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laura lang

2012-2016 Industrial Design Works

Before studying industrial design I worked as a Technical Product Designer and spent most of my spare time doing fine arts and graphic projects.

work experience.


Industrial Design Intern 2015 Hyve Innovation Design GmbH, Munich (6 months)

Master Industrial Design 2015 University of Applied Sciences / FH Joanneum, Graz

Technical Product Designer 2007-2014 3 year apprenticeship, 4 years part-time job CSI Entwicklungstechnik GmbH, Ingolstadt

Bachelor Industrial Design 2012-2015 University of Applied Sciences / FH Joanneum, Graz

Graphic Design Intern 2011 BLK Designstudio, Ingolstadt (3 months)

High School Graduation 2010-2012 Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder Fachoberschule, Munich

soft skills.

software experience.

Analytical Thinking


Critical observing

Catia V5

Strategic planning

Autodesk Alias

Diversity awareness


Team player



Illustrator Indesign MS Office


kayaking, field drawing, painting, wildlife & nature.

I love to create products & services that can not only help technically but enrich people’s daily life experience.


N책lintu Handheld Sewing


KTM XO Extreme Monowheel


RBC Rescue Bathcapsule


Aero 24-7 High Efficiency Coach


Other Short Projects


Art Drawings & Paintings


N책lintu is a handheld sewing machine for small apartments, travelling or even outdoor crafting. It can be used mobile and also stationary.

how to adapt the sewing machine to our fast and mobile life?

Students Project 2013 I Topic „Tooltime 2020“ | Focus Design & Ergonomics I Duration 4 months

01 Nålintu Handheld Sewing Machine


use + store

the repairer.

the creative.

“I don‘t want my sewing machine to take all the space of my living room.“

“I wish I could take my sewing machine everywhere I go“

city life

event travelling.

lives in a small apartment, no space for a big bulky sewing machine.

travels to fairs with friends, takes part at conventions and photography sessions.


occasional sewing.

regular sewing.

shortening trousers and mending clothes.

sewing cosplay costumes, accessories, plush toys.

gather insights. do interviews, create main target groups, research existing products on the market, collect customer experience data.

high quality

the tailor.

the market.

“During photo-sessions I often have to make adjustments on-site.“

“All the handheld sewing machines are too big for my hands, I can‘t hold it for long.“

fieldwork / on-site. works at the office, assits at photo-sessions as well as at fashion shows.

“Handheld machines are great, but with their single bobbin they only provide a one-thread chainstich.“ stitch quality

professional sewing. sewing fashion, theatre costumes, wedding dresses.

“This machine is really not handy at all and also way too heavy.“


01 N책lintu Handheld Sewing Machine






core idea. small, hybrid sewing machine for small homes and easy travelling.

opportunity. handheld sewing machine for freehand stitching on-the-go.

01 N책lintu Handheld Sewing Machine

use-case szenario product testing

analyse. test existing products, define product requirements, create ergonomic model, define package and mechanism, evaluate solutions, create technical concept.

functional analysis

ergonomic studies

01 N책lintu Handheld Sewing Machine

ideation & modelling process. define proportions, materials, surface treatment. define final shape and ergonomic surfaces, create technical details, paint, finish.

01 N책lintu Handheld Sewing Machine

ergonomic. The 30째 angled handle provides perfect sight on the stitches, not only for right hand users!

high quality. Two micro bobbins allow high quality stitching as used in conventional sewing machines.

versatile. Because of its clever docking station it can be used handheld and also stationary.

intuitive. A two-step-power-button lets you control the speed, which is significant in the beginning and end.

comfortable. Instead of a needle rotary knob it has a single button that makes it easy and comfortable.

adaptable. A device in the docking station makes it easy to wind the thread of a usual bobbin onto the microbobbins.

01 N책lintu Handheld Sewing Machine


The KTM XO is a Monowheel that combines a freestyle riding experience with the thrill you feel balancing your motorcycle on one wheel. The Monowheel is uncompromisingly direct through it‘s electric engine and its suspensionless design offers the most forthright driving experience possible.

what is “extreme driving experience“?

Bachelor Thesis 2015 I Topic „E-Mobility“ I Focus „Extreme Driving Experience“ I Duration 4 months

02 KTM XO Extreme Monowheel

purity performance adventure extreme

ktm values.

move extreme!



goal. create an extreme driving experience by making the usage of the electric motor not a compromise but a pleasure.

