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Android FREE Toilet Makeover Game for Kids

Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft

Introduction Start the game by cleaning & dropping all dust in dustbin, & sweep the floor, then clean mirror & wash basin. Use vacuum to suck all leafs from toilet. Use toilet cleaner to clean toilet Use brush for remove dust Save mobile phones which are thrown in toilet & kill cockroach coming from drain

Features O Dustbin is used to put all dust O Used sweeper to sweep floor O Scotch to clean window & tiles

O Vacuum to suck all leafs from toilet O Toilet cleaner to clean toilet O Kill cockroach coming out of drain


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Download on your iPhone / iPad / iPod

Android free toilet makeover game for kids  
Android free toilet makeover game for kids  

We have the facility to drop a dust in to the dustbin and also the clean the water and all other objects. remove the spider and clean the wi...