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COFFEE LOVE ...for the love of all that is roasted.

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To Coffee Lovers of the World


offee conasuers of the world, I hope you enjoy this magazine which is entirely focused on the wonder that is coffee. There are a multitude of coffee types, styles, flavors, temperatures, and more. If you’re like me, you’ll never stop experiencing it in your daily lives. f all the drinks I have ever experienced, coffee would have to be my true love. I have had a relationshipwith coffee since I was in 7th grade and that bond will never disappear. Coffee is a part of me, almost like


the air I breathe, it is the thing I drink and love each and every day. or anyone who has never tasted coffee, please take the time to drop by the Top 10 Coffee Shops and live life through coffee in any area of the country. ar be it from me to deny anyone the joy that is coffee, and although I may be biased, Hazelnut is a must have for you to try, especially if you have never tasted the deliciousness of coffee. Never forget to truly savor the taste with every new cup



you try. very time you take a sip, remember what it does to your emotions. Believe that each new cup will bring about a new feeling that nothing can ever replace. I truly hope you are able to build a relationship with coffee just as I have, as you read through my magazine. ven if you never breathe in the aroma of the caffeneited, bold scent, still take the time to look through and enjoy the pictures of coffee I have decided to share with you.


It leads to a smile every morning.

MORNINGS WITH COFFEE & OLIVER A typical morning with Ellie & Oliver means waking up with a sloppy kiss, a delicious cup of Macadamian Nut coffee, & a quick walk around outside.

Oliver joins Mercedes for her daily visit to Pinterest, he’s such a curious little fellow. After a cup of coffee, she gets him ready for the day with a warm jacket and lots of love.

A girl and her puppy.


Time to go!

“Top 10 Boutique Coffee Shops” from Bon Appetite Lamill Coffee, Los Angeles Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco Novo, Denver Octane Coffee Bar & Lounge, Atlanta The Coffee Studio, Chicago Kopplin’s Coffee, St. Paul Abraço, New York Little T American Baker, Portland, Oregon Progress Coffee, Austin Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.

CREATION OF CAFFEINATION Legend of Kaldi It is said that Kaldi, a goatherd in the Ethiopian highlands, first discovered coffee after his goats nibbled on berries from certain trees and became very energized. They even refused to sleep through the night they were so full of spirit. Kaldi told this to the local monastery, bringing the berries to him, who then ground the berries into a drink. After tasting this newly created drink he too became alert and noticed the ability to remain focused during evening prayer, which lasted for hours on end. The monk shared this information with the other monks around the monastery and soon word began to spread. The legend of this mysterious energizing berry made its way to the Arabian Peninsula and soon spread across the globe. Although it is unknown whether the Legend of Kaldi is a myth or not, there is some truth to the story. Coffee trees do in fact grow in the Ethiopian highlands today as they have for the past few centuries.

The Arabian Peninsula

The first to cultivate coffee as well as begin trading with it were the Arabs. Coffee was being grown in the Yemeni district of Arabia by the 15th C. and in the 16th C., Egypt, Persia, Syria, and Turkey began growing coffee. Coffee began being drunk in homes and in places known as “qahveh khaneh” or public coffee houses. These public places began poppying up in Near East citites and were incredibly popular. People would listen to music, socialize, play chess, and even catch up on news, along with drinking coffee. These public houses were so popular at one point they became known as “Schools of the Wise” because of their growing importance for exchanging information. With many visiting Mecca every year from across the globe, the ‘wine of


Stories were brought back from the Near East by European travelers about a dark drink and by the 17th C., coffee became popular all across Europe. Although there were many who enjoyed the beverage, there were opponents’who labeled coffee as the ‘bitter invention of Satan.’ Even the local clergy condemned coffee when it made its way to Venice in 1615 and Pope Clement VIII was asked to participant in the controversy. Before he could make a decision he made sure to taste the drink and loved it so much he approved it with no question.

Even with the controversy which arose from coffee coming to Europe, coffee houses in some of the major cities such as England, France, and Germany quickly became the centers for all fommunication and social activities. In London by the mid-17th C. there were over 300 coffee houses which helped business grow. One in particular, Lloyd’s of London, was created because of Edwards

The New World

Lloyd’s Coffee House.

