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Introducing our project newsletter! Hi All! I’m pleased to introduce our first newsletter for the Regional SEN Transition to Employment Project! This first introductory issue is intended for project staff, to hopefully give you the ‘bigger picture’ with regards to the project structure and what’s going on, and also provide a who’s who and some useful contacts! From September, a monthly issue will be launched and will be made available to young people and

their parents/carers, other professionals and outside agencies that might have an interest in transition as well as you, the project staff. The primary aim of the newsletter is to share good practice and good ideas, share success stories and news from the hub teams and inform people about training and events, policy and research and other useful bits and bobs! Please share your good ideas and

success stories with the rest of us and also encourage your young people and parents to get involved too – we’d like to hear their opinions and experiences. I hope you find this and subsequent newsletters beneficial, if you ever have any feedback (good or bad) please let me know! Laura Davies – Information Officer

Some Facts:


1. In Australia over 60% of people with learning disabilities are in employment.

Transition has been a priority for health and social services for over 10 years. Successful transition for young people with learning disabilities can mean a substantial reduction of service input in their adult lives and consequently is both beneficial to the well-being of the young person and cost effective to Local Authorities and Government.

2. In the USA approximately 32% are in employment. 3. In Wales around 7% of people with a learning disability are employed!

What Works?

A number of studies and reports have confirmed that the transition system does not provide adequate support for people with special needs, In particular a lack of support to young people with learning disabilities to enter employment.

Key Findings from ‘What Works? (Beyer et al, 2008) found that the following provision and support was important for a positive and effective transition process; 

The UK has a poor record of employing those with learning disabilities and a common perception that people with learning disabilities are incapable of work. A large majority of people with learning disabilities are not given employment as an option in their transition meetings, young people, carers and schools have different aspirations which can have a negative impact on the success of the young person’s transition plan, and support varies across institutions. This project seeks to address this imbalance, challenge perceptions and effect change.

 

 

Promotion and support of employment as an option early in transition planning Involvement of skilled employment organisations in transition planning Access to individually tailored and flexible work experience, with on-the-job personal support when needed Provision of transition workers as a single point of information and support for young people and their families Consistent and high quality vocational training in schools and colleges Challenge the idea that young people with learning disabilities are incapable of employment

The Regional SEN Transition to Employment Project aims to address these needs.


Project Aims:

The Project

Improve Educational Outcomes for Participants

The Regional SEN Transition to Employment project has been in development since March 2007 and is based on the Promoting Independence project started in Caerphilly back in 2003. The project works with young people aged 14-19 years who have severe and complex needs, a learning disability, those on the autistic spectrum, and their family/carers. The project was recognised as a model of best practice and due to lots of hard work by the Caerphilly team, in consultation with external agencies, and thanks to ESF funding from the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO), it is now delivered across South Wales in 7 Local Authorities – Caerphilly, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Torfaen and Bridgend. Swansea and Neath Port Talbot will be in place October 2011 totalling 9 hub teams.

Work in a Person Centred Way Provide Comprehensive model of support Address key barriers to employment Provide a tool kit of best practice and framework for wales. Increase employment prospects Change working practices

The project is centred on ‘peer mentor support’ and the ‘Five Pathways’ of transition to adulthood model, those pathways being; Lifelong Learning; Relationships; Leisure Opportunities; Employment and Independent Living..

Peer Mentor Support - Peer Mentor Training in Caerphilly with Caroline from the Central Team Each of the 9 hub teams is made up of between 7 and 10 members of staff and each staff role reflects one of the pathways to support the young person in that area of their life Teams vary depending on the Local Authority and what provision they may already have in place. There is a big emphasis on partnership working within the project to ensure the work is sustainable and can support young people in a more rounded way. This means that each hub team can look and work a little differently, however each team is made up of a combination of the following roles;  PCP Worker  Family Liaison Officer  Transition Key Worker  Independent Living Skills Worker  Peer Mentor Co-ordinator  Psychology Support Worker  Youth Inclusion Worker  Communication Officer  Duke of Edinburgh Development Officer  Finance & Monitoring Officer  All of the hub teams will work in direct partnership with 6 external organisations that have been contracted in to provide different support services.

Leisure Opportunities - Duke of Edinburgh Group supported by Laura from the Caerphilly Hub Team.


Project Contractors

Remploy & NAS Remploy and National Autistic Society support all hubs teams and are working in partnership to provide specialist support to students on the project that are on the Autistic spectrum. They will deliver engagement services, pre-employment training and support, job searching activity, employer engagement, work experience, employment, post-employment support and brokering, and sustained employment.

