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Top 2 Monster Surgery Games for Kids Game Designed & Developed

Nail doctor has touched many of the users heart. Nail doctor has proved one of the best surgery concept ever played in our handset device. Virtual nail surgery concept is now spread all over and visitors are overwhelmed with it. So here is another heart throbbing surgery game "hand surgery" which makes you feel like real. It gives you horror look though it provides educational tips and entertainment.

Features • • • • • • •

Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it To remove clay or any dust shower is used To suck the water dryer is used To kill the germs, germs killer is used Pus remover is used to remove a pus. To remove a blood Cotton is used Ice is used for remove swelling


Monster Wisdom Tooth Hey kids, have you ever imagined about become a dentist? Here GameiMax has arrived with monster wisdom tooth doctor for you. All the characters inside these games are monsters. By this game you can learn how to apply dental treatment and how to use all the dental tools for tooth treatment. You have to accomplish proper dental treatment like a professional dentist on monster patient's teeth.

Features • • • • • • • •

Remove Cavity by Cavity Remover Brush the teeth Clean using water Shower Kill harmful using Germs killer Remove Black teeth Red dots remover Put Braces properly Mouth Freshener to keep mouth fresh


Top 2 monster surgery games for kids  

This game is very interesting & also helpful to kids for doing surgery.

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