02 KTM XO Extreme Monowheel

set up a strategy. think of an extreme sports KTM target group as a persona, generate a fictional interview, define mission statement and opportunities, analyse challenges.

never get boring “Don‘t live a mainstream life, be different, be unique.“

april, 21. MISSION STATEMENT “explode your limits.“

“... master those little outof-control-situations.“

“... facing new, unknown challenges.“

ultra unique craziness

character values. extreme-sports passion professional community bounded thrill addicted open-minded tech-skilled

gain fame! improve!

grow your skills

02 KTM XO Extreme Monowheel

one wheel.

core idea. combine the freestyle riding aspect with the thrill you feel while balancing a KTM motorcycle.

body action controlled.

learning as a part of the experience.

02 KTM XO Extreme Monowheel

technical development & formal language. develop technical concept, evaluate ergonomics, define formal language, create interface concept.

02 KTM XO Extreme Monowheel

universal handlebar. Contains all interaction elements and provides universal tube for adding optional equipment like mudguards, lights or action cams.

uncompromising driving experience. The most forthright driving

unique tire design.

experience provided by

The non-symmetrical fat

its electric engine and

tire contains a special

suspensionless design.

tire tread including v-shaped blocks. This offers best cornering on firm clay soil like it is common on forest trails or motocross tracks.

intuitive steering. Simple and direct steering through weight shifting of the driver.

02 KTM XO Extreme Monowheel


The Rescue Bathcapsule is a houseintegrated rescue shelter for flood catastrophes. It can provide food, water and energy for at least 10 days. (Developed for the American market)

what if your bathroom could save you in flood catastrophes? Watch the movie on

Students Project 2014 I Topic „Bathroom of the future“I Focus „Design & Innovation“ I Duration 4 months I Team Members 3

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule

provide clean water

waste management

be prepared

provide safe place

risk of disease.

dangerous water.

certain dangerous and poisonous substances invade the cities through the floods and rise the risk of fatal diseases.

fast swimming objects transform the water into a highly dangerous place.

provide privacy provide sterilness provide accomodation

no accomodation.

psychological issues.

flash floods destroy thousands of homes.

the lack of hygiene and privacy at temporary accomodations are rarely compatible with human dignity.

dealing with flood catastrophes. define challenges, find answers, consider possible location during flood catastrophe, create solutions.

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule

core idea. bathroom that can be transformed into a hygienic shelter in case of emergency

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule


prototyp testing

List of items Ground plan

test & analyze. Emergency technologies Detaching mechanism

arrange Emergency timetable Storage wall items

create. Formal concepts Material/pattern

finalize. CAD model Animation & movie

package plan

pe g

color + material concept

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule

storage wall Storage bag Rescue jackets Storm jackets Boots Flares Microwave Food Safe First aid kit Toolbox

3 sleeping spaces


bathtub as a bench / 150l water tank

{ {

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule


activate emergency mode & preparation

By activating the RBC system lighted icons reveal the emergency storage wall and the bathtub will be automatically filled with 150l of water.


survive in the shelter

Activate water & energy system of the bathcapsule. Wall-integrated sleeping spaces, a microwave and food from the storage wall will help to survive at least 10 days in the shelter.


escape with the shelter

Caused by the rising water l capsule will be automatically outside of the house. In case danger the ropes can be det so the capsule can swim fre

{ {

level the y pushed e of real tached eely.


be rescued from the shelter

In case of leaving the capsule you can take the easy storage bag (already filled with your personal belongings) and escape through the emergency exit.

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule

03 RBC Rescue Bathcapsule


Aero 24-7 is an aerodynamic high efficiency coach that travels non-stop during night and day. It gives passengers the possibility to use their traveltime efficient by working or sleeping during the journey.

how to travel time-efficient?

Students Project 2016 I Topic „High Efficiency Coach(130km/h)“I Focus „Transporation Design“ I Duration 4 months I Team Members 3

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach

“I need to drive spontaneously.“

“... spend half of the actual travel time finding a parking lot.“

“I love it, it is cheap and way more dependable than the train.“

“... there is no space for my legs“

the car.

the travel coach.

independent travel.

cheap travel.

enables you to drive whenever and wherever you want to.

the cheapest way to travel, though the most uncomfortable.

bad price

eco friendly

fast travel

best price

very eco friendly

slowest travel

analyse & gather insights. compare public transport services by cost/CO2 emission/ travel time, research user experience, make interviews, define challenges.

