holiest have a very special Final Hymn = No. 304 Lauda Jerusalem trio. These ladies will sing from the Hymn book and Cátia Further information, Marques, who is an organist and soprano, will play the organ. Furthermore, back in 2005, Cátia was responsible for playing every Sunday at Penha de França, together they formed a trio of organ, violoncello and clarinet players. She was also responsible for her own children choir called “pax et bonum”. Now that she has graduated, one of her main goals it to bring all of them back together again at Penha de França, and we give her our full support.

People Helping People A small project founded in the Chapel of Penha de França to help those in need


Bishop D. António once said, “One must find new ways of helping the poor”. A very small group of people attending the English Mass decided to do just that – try our best to help those who struggle to survive. It is simply a project, a dream, a way of life. In a short period of time we have created partnerships with restaurants and supermarket chains, we have paid dozens of medical prescriptions, we have spent gallons and gallons of petrol riding across the island giving lifts, we have prevented families to lose their homes, get their electricity cut, run out of gas. We have tried to keep them warm, keep them hopeful, keep them dreaming. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King, Jr. If you wish to DONATE, please find bellow the details for PHP Bank Account, NIB: 0038 0000 39527051771 85 IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 39527051771 85 BIC: BNIFPTPL To send CHECKS or any correspondence, here is our Address Book, (Europe) Pe Bernardino Andrade Rua das Murteiras, 28 – 1E 9060-199 Funchal, Madeira (USA) Janice Contreras 60 Meeks Ln. Oakley, CA 94561

If you wish to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us, and if you too believe that help has many forms (a birthday cake, a lift to the Hospital) start your own People Helping People and lets create an international community that looks after one another. We would also like to express our gratitude to Fr Rafael for all the information on the English Mass, Fr Nélio for kindly giving the booklet on the story of Penha de França, Sir Ronnie for all his dedication and friendship, Fr Bonifácio, Pablo & Ligia for all the help printing this newsletter, restaurant FIGOS in Garajau for always providing a fabulous meeting point and all of you that, with your endless generosity, support this cause. Editor: Laura Machado © Funchal, 2012 []


Joyful Gift #40  
Joyful Gift #40  

Edition no.40 of Joyful Gift (01-04-2012) - Your weekly newsletter from the Catholic English Mass in Madeira Island.