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Joe Powell

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Misunderstood Childhood/ O.C.D Excessive and complex reassurance needs Labeled a naughty/ Silly Child P.T.S.D – Non Verbal (11 Years) Anxiety and Depression Diagnosed Asperger Syndrome 1996 Fight for a care service

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Service little experience of Autism especially Asperger Syndrome Mental Health vs Learning Disabilities Challenging Service Users – Incidents Challenging Service Users – Draining Resources Incident – Reassurance (Breakdown) Kill the Monster (another breakdown) A new service (Social Services Not Happy) More and More Medication

Medication Fluoxetine (Prozac) • Venlafaxine • Trazodone Hydrochloride • Zopiclone • Thiorizadine • Chlorpromazine • Risperidone • Haloperidol • Diazepam •

When people are described as complex it can mean “I haven't got a f.....g clue” John Clements

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Our most ‘able’ Service User 2 Gears Gossip/ He’s not pulling his weight Ridiculous Levels Medication - Reduced Massive progress (including being very sociable) Pet ‘Autistic’ – Conference Speaking Moving House (Funding/ Ridiculous reasons) Day Centre (Bullying) Plateau (Couldn’t move on – Stagnating) Day Centres – Nobody ever leaves

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A Dead Pig In a Plastic Sack Advocacy Action Wales Social Worker Life Through Friends What I didn’t want/ What I did want Sectioned In Three Months Change of Mind/ Advocate Sneering at My Contract

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Managers out of touch Assumption staff are in the right Culture – Bullying witnessed but not understood Staff swore me to secrecy – fear for their jobs Could only give a part of the story – in case allies compromised Lay Accreditation services – work same way as care service Everything put down to your condition – my conundrum

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Learned about the ‘true’ nature of life not the way Serviceland told me it would be – Trueman Show. Dad (last two years – most dramatic) Wouldn’t get a diagnosis now (I disagree) BA Honours Degree (English & Creative Writing) Public Speaking/ Various Organisations National Director (All Wales People First) Complete Autonomy (I pay my own way in the world) Joe’s Conclusion (Change In Culture)

Joe Powell, Director of AWPF on his transition  

All Wales People First Director Joe Powell's presentation for the Real Opportunities, Real Lives conference 2014

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