Support services include employment support, training and information services and research and evaluation of the project over three years and will be provided by;  Remploy and the National Autistic Society (NAS)  Mencap Cymru  Elite Supported Employment Agency  Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities and;  Learning Disability Wales

Advisors work with candidates to complete a Diagnostic Profile to develop and deliver Action Plans which address needs such as vocational skills, development of employability skills, specialist barrier support, work experience and job-search activity. We review and update these plans and promote sustainability through progression planning and by providing on-going support to both employers and candidates.

Elite ELITE Supported Employment Agency will provide the supported employment service operating over the counties of Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Bridgend, Swansea and Neath Port Talbot within the project. Elite will provide young people with disabilities with accredited vocational training, one to one supported work placements job matched to an occupation of their choice, alongside supported paid employment in either after school jobs, weekend jobs or permanent employment when they have completed their education. One to one support within work placements or paid employment will include either support from adult staff or the innovative techniques of peer mentorship, derived from ELITE’s national award winning Youth Supported Employment Project

Mencap Mencap Cymru has been contracted to provide the employment element of this project within the counties of Torfaen, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. Mencap Cymru will deliver individually tailored packages of work preparation and supported employment to participants. The programme will include classroom based work that will lead to a qualification such as ASDAN Workright, supported work experience placements and work tasters. Other elements of provision will include travel training, securing paid employment and providing advice to families.

Learning Disability Wales Learning Disability Wales provides Information and training to project staff, participants, participant’s families/carers and to the wider staff group who will be involved in the young people’s transition. A wide range of training will be offered including In-depth Person Centred Planning and Introduction to Person Centred planning, ‘Master Classes’ as requested by hub teams and Networking Seminars on specific topics such as employment, inclusion and planning for the future.

Cassie Richards from Ysgol Hen Felin, Rhondda on her Travel Awareness Course lead by Ian from Elite. Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities Stephen Beyer with a team of researchers at The Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities will investigate the outcomes of the project by collecting descriptive data on all young people served, tracking all inputs to young people from the project, and comparing employment rates and other outcomes with a matched control group through follow-up interviews with families 6 months and up to three years after school leaving.

Our information team will keep those involved with the project and the wider audience up to date with legislation, good practice examples, methodology, evaluation, young people/families stories along with accessible information for young people through newsletters, updates and a website.

A series of one-year studies will investigate whether key elements of the intervention deliver the psycho-social outcomes expected, and gain a better understanding of how these model elements may contribute to better outcomes, compared to controls. The results of the project will be disseminated to research participants through a series of workshops organised in collaboration with Learning Disability Wales. Claire Pimm, Andrea Meek and Axel Kaehne will be members of the Research Team.

*Contact Details for all Contractors will be sent via e-mail. To update contact information please contact Berwyn Perry: 01443 81444


Hub Teams Project Organisation Caerphilly County Borough Council Education Authority has taken the lead in the development of the project and assumes responsibility for admin and finance as a whole. Caerphilly is also home to the Central Team, who is responsible for the overall management of the project, and who feeds back to Caerphilly County Borough Council Education Authority via the ‘ALN LA Service Manager’ and ‘LA Finance Officer’. The central team is based at Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre alongside the Caerphilly Hub Team but are a separate entity. The Project Management Steering Group is chaired by the ALN LA Service Manager and is attended by a representative from each Local Authority and each of the Contractors to discuss the direction and development of the project. The contractors provide services as described, to all hub teams and are an ‘umbrella’ support service. With the exception of Elite and Mencap who only work in the counties previously mentioned. Each hub team is employed and managed by their respective Local Authority and is directed by a local steering group put in place by the Local Authority. Information is fed back into the hub teams who work one on one with the participants to support them through their transition

Contact details for all project staff will be sent via e-mail attachment. If you need to make changes to your contact details please get in touch with Berwyn Perry 01443 8144 Role Team Manager Team Leader Youth & Leisure Manager Transition Key Worker PCP Worker

Bridgend Caerphilly Carmarths Anthony Maynard Glynis James Angela Jonathan Hughes (Head) Kenvyn/Simone (Social Serv) Williams Lynn Joanne Amanda Davies Harper Barker Geraldine Smallman Lynn Dafydd Amanda Davies Flay Barker Catherine Hughes

Joanne Harper

Claire Thomas

Merthyr Sian Thomas (Social Serv)

Pemb Sue Painter (Head)

