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Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft

GameiMax always developed innovative surgery games. Here you will get another game which developed with new concept. Kids are so careless while playing outside the home in playground or anywhere. There are two naughty kids character inside the game, their face got injured while they playing and their cloths also very dirty.

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Shower is used to remove clay or any dust from injury. Dryer is used to suck the water and kill small germs by its warm air. Germs killer is used to kill the germs with animating way with attractive sound. Tooth Brush is used to clean up dirty teeth. Ear Dropper is used to remove swelling from ear. Pain killing spray is used to relief from face injury. Pimple remover for removing pimple from kid’s pretty face Laser treatment for laser which is on face. Cotton is used to remove dirt and remove wounds from ear. Ice is used for remove swelling Vacuum is used to remove Leaf from hair.

Hey kids, have you ever imagined about become a Professional Dentist? Here GameiMax has arrived with Wisdom Tooth Doctor for you. By this game you can learn how to apply dental treatment and how to use all the tools for tooth treatment. Mainly two view included inside the game "Teeth View" & "Tongue View".

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Cavity Remover Brush Shower Germ killer Black dots remover Red dots remover Braces Mouth Freshner

Surgery games for kids developed by gameimax