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Laura Kiti Kirby Praha 4 - Krč, 140 00, Česká republika +420 732 431 251

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Personal information Hi there! My name is Laura Kiti Kirby. I am a young architect that recently finished university in Prague, Czech Republic. Throughout university, I worked in an architecture studio SEA Architekt and after that in architecture and civil engineering studio PSK Tuzar. After I finished university I was very lucky to land an internship in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in Jan Bochmann Architecten atelier as part of the Erasmus + student program.


hi there!

I have a very bright, outgoing and friendly personality. I am also very laid back but at the same time, I want to aim perfection. I love good food, gin and tonic and coffee. Never the less I also love to sport. At the moment I am a big fan of yoga and meditation as it is a wonderful rewind to this busy world. I also dance, swim, in the winter I go skiing or snowboarding and in the summer I love long walks to the forest and bicycling. I am also a big fan of music in most genders and go not only to mainstream music concerts but also to classical music concerts. Once in awhile I also visit some gallery or museum. I am also quite frequent traveller from a young age. I am very thankful that I could live with my parents in many places around the world, such as the USA, India and Thailand, where I got to go to the international Bangkok Patana School. Up until I was 11 years old, I lived with my parents in England where I attended primary school. Afterwards, we moved to Prague, where I did my A-levels at the scientific-based Gymnasium Botičská and my masters in Architecture and civil engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

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working expirence

Life journey

Prague, CZ Chigaco, USA Kolkata, IN

Swindon, GB

Lethbridge School

Primary helping out in parent‘s B&B

Bangkok, TH Swindon, GB

Prague, CZ

Gymázium Pod Vyšehradem leading a B & B

English - Czech gymázium Amazon

working in the National Theater leading a B & B

Amsterdam, NL Prague, CZ

Internship at SEA architekt

Czech technical university, Architecture and civil engineering, bachelor‘s and master‘s degree

Part time job at PSK TUZAR Internship at Jan Bochmann Architecten Full time job at Chmelař Architekti



Own projects

life journey

Scientifically based gymnázium Botičská, graduation


Chmelař architekti Chmelař Architekti is a small architecture studio based in Prague, the Czech Republic. It mainly specializes in residential housing but also the cultivation of urban planning mainly in the Northen Bohemia area. This studio has many renovated clients, such as CPI Group, Lexxus Norton, PSN etc. It also has been in many competitions and awards and also part of many different publications about architecture. From the beginning, I was cooperating with David Chmelař on big scale buildings such as a multifunctional residential building in Holešovice, Prague or administration building in Karlín, Prague. But also on interiors in family apartments in the heart of the city centre in the beautiful Pařížská Boulevard. What did I gain? It was definitely very interesting to see how big scaled developer projects are made but also how to approach to interior design and made to measure furniture. Areal Dělnická in Prague, Czech Republic


Chmelar Architekti

From the developer, we had to design such a building that would not only by its mass fit into the current urban plan in the area but also add residential apartments and redevelop the commercial shops. It was not an easy task as it also required to preserve the old facade from the bakery.

The interior design of a small children‘s library Here we designed a library for two boys, where they also have a working table, a TV and a sofa. We combinated furniture from IKEA with high end brands.

New facade from the street Dělnická

New facade from the street Argentinská

Underground floor

2ps 2ps 112 m2

6ps 3ps

celkem 1np: 19 ps z toho 1 invalida 7ps


vchod bytový dům/A



1ps 1ps


10ps 4ps


769 m2

kolárna kočárk.



9ps 9ps

sklad 121 m2

kolárna kočárk.

122 m2

celkem 1pp: 65 ps

158 m2 kolárna kočárk.

vchod bytový dům/B


stání pro zásobování





Chmelar architekti

Ground floor

vchod bytový dům/C odpadky/C BILLA stávající podélná stání GARÁŽE


Jan Bochmann Architecten Jan Bochmann Architecten is a practice for architecture, interior and urban design. The studio is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The studio works on a wide range of projects, varifying from large housing projects or special public buildings to individual family houses or smaller conversions. Jan Bochmann also works on the research of potential new developments through different studies and regularly participates in national and international design and architectural competitions.