Karyn Morris

Lynn Winfindale

Hayley Thomas

Lynn Winfindale

Karyn Morris

RCT Andy Henderson (Head) Darryn Walker

Independent Living Skills Youth Inclusion Peer Mentor Trainer Duke of Edinburgh Psychology Support Social Enterprise Finance & Monitoring Grants Officer

Catherine Hughes David Evans Tanya Pound Tanya Pound

Sarah Thomas Neil Wilson Hanna Thomas

Joanne Harper Amy Pole Bethan Stallard Bethany Dowsett Laura Hayter Anna Jenkins

Claire Thomas TBC

Irina Lapadatu

Tracey Jones

Berwyn Perry

Anna Sadler

Sian Phillips

Heike Griffiths Heike Griffiths

Karyn Morris Tim Carter Kate Thomas TBC TBC

Helen Palmer

Darryn Walker Suzanne Jodie Way Dicken Craig Chedzoy Linda Darryn Walker Sue Llewellyn Jodie Way Garland Rhiannon Davies Craig Chedzoy (& Communication Officer)

(& Communication Officer)

Family Liaison

Torfaen Lesly Bush (Head)

Linda Llewellyn Katy Wragg Jodie Evans Jodie Evans Jane Richards Stephanie Hopkins

Tracy Lloyd Helen Spokes Ian Broad

Helen Palmer Nicola Perry Kristina Burroughs TBC

Emily Sibcy

James Mckeon

Amy McClelland Matthew Holder

Rhoswen Cox

Nicola O’Hagan

N.B. Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Hub Teams are due to be in place October 2011, contact details will follow.


Regional SEN Transition to Employment Project Project Structure Caerphilly Local Authority Representatives

Project Management Steering Group

LA ALN Service Manager Project Management Steering Group Chair

Community Service / Project Manager Angela Kenvyn


Central Team

Employment Support Elite Andrea Wayman 01443 231069

Peer Mentor Development Coordinator

Finance & Monitoring Manager

Caroline Millington 01443 814447 ext. 6043

Susanne Salter 01443 814447 ext. 6043

Employment Support Mencap Cymru Helen Steel 01267 232256 ext. 301

LA Finance Officer Central team link to Ass. Director overseeing finance

01443 814447 ext. 6043

Training & Information Learning Disability Wales Zoe Richards Zoe.richards@learningdisabilitywales 02920 681168

Research & Evaluation ASD Peripatetic Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities Employment Agencies Dr Steven Beyer REMPLOY & NAS 07977 436048 02920 687206

Regional Hub Teams

Local Steering Groups- Appointed Locally Bridgend







Lynn Davies

Joanne Harper

Amanda Barker

Karyn Morris

Lynn Winfindale

Helen Palmer

Darryn Walker








07854 946649

01443 814447

01267 24673

01685 724658

01437 771442

01633 627120

01443 431571


Neath Port Talbot In Post Oct 2011

Swansea In Post Oct 2011

Project Identity The project goes by many different names, some we’ve heard include:      

Regional SEN Transition to Employment Project TIE Project Transition Project Promoting Independence ESF Transition to Employment Transition into Work Project

The official name is ‘Regional SEN Transition to Employment Project’, which needs to remain with us for funding purposes. That said however, it is a bit of a mouthful, so to make it easier for well, everyone, the central team launched a naming competition! All entries are in and ideas are currently with a designer which means we will have a real identity soon! Please embrace the new name, logo and colour scheme when launched to support the project as a whole! Results will be in the next newsletter! 

Training & Events Inclusion Networking Seminar For more information or to book onto training please contact Hannah at:

Or on 01792 817224

Employment Networking Seminar For: All Hubs Date: 16th Sept Time: 10am – 1pm Venue: Afan Forest Park Visitors Centre

For: All Hubs Date: 19th August Time: 10am – 1pm Venue: Afan Forest Park Visitors Centre

Planning for the Future Networking Seminar For: All Hubs Date: 23rd August Time: 10am – 1pm Venue: Afan Forest Park Visitors Centre

Introduction to Person Centred Planning

Upcoming Training: Introduction to PCP

For: Caerphilly & Torfaen Date: 31st August Venue: New Cottage Dance Centre

RCT, Merthyr & Bridgend September (Dates and Venue TBC) Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire October (Dates and Venue TBC)

If you would like to submit stories, news, PCP tools, useful contacts and/or links or anything worth sharing please contact Laura at Learning Disability Wales: 01792 817224 Learning Disability Wales – Neath Office C & D Newby Business Centre Newby House Neath Abbey Business Park Neath SA10 7DR 6

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August Newsletter (English)  

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