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Download FREE Toilet Makeover Game for kids

Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft

About Game • In toilet Makeover there are 10+ levels to play. • Start the game by cleaning and dropping all dust in dustbin, and sweep the floor, then clean window and wash basin. • Now next use vacuum to suck all leafs from toilet. • Then use toilet cleaner to clean. And you can also paint on it using color paints. • Then save mobile phones which are thrown in toilet and kill cockroach coming from drain. • And the last level help girls to go in girls wash room and boys to go in boys wash room.


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Dustbin used to put all dust Sweeper used to sweep floor Scotch to clean window and tiles Vacuum to suck all leafs from toilet Save mobile phone to be thrown in toilet Kill cockroaches coming out of drain

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Download free toilet makeover game for kids