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Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft

About Game • GameiMax the Game development company , has launched its auspicious game for kids "Kids Gym Doctor" . The company has developed this game specially for kids and its free to download. • Kids have always likes to playing game, and the Gameimax decided to develop game for kids who helps them to get entertain as well as learn something from that game. • The Kids Gym Doctor is about virtual surgery game. Players have to behave like a real doctor and apply proper medical treatment.

Features • Different exercise like Shoulder Starching, push-ups, arm exercise , weight lifting, boxing, starching balls, dumbbells ,cardio exercise , cycling • Various medical tools available like injection, pills, bandage, x-ray machine etc… • No In-App purchase, its free to download.

Kids Gym Doctor

Kids Gym Doctor

Latest kids gym doctor game free to download