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Real Opportunities and Supported Employment

Andrea Wayma n


ELITE Supported Employment Agency Ltd


Wales Association of Supported Employment Agencies

History of Supported Employment in Wales

Definition of Supported Employment

“Real work, for real pay, in real work settings, with the appropriate levels of support to both the individual and the employer�

Supported Employment Services 1. Vocational Profiling 2. Guidance and Counselling 3. Action Planning 4. Travel Training 5. Jobfinding / Jobmatching 6. Interview Support and Advocacy 7. Work Preparation 8. Benefits Assistance 9. Supported Work Placements / Jobtasters 10. Supported Self Deterministic Jobtasters 11. Accredited Work Awareness Courses

12. Job Search Clubs 13. Employer Visits 14. Application Completion / CV Production 15. One to One Support within Paid Employment 16. Health and Safety / Risk Assessments 17. Social Skills and Integration Support 18. Monitoring 19. Career Development 20. Employment Co-ordination 21. Disability Awareness to Employers 22. Transition Services

Transition and the Importance of Employment •

Avoid the benefit trap • Finances • Personal development • Equality of opportunity • Social integration • Respect and dignity • Living a full and valued life

Supported Employment in Transition Across Wales • ELITE, Mencap, Remploy and the National Autistic Society across 9 counties within the Real Opportunities Project • Agoriad Cyf operating the Peer Project across North West Wales • Quest in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Achievements - Participants

Achievements - Employers

Achievements – Work Experience

Achievements - Qualifications

Achievements – Paid Employment

Achievements – Parent Sessions

Achievements – Employer Sessions

Innovation Within the Project RCT Apprenticeship Scheme Project Enable Peer Mentor Model

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Employers: Vision Products have proactively worked with Elite over a number of years both on work placements and for employees in paid employment. Through this process Elite has helped us to understand the needs of the individual on placement, helped settle them into a new work environment and assisted our employees working with individuals with a range of needs. This close working especially as part of the apprenticeship scheme for the work placements has led to successful outcomes for the individuals on placement.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Employers: “Whilst I am very positive about the concept of this project I am keen to ensure that we are not just paying lip service to it. I would like the interns to have real tasks in our workplace to give experience of value.”

The job is a very pleasant one, at this age most of my school peers have jobs in shops, I feel that the job I have is unique especially at this age. Overall the job of “Peer mentor� Has changed me for the better; it has given me confidence in both work situations as well as socially. The job will almost certainly help me in the future when applying for university or other jobs in the future.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Individual: I really enjoyed my time at Table Table, I was able to do things I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to do otherwise if it wasn’t for Elite. I’ve been able to work in a busy kitchen and learn the skills that will help me to succeed in the job of my choice.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Individual: I enjoyed working with Elite, it has built my confidence and it has been great meeting new people. I have been able to understand the world of work a lot better with Elite’s help. I am very happy being able to get a paid job.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives?

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Parents / Carers: Josh enjoyed the fact that it made him more grown up and responsible in a workplace. It gave him a sense of achievement.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Parents / Carers: She now has the satisfaction of knowing she has earned herself a job. In these times how many people, especially children with learning difficulties can say that they left school on Monday and started work on Wednesday.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Parents / Carers: Luke enjoyed his placement very much, he has a very keen interest in cars and was delighted to be given an experience to work with them. He especially enjoyed getting to know Elite staff before entering the workplace, as he would not have been able to cope socially otherwise. Luke definitely benefitted from the work experience, he became increasingly confident as the week went by and even though it was school half-term, he was eager to get to work placement!

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Supported Employment Staff: ‘ When I initially met with Jordan’s Aunt she was reluctant for us to work with him due to previous bad experiences. We reassured her and Jordan has completed two work experiences with us. One in the Spar and one in Jemima’s Place Animal Rescue Centre. His confidence has grown throughout and this has been noted by both his aunt and by school. He worked so well in the Animal Rescue Centre he has been asked to go back on a volunteer basis and we are working towards this happening.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Supported Employment Staff: We have worked with Emily over the past two years, she has completed a Work Experience course and two placements one of which was extended to last 6 months. Emily has just secured a 16 hour paid job in the Clothes Clearance Centre, Bridgend. Emily has worked hard and grown in confidence throughout and thoroughly deserves this opportunity.

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Employers: Wow, Luke is able to display such a vast knowledge of facts relating to cars. I think even I have learnt something new about supercars today! Luke developed with each visit against all objectives and problems posed to him. In this industry, each car sets its own challenges, but Luke easily adapted his duties to meet these demands

Has it made a difference to people’s lives? Employers: Tyrone was extremely enthusiastic and was keen to learn all aspects of his role. He was capable of carrying out instructions and also worked well with his colleagues during his time at Table Table

“Supported Employment operates on the belief that barriers can be reduced and people can achieve their goal of employment where there is:Joint working The correct niche is identified for the individual AND They are provided with appropriate levels of support that meets their learning need and employer’s requirements

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