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Latest King’s Teeth Surgery Games for Kids

Game Designed & Develoepd By: Arth I-Soft

King Wisdom Tooth Do you have heard stories of king? King is so scary and angry person for kids. So we come up with our new game named "King Wisdom Tooth" to make kids familiar with king's character. King also doesn't love to brush teeth and their teeth get rotten so by this game you can learn how to apply dental treatment and how to use all the tools for tooth treatment.

Features Cavity Remover  Brush, Shower  Germ killer  Black dots remover  Red dots remover  Put Braces  Mouth Freshener 


King Root Canal Doctor King Root Canal Doctor is a fun game where you have to perform a variety of dental treatment on King's teeth root! Become a real doctor and practice dental treatment in this game! You have to select number of patients various issues, and common dental problems. Rotten teeth, tooth extractions, cleanings, and root canals are just at the beginning at of game!!

Features           

Light Tongue press tool Injection Scanner Braces Drill Blood Remover Stick Cream filler Shower Germ Remover Mouth Freshener


Latest king's teeth surgery games for kids  

This game is very interesting & also helpful to kids for doing surgery.

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