Jan Bochmann Architecten

Throughout this internship, Jan included me in a variety of projects and phases. I was working mostly on family houses in different areas in the Netherlands. Jan had a very clean and neat design, very minimalistic but combining this with local traditional materials, such as brick or wood. I cooperated on different facades and interior design on family houses but also on the concept of a group of new apartment buildings and urban planning. What did I gain? I was very lucky that I got an internship in Amsterdam as it is very beautiful and one of its kind city. I have gained so much inspiration and information because the Dutch are very progressive in architecture and civil engineering. I lived in the city centre and rode my bike to Jans bureau which is on the man-made KNSM Eiland. Therefore I got to see not only the historical part but also the new boosting neighbourhoods. Jan was a very nice and friendly boss but he wanted his bureau and projects to be very precise. He was very well organised which I appreciated and taught me how to organise my work in a better way. I am glad that I had this opportunity to experience how it works in the Netherlands and highly advise other students to do such internship. Centrumeiland in Amsterdam, the Netherlands The municipality of Amsterdam has created a new island that will consist of a mix of apartment buildings and family houses. Jan and I were working on 5 various houses, which are 6m wide and maximum 17m high. The houses will be individually designed according to the specific needs of their future inhabitants. All houses are designed as zero-energy buildings with rainwater that will be stored on the plots and with large window openings and high-quality interiors. Some of the houses will be provided with garages, roof terraces, balconies, bay-windows, winter gardens and roof-top greenhouses.

Visualisations of the future family houses, Centrumeiland

Jan Bochmann Architecten

Plan and facade design for a family house


PSK TUZAR PSK TUZAR is an architecture and civil engineering bureau based in Prague, the Czech Republic. The design team consists of architects, civil engineers and several specialists and technicians in construction. The bureau operates in a wide range of investment construction, especially in building, engineering and water management buildings. They provide complex design and engineering activities from initial studies to construction. The bureau also creates architectural and urban studies of buildings and territories, interior design and landscape architecture including furniture design. Throughout the three years, I was mainly working on the reconstruction of old army flat buildings from the communist era. The developer wanted to remain the mass but redesign the plans to small startup apartments. There were many buildings done throughout the years, therefore I got to cooperate on different stages of the project. This project was very successful as the old buildings were in a good location with a good situation. I also cooperated on new apartment buildings in Kobylisy, Prague.



What did I gain? My boss, Ing. Jindřich Tuzar, was not only a boss but he was also a leader and a friend. The team was made up of very different kinds of people with different interests. The bureau thought me a lot about architecture and civil engeneering in how to be organized, how to lead a project, how to be a good team player. This was definetly the school of life. I still maintain contact with this office in a very friendly way.

The reconstruction of the start-up apartment buildings and parking building in Milovice




Showroom in Jindrichuv Hradec

Showroom in Jindřichův Hradec With a colleague and friend, Ing. arch. Klára Šedivá, we obtained a small project about redesigning a showroom in Jinřichův Hradec, the Czech Republic. We had very straight forward instructions on what the client wants. The original plan did not fit their needs and wanted to make a new minimalistic and fresh showroom combined with a meeting room for 12 - 18 people, several working desks, a reception and a small area for sitting. We were lucky enough that the original design was already very minimalistic and clean in white and shades of grey. The clients are a family manufactory of agricultural machinery. After a brainstorming session, we designed the showroom, where we combined a rough construction with greenery that worked as a partition of the large showroom. This workes great as the several working desks are tucked behind this large partition, which also combines as a reception. The position of the construction has a large benefit in the fact that the workes from their desks can see straight away what is going on in the showroom. Next to this construction, we designed the small sitting area. In the appendix of the plan we designed the meeting room. Luckily for us, the clients loved the only concept we gave them and now the showroom is under construction. What did I gain? To trust your instinct and that the first concept is always the best. Luck will go your way if you trust in yourself.

meeting room working desks sitting area

reception showroom

Showroom in Jindrichuv Hradec


Montessori primary school in Chlumec I got a proposal from an architect, Ing. arch. Richard Fišera, who designs mainly interiors for kindergartens and primary schools. This time his new client wanted something modern and fresh for the renovation of the school. We agreed that I will design two new concepts of the interior. The first design is more colourful and vibrant and on the other side, the second design is more calming, inspired by nature. Unfortunately, this cooperation ended at the concepts as the clients backed out from the project.


Montessori primary school

What did I gain? New information about how to think about interiors for children, what colours to choose, what materials, what designs. It could have been a very interesting project, too bad it ended just at the beginning. řešení schodiště_A schodištově stupně_krémová barva zábradlí zůstane původní_natře se do příslušné barvy dle NP podlahy budou ve stejné barvě jako zabradlí

řešení půdorysu_A země s danou barvou NP_guide line na zemi (směr třída A, třída B atd..)