“It is sticky and mostly crowded. Disgusting, but there is no other opportunity...“

“... most time I am late caused by delayed trains. It‘s horrible.“

“... is the only way one can work or relax during the travel time.“

“... arriving 2h early, waiting for the departure... It really is time intensive“

the train.

the airplane.

mass transport.

personal travel.

cheaper than the car, still more expensive than the bus.

having the most complex travel structure, it is still the fastest way to get from A to B.

mid price

eco friendly

fast travel < 300km

worst price

worst emission

fastest travel

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach

how can a bus achieve its most efficient drive? night.

who would want to travel with this bus? business travellers.

when the streets are empty, the bus can take full advantage of its 130km/h speed.

people who want to use the travel time efficient. (work/sleep)

non-stop drive.

airplane travellers.

aerodynamic semi-autonomous driving non-stop drive night drive

privacy workspace good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s sleep private jet experience

avoiding breaks will save additional time.

people who focus on getting non-stop as fast as possible from A to B.

goal. target airplane travellers by adapting positive and eliminating negative elements of airplane travel.

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach

core idea. a bus that lets you turn your redundant travel time into efficient working hours or a good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s sleep.



drive. aerodynamic, non-stop drive.

work. private workspace.

3 relax. silent sleeping space.

4 refresh. refreshing area due to 8h non-stop drive.

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach

ergonomic studies

list of challenges

analysis & concept development. visit and analyse neoplan/man buses, brainstorm, generate ide ergonomics, set up technical package, evaluate aerodynamics of existing vehicles, create use-ca

eas, develop core idea, define requirements, analyse ase szenario, ideate.

customer journey

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach

technical development & formal language. set up mood and inspiration board, develop formal lan concepts, unite cockpit, interior and exterior, detail and finalize CAD models and hard model.

nguage, finalize interior and seat

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach

sleep & work position. By changing the seatposition the cushion moves into the case which serves as a noise cancelling hood & provides privacy during the sleep.

working area & storage. Flexible stripes on the backside of each seat can carry all kinds of personal items. By pulling out this storage wall it transforms into a working desk.

flexible reading light. A flexible reading light can be pulled out on the side of each seatcase

ceiling compartments. Single top compartments for each seat can be used to stow further personal hand luggage.

service area. Central service area, providing drinks, snacks and optional travel equipment like headphones or blankets.

seperate washing room. Having a separate washing room besides the toilet to provide a refreshing area regarding an 8h non-stop drive.

04 Aero24-7 High Efficiency Coach


OTHER About natural inspired design of optical glasses, software interface, packaging design & renderings.

a collection of other projects and renderings.



The owl - silent, sophisticated, free, mysterious. The idea was to take the owl eyes as a nature designed part and adapt its expressive formal language to optical glasses.



Eave is an e-mobility brand for a modern nomadic target group. It supports them on their freelancing working style and supports your need of feeling free and independent.

worknomad. works as a freelancer, works wherever he/she wants, likes to feel free and independent, is spontaneous, loves to travel.

overnight drive (sharing) brand promise. spontaneous & flexible life

differentiation. intuitive & simple but high quality

Still need a place to stay while being at your client in another city? Eave MakĂş is a bike with integrated sleeping place. Just lend it at the local Eave station and overnight anywhere.

mobile workstation Distracted while working at home? The Eave Jamal will help you to work mobile wherever you want. Integrated presentation areas help you to take the work to your client.

brand vision. easy mobile life change infrastructure

mini camper Want to break out for a few days? The Eave Yak carries all your important personal things, provides a sleeping & working place and small sanitary equipment.



3 week private project about branding and interface. PokĂŠa [poke; easy] is an application that syncs notifications between your Android phone and Mac automatically.


RENDERINGS Doing rendering exercises for developing an own style and also being able to make ideas visible in less time.


SPEEDBOAT Two month fictional transportation project about creating a racing vehicle for extraterrestrial planets.


ART I love painting and drawing since I was a child. Whether it is out of imagination, studying old skeletons & sculptures at a museum or speeddraw other people while sitting in a cafe.

a small collection of drawings and paintings.

contact me!

see more.


Industrial Design Portfolio FH Joanneum

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