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My compositions Padilla Alquicira Laura Lizbeth 501

Content 1. Introduction 2. Individual & Society 3. Eating & Drinking 4. Art & Music 5. Hopes & Fears 6. Work & Leisure

Introduction This is a collection of my compositions I created this school year. here they are situated between the compositions topics discussed in this year in English. writings such as my favorite restaurant where I describe how that is and why that I like. Well as write an email, and how to ask for a job by email. Among others.

Individual & Society Name: Jessica Faustinos Position: Student Jessica is a Prepa uno student. Her family and friends call her Jess. Jess was born in Coyoacan, Mexico City on May 11th 1997. When she entered high school, she was bilingual. She met a Silvia Yessica, and they are best friends now. They are both students of group 501.

Eating & Drinking My favorite restaurant is “Mariscos Toño” because I think it´s good and the food tastes great. They specialize in the preparation of seafood and other dishes of Mexican regional food, highlighting salads, fish seafood, meats, soups and desserts. The menu includes: Shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled shrimp, snapper with garlic, chipotle snapper, among others. The dishes are served with the drink of you choice as soda, wine, some liquor, water or juice. A selection of desserts are: Strawberries and cream, chongos zamoranos, peaches in syrup and fried bananas.

Art & Music This is the story of “Ghost girl� by Tonya Hurley. It is a story about a girl named Charlotte Usher. She starts a new school year in Hawthorne High and becomes tired of nobody paying her attention. She decides to change... but this leads to her unexpected death, she dies choking with a bear gum. This is a fiction adventure of Charlotte, because she needs to find the reason her existence as a ghost in the world of the living.

Hopes & Fears Hi Marco I’m just writing to inform you of my arrival. I will arrive by train at 10’ am. I will take a taxi to the conference center. I want to know if Ana will be at the reception desk at 10:30. I’ll give you my mobile number. Call me if you have problems. My mobile number 55-46-46-57-41.

Hello Laura Ok. It’s fine. Yes. Ana will be about the reception at 10:30. Thanks, I will call you if there are problems. But if you have problems I will give you my mobile number, too. It’s 55-54-88-65-33 And I hope to you have a good trip. Good bye Laura. xx Marco

Bye. Take care.

xx Laura

Work & Leisure Dear Mr. Ellis I’m getting in touch about your advertisement for volunteers for an international sporting event. I could be one of the volunteers to help in the event. I love all sports, specially athletics. I will be available in July. I’m 18 years old. I speak English, Spanish and some French. I have experience. I have worked at other international events in ticket sales at Expoo7, tour guide at local museum at summer. And I like meeting people. I’m looking forward to your answer, Mr Ellis. xx Laura Padilla.

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