řešení schodiště_B schodištově stupně_zeshora zelené_zesdola modré zábradlí zůstane původní_natře se do krémové barvy podlahy budou v zelené barvě a stropy v modré (tráva x nebe)

řešení půdorysu_A země s danou barvou NP_guide line na zemi (směr třída A, třída B atd..)

řešení vstupů_situace_A barevnější a veselejší řešení výrazná a sytá žlutá



řešení vstupů_situace_A



barevně jemnější řešení zelená = tráva, místo odkud začíná nový život

Montessori primary scholl

hlavní vstup do budovy = významný a jasný směr, tzv. vcucnutí do budovy


hlavní vstup do budovy = významný a jasný směr, tzv. vcucnutí do budovy LEGE




Interior design of a living area in a family house Over a mutual friend, I connected with a young family. Their request was to design the living area made up from the living corner, dining corner and kitchen corner. The house was already designed and built by another architect. My job was to put together a master plan of the interior design for this young family in what direction they might want to go. What did I gain? Unfortunately, this cooperation did not work out well as the young family were already very unhappy about the original plans of the house from the architect. They also did not have a concrete idea about how they want the interior design. They also expected from me to do the impossible - change the plans of the house. As I said, the house was already built, therefore I could not do much about the plans. It was a lot of work trying to figure out what they want if they did not know. I am very sorry in how this ended and wish them luck that they will find happiness in their new home. For me, a bad experience is also experience. Next time I will be more careful about what the clients want, what they expect from me and if it is worth my time.


Interior desgin

axonometrie 2

axonometrie 1


pohled 1

pohled 2

Interior design




Fire station

fire station



main entrence to Škoda factory

Fire station for Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav

Under the guidance of prof. Ing. arch. Michal Hlaváček, I designed my diploma project a new fire station in the city of Mladá Boleslav, the Czech Republic. The fire station is part of the new urban plan of the city centre - the vision of the third millennium. This urban vision of the area was designed in the pre-diploma project in the winter semester 2017/2018. I propose a functional modern building meeting all the requirements for the specific operation of the fire station. The building is architecturally valuable and attractive. At the same time, it is energy efficient thanks to the use of the power plant and the heating plant, which is part of the Škoda Auto factory. High-quality thermal properties are provided by good combinations of available materials. The complex consists of five buildings, each of which has another associated function, and a training tower that sticks out from the courtyard. According to each function, I applied different colours and materials to the facade.

Fire station 25


Fire station

Fire station


Fasáda Velkoplošně Schüco prosklená FW 50+.HI hliníková vrata Hormann beton x pantone x liapor

x 1m

modulový prvek


P R E FA Prefalz


vlastní návrh

Fire station



As part of my diploma project, I also designed a very unique facade. Each building is in different combination of colours, materials and finishing. This made a fun an attractive facade.

Fire station



Fire station

Fire station


Urban plan of Mladá Boleslav

What did I gain? To be honest this was a huge task to complete in such a short time but I was very glad we did make a great team that stuck together throughout the project. I have learned how to communicate better and to have patience with my colleagues and myself. We were very creative but we had to accept that there is not enough time. This way we learned to really point out the main characteristics of our project a try to finish them as best we can.

cyklista pěší


profil_vedlejší ulice_24 m

pěší cyklista



profil_hlavní pěší třída_40 m




parking auta zeleň


profil_hlavní uliční třída_40 m



Urban plan of Mlada Boleslav

In a three-member team made up of Amálie Kubišová, Lucie Poskočilová and myself we together designed new infrastructure and urban plan of the city Mladá Boleslav in the northern Czech Republic. Our main idea was to join together the old city centre and the new part of the city, which is divided into the residential part and the Škoda Auto factory. First of all, we prolonged several main communications, therefore the lorries coming into the factory now go straight away to the logistic centre, which is connected to the factory by railway tracks. Thanks to this reroute the city can relieve from cars and its smog. The next step was to connect the old city centre with a nearby city Kosmonosy and concentrate all the facilities around this newly done boulevard. To help inhabitants move around the city in the rush hour we designed a Skytrain connecting the main city districts. We continue the existing green belts into new ones and separate the industrial zone from the city and help improve the climate.



