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Mom - Kinfe !!

Mom - Arrows !!



Do not go wandering by yourself !!!

tion’s ird Na Waterb Festival . 16th


Low battery ..

AGAIN !!!!!!! Only half battery remained…

I should not go, far…

I can give my games to play ?..

You have to find it, your own wonder. Ours is a Will o’ the wisp.

What is this? Where i can get it ? Can i buy it ?

I do not have a grandmother..

No.. you can not buy this.. You have to find it from a story, from the monsters..

Ask your grandmother to tell a story..

Mhm.. íf you dare ask from that man over there , he has stories…

Naa h .. i s houl d go bac k . . Te ll m y mother where i am…

Bu t be car efu l , the y say he eat s spi rit s. Loo k the re he is, Th e Fly ing Ma n , he kn ow s sto rie s! Ask from Him !

One more rootbeer for me too.. ... Here is one euro.

If you tell me one story I will

Hey boy !

I have one story if you dare to tell ...

I am so thirsty.

It is one euro..

give you

Wumurt Special

for free ..!!!!

I DARE !!!

And No One Showed Us To The Land

And No One Knows The Wheres Or Whys But Something S tirs And Something Tries And S tarts To Climb Towards The Light

One rootbeer for me …

I have only 80 cents..

I am the nganasan , The Flying Man ..

What is this man talking about? The Wind Maker,

When does

I am telling a story about a sami boy who is picking berries at the forest, and he gets stolen by the giants.....

he start the

story? How do I remember this?..

.... wh o fli es wi th sp ir its , wh o ca n sp ea k wi th m on ste rs. .. Why Th e m on ste rs wh o gu ar di ng th e wo nd er s: sta rd us t, ra in bo w, sta rli gh t, see d , bl oo d , ele ct ri ci ty , wa te r. I am th e on e wh o co ul d as k he lp …… ..f ro m th e M an W ho Lo ok s Th e W or ld , he is th e on e wh o ta ke s ca re of bu gs …. be ni ce to wa rd s bu gs an d su n wi ll sh in e on yo u. .


Why his name is The Flying Man? Can he fly?..

... HE

IS strange . ..

Why do you have that scarf your eye does not move?

My mother says there are no ghosts nor spirits.. ?


I did not get that sprit stuff...

I am looking to the upper world with that eye , I gave that eye to the spirits..

In the end that story

..really did the giants

boil a boy ?

This bug is quite cute ..

Now you have a story to tell !

The spirits wearing my ear, they hear for me .. more sharply than my human ear could ever do!

A giant walked through the forest..

A A A A H !

What do you do here?

If you do not talk with me I am gonna eat you up !

Take if you dare ! My father is a windmaker, my sister moved an island !

Oh no !!

Where i am ?

uh is the windmakers son !!! we can not eat him ...take him away !! The windmaker will come after us ..

You need to be nice with bugs‌

Hey could you help me ? Do you ......listen ? I want to go back into my world!!!

But how will I recognize the monster of fire? If you tell the helper spirit that the flying man sended

Are there many monsters?

Climb on a tree and find the fire monster, he shows you the way back .

you to find themthey offer to tell stories and by story you will get to know who is who..

Mmmm.. If you can , give me

somthing that

belongs to you and

no one has given it

Well these are my stuff, where can you hide ?

My mobil ?

to you..

No! no

Mhm... ..still ...



I need my eyes, ears, legs .....because I need them!!!

Can you help me back ?


Hey, hey..eee where do you They will see me , they know you are up to something, so i need to hide carefully

go?.. Can you come out ?

pleeeeeeease ..



A bug in my phone !

Who is it..sssh! I am in a meadow now.. Lets try the map.

What !!! it shows

I am in the middle of a forest ?

It can not be right !!

Are there really monsters..?


.. h g r Aaa

A bug ?

shhh . ...... How can I talk with that monster ?

Wow! someone has set me up ! .. the root beer guy was not a human? What was he then?

Take the sip of root beer and it gives bug said i try climbing on a tree ..

A red moster!!!!.. I will not ask anything from that bear ...Hellish! It will

eat me for the lunch !

you the understanding of

monster ’s


Fo o o o o o o o l ! ! ! W h en y o u d e a l wi t h f a i r i e s , sooner or later they will come for their fee - the

story you gave him was borrowed

....remember... Wumurt gave you the root beer !!!

Burp !

Ouch .. so you are in such a hurry?

Who are you?

Whoaa! Wwho are yoouu!!!! WWhat is your name ! Why should I tell you my name ? You rude boy ! ! lets see ! .....I do as bug told me ...

The flying man sent me .. To find helper spirits to ride ..

I better tell you a story or even one fine khanty song !!! - you lucky boy!!! When you get to know the full song of swamp beast I might follow your order and tell my name !!! st The sacred of the swamp bea I will obtain beast The sacred form of the wild I will obtain zen soil In the seven cracks of the fro I will walk on all fours, sound Accompained by resounding By a cracking sound from afar, Like a burst of rain coming from afar, Like a burst of wind coming I will fall on a ridge reindeer bull . On the size of one running

Wow.. was it about you?

Braavo !!

I did not get anything from that song..

Now you have my hand . Do you show the way? How can I meet the monster of fire?

How I can meet the monster of fire !!!?

Mm.. you can talk to the reindeer. He might know.

Release .... my hand !!

Õõõ eee äää!

Give me your hand and ... I What! might my left be able hand !! to help you ! It will be my toy now !

How do I play my playstation now!!!!!

Ouch I must call my mom .. for sure she has noticed that I have gone .. it only beeps ?!!!!.......

Hey this middle world number do not work here !

H e is by n at u re - ve ry H er e is a bo n e w it h th e re in de ersh y sa m i My left hand n um be r! bo y. . is gone !!