M of

ladá Boleslav

fire s t

Urban plan of Mlada Boleslav

n a




Urban plan of Mlada Boleslav

Urban plan of Mlada Boleslav


New neighbourhood in Avia Letňany In a group of a three-member team, Libor Oliver Blažek and Kateřina Prausová, we had to design a new neighbourhood instead of the existing brownfield of the Avia air force company in Letňany, Prague. The main task was to connect the surrounding neighbourhoods and make this the new centre with a mixeduse of buildings. There had to be new office buildings, apartment buildings, new culture centres, sports centres etc. Our main vision was to rebuild the existing railway into a skyline, therefore, the parter will connect into one large space. We divided the urban plan into several building phases where each one of us finished the design of each phase. I designed the third phase, where an old factory building was reused into a hub office and gallery, a large green square, apartment buildings and sports centre.


Avia Letnany

What did I gain? This was my first urban plan project on such a big scale so I have learned a lot on this project from how to design streets to dividing the neighbourhood.

Avia Letnany



Avia Letnany

Avia Letnany



Family house in the mountains

Family house in the mountains For my bachelor project, I designed a luxurious family house for four-membered families with a dog. I was inspired by the local architecture and materials which I used. When you go from the street above the family house you see just a small-sized cottage but from the other side it opens up into the valley as a modern open house. It has two floors and an attic. I was playing with the idea of the space going from „public“ to „private“ with just adding a few touches that can eighter open the whole space into the „public“ area or close it all up into the „private“ area. The first floor is half underground, therefore you can also consider it as the basement. This floor contains the parking garage, utility room and living room where is also the kitchen and dining area. The living area is divided from the kitchen and dining area with sevrle steps. This makes a psychologic division as the living area is lower than the kitchen, therefore, it feels like it is tucked away and makes it a very cosy area to be in. From the living area, which is very spacious, you have a lovely view of the valley. This space can either divide into thus functions or be open for the whole family. In the second floor which actes as a first floor from the street is the main entrance into the house and the sleeping area containg two children bedrooms, one master bedroom and one guest bedroom. All have access to their bathroom. The master bedroom has its walk-in closet and large bathroom but in the master bedroom itself, there is an extra bathtub to pump up the luxury. The children‘s room shares a playroom that either they can close it up so both will have enough privacy or open it into a large play area. Both children rooms have extra axcess to the attic as a small cave. From the guest bedroom, you can go into the large atelier which works also as a cave for any family member. From the bedrooms situated to the valley, there is a common balcony that also doubles up as a shadow construction for the living area. What did I gain? This project was the first to combine not only architecture but also civil engineering in practice. I had a lot of fun coming up with the house plans to make it unique but also functional and mainly diverse in the way how you use the house as an inhabitant. I designed a house for a growing family that can be easily reused and redone into different possibilities depending on what and how they want to use it. I am very proud of this design. I think it is a timeless design.

Family house in the mountains



Family house in the mountains

Family house in the mountains



Family house in Borovany village In a three-member team with Barbora Drahorádová and Vášek Smolík we entered a student architecture and civil engineering competition that specializes in off-grid buildings. In this year‘s competition, the theme was to design a family house for a four-member family house that is half off-grid and half connected to the main infrastructure to the village. We were inspired by the picturesque village and added a modern edge to the design. In this competition, we came 6th out of 24 competitors.


Family house in Borovany village

What did I gain? This was a big lesson for me as we also had a lot of workshops and lectures in the field of off-grid possibilities. It was very interesting to learn new information in this field. With this information today I would think differently about how to design a house with these possibilities.

Nakládaní s vodou


Family house in borovany village


Konstrukční řešení a skladby konstrukcí


Multifunctional object next to Masarykovo nádraží The design of the multifunctional object next to Masarykovo nádraží in Prague was to full fill the vision of the large developer company Penta. The main idea was to point out the new urban design by Zaha Hadid in this area. The object had to serve servile tasks at once, such as an information point for the new urban area, also as a lookout tower to the building site. The building also had to be reconstructable if needed.


Multifunctional object for PENTA

I bet on an easy tower built out of two cubes put on each other. The construction was inspired by Japanese architecture. The facade is from black matte or white LED plexiglass. What did I gain? It was interesting for me to design an object that was just temporarily, therefore we could not build any foundations. I had to design it in such a way that it could be possibly built. Here I could put my civil engineering knowledge in use. The foundation is from prefabricated pieces of concrete and the tower is built from steel profiles. Therefore it was designed is such a way that it was lightweight but also as tall as possible. I was placed with my design into the second round of the competition out of 250 competitors.

Multifunctional object for PENTA


Profile for Laura Kiti Kirby

Architecture portfolio  

Architecture portfolio including my project bureaus, personal projects, school projects and competitions

Architecture portfolio  

Architecture portfolio including my project bureaus, personal projects, school projects and competitions