Hello, the flying man sent me !

I have one question . Could What ! you tell me where I can meet the monster of fire ?

I can not.. unless.. Let me think about

Well yes.. There you got it right ! I tell you about hunters, how they chased a true monster you could learn from the story what you need !

.. you are only a boy...

But what I will get if I tell you?

The brave hunters of khanty, where tribe hunting for a fine reindeer.. The legend goes so.....

Not again .. P le as e , do n ot as k th at be lo n gs to m e an d is n ot gi ve n to m e .. P le as e do n ot as k m y on ly h an d !!! ! I n ee d th at on e .

Th e an im al le ad s th em to wa rd s no rt h , w he re fin al ly he en te rs in to fo g.. e No w th e w in te r be gi ns , th ic e- ra in , th e wi nd bl ow s

I kill that reindeer..

in hope to bring back the sunlight‌.


Each year polar summer begins after the hunt in the northern siberia .

Legend says I, the reindeer

You see , if you want to capture a light you have to be faster than light !

...taking the sun away in each winter.


They never really can capture me .!!!

Monsters ever since guard these wonders and only reveal themselv es inside the old waterbir d nation stories.

I do not understand anything again .. Listen ! At the time when the universe was born .....

.....children of waterbird nations found great physical powers which were radiating.. mutation was unavoidable .. they turned into monsters.

..I take your ear.....

Do you hav e any arro ws wit h you , sha rp kni fe?. If not ?! I wil l com e dow n ..

so you could hear as hunter !!!

I did not got that story

Prepare birchtree mask, I am too

shiny for your eyes !

still ..The sunlight, the reindeer, why hunters chase one reindeer

Though I have always wondered..

.. h o w to


Go ahead .. Pick a limb ! .. but please do not turn me into hunter !!


beam of

light into

I am just a boy who wants get out from this story..

No arrows, no brichtree scissors and math notebook , can I use mathpapers for mask ? Why you need my ear?..

Drink more .. Wumurt special root beer it helps to understand !

ouch !!!

Hungarians call me golden horns,


Give me this delicious ear !

khnaty shamans ride on me .

..after 100 seconds molecules appear

...after 1st second particles form

....after 10 billion years clusters of galaxy form..

For sami people I am the mother and the son . I am the fastest in the universe !!!!

Who are you ? The Fire Monster ?



the light ! The Starlight Monster - I am dark at so Can you answer- why sky is stars? ght bri ny night when there is so ma .... wer ans the If I give you

..after 100 years stars appear What is common with hunters, starlight and reindeer ?

No way I can answer the dark sky question after this story!!!

Think about it ! The only answer is EXPANS ION the space must expand! With indefin ite number of stars the sky should be bright as hell ! yet our nights are dark . The distance between stars like sun increase .


..and after 4.6 billion our solar system form You have to be fast to catch the light, since the distance expands each second , the hunters hunts the light.. But the hunt never ends. Second try - sing me a song ! then I will give you ride to meet the fire monster !

o not Why d e you us ? r a e my t !! i ot g You

I hav so e no w h eng,

s h o ur e I get i ld t ?

to ride with spirits

.. I wish Why did not I listen to I am in I have my mother, here every where place devilish magic single one plays with me … powers ..

as a true shaman .. talk with gods like beasts to call to someone to take me home…

arhhh A bird ? everyone in this land , who has lots of stories to trade,

Where is everyone ?

Oh no , an oth er can nib al spi rit …

Hey ! Did someone


magic powers ?

Tusht is erza people proud leader, I will hold songwriters at my right hand and I take dancers at my left hand. I am the fish , horse, and bird. I was born from thunder named Nishkepaz with blink of eye , I am warrior, the farmer, I am next to simple people ..


Hop on I will give you a ride .

.. my


What is this ? Thanks !! It is a shiny ..thing !

If you want to know...It

I am getting down ..

I will give my hand since... asked magic powers.

Each year shamans have new tricks !!! I better watch out..

Take the boy where he asks !

I love

My arm is iching..

songmaking and

if you guess who is my father I will sing us out from upper world with a khanty song .

I asked his

name, but this ansver works too !

has a bug


The town of the shape of running horse, The town of the shape of striding horse, My soft prayer of the size of sable , I spread in front of you, , My soft prayer of the size of fur animal

Your father is


the thunder. !

A cold and

also a warm temperatures,

Is it a magic tool ? You can take this phone.. it does not work.

a moisture,

a fast moving

What do you have here ... in THIS shiny box?.. it is The Man Who Watches Over The World ! Mir Susne Hum !

air and this all combined brings out electric charge.

Hold tight !

ooo TATOOo

With Swamp Beasts Claws, I spread in front of you - The Lord The Womb , Deep Hole From s, Claw st Bea The lord With Wild n Black Ones Tied Seve out, of Artic Fox, if you will take me With One

Rope, I will sacrifice to you after that..

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tusht was generous he gave you a Tatoo - a polaris star to guide you at upper waterbird land !

The Lord With Swamp Beast Claws,

The Lord With Swamp Beast Claws, like a burst of wind coming from afar may you fall down here ...

Tusht was impressed by how well you described his father so he gave back all your limbs!

My arm?

What is on my face ?

Where is my phone ! What will I say to my mother !

A talking bug ?

Unlikely she likes that I traded my phone

Did I sleep?

You should be happy that you got rid of it - Tusht got your mobile ! You are lucky !

Aa.. where is my phone?

May-be I will come back and Tusht gives my phone back if I give him this odd mask ?

What is that birchtr ee mask for?

Should I keep it?

Polaris small  

Polaris Escape comic

Polaris small  

Polaris Escape comic