Coffee then came to New Amsterdam in the mid-1600’s, which is later became known as New York. Tea also became a popular drink, almost overpowering coffee in the New World, until 1773 when a revolt now known as the Boston Tea Party occured, where colonists went against a heavy tax put on tea by King George. This revolt changed American’s preference from tea to coffee, even to this day.


Even though the popularity of coffee had spread to almost every corner of the globe, the Arabs still attempted to maintain their monopoly on growing and trading. But towards the end of the 17th C. the Dutch obtained coffee seeds and their second attempt to plant them succeeded. This attempt was in Batvia, on Java island, now known as Indonesia. After the plants began to thrive and the Dutch became productive in trade, they expanded to Sumatra and Celebes to further cultivate the trees. In 1714, the Mayor of Amsterdam gave a gift to King Louis XIV of France, a young coffee plant. The King had it planted in the Royal Botanical Garden in Paris and in 1723, Gabriel de Clieu, a naval officer, took a seed from the plant. After a voyage where the seed was almost destroyed, he brought the seed to Martinique and planted it there, thus spreading over 18 million coffee trees throughout the entire island in 50 years. Coffee made it’s way to Brazil by Francisco de Mello Palheta who attempted to obtain a coffee seed from France, who were not willing to give up. But the French Governor’s wife was smitten by Palheta and hid seeds inside a going away bouquet.

National Coffee Association USA

Delicious. Inviting. Modern. Vintage. Eclectic. Perfection. Inspiration.


hese are just a few words people use to describe the newest addition to College Hill. Sidecar Coffee Roasters is the ideal place for many college students to frequent on a typical day, and especially with the stress of finals Sidecar is busier than ever. When Sidecar was first opened November 2012 in downtown Cedar Falls, the primary focus was simply roasting the coffee beans and selling them to the local patrons of the community. The beans themselves were from around the world and roasted in smaller batches, almost making them fly off the shelves. Jed Vander Zanden was the first to begin the business, when his wife was completing her PhD and he bought a simple coffee roaster and fell in love. The icon of the yellow moped with a sidecar first appeared when Jed began selling the coffee beans to the community. In order to create easy access to the unique beans and brews, Jed would make personal deliveries with no additional charge. The yellow moped with a sidecar was his mode of transportation, and the name of “Sidecar” just stuck.

Sidecar Coffee Roasters Idea to Innovation

Jed opened the current roasting business downtown with the a theory and little planning, but everything panned out as can be seen by the hill location’s popularity. Sidecar on the hill opened in November 2013 after Jed was approached by his landlord asking if he would ever considere opening another location. He jumped at the opportunity and after bringing in close friend Andy Fuchtman to run and manage the hill location, the coffee shop took off.

There are many people who frequent Sidecar every day and almost make Sidecar their second home. One of these people is Mercedes Johnson. Johnson is a Graphic Design major at UNI who visits Sidecar often to taste their multitude of coffee choices. During finals week, Johnson found herself at Sidecar almost every evening taking advantage of the free wireless internet and late hours which gave her a chance to get away and focus on school. “Even when it’s busy, it doesn’t feel like it is.” says Johnson. “If I can’t find an available table with an outlet I’ll just order a coffee and relax on one of the couches until a chair opens up.” Johnson can usually be seen with clients from her photography business, having a business meeting over a a coffee or cup of tea. Another customer of Sidecar, Katie Chilcote, had actually never been there until a little over one month ago. When asked why she replied simply “I have no idea.” When she first walked in, her eyes widened trying to take in all Sidecar had to offer. After leaving she just said, “I love this place.” The College Hill Sidecar is located at 2215 College Street, a few shops down from Copy Works on the corner of College and 23rd Street. When first walking in to Sidecar on the hill, you are greeted with scents of freshly ground coffee beans, delicious baked goods, and even the occassional batch of beer. Sidecar has implemented different forms of business which make it unique compared to other local coffee shops. Sidecar focuses on all high quality products, from its coffee, baked goods, and even furniture which its customers use daily. Every piece of furniture from the chairs to the tables are actually hand-made by designers from around the area. These pieces of furniture, with these specific styles are not normally seen, giving Sidecar a very eclectic and almost New York style feel, which was actually their intention. The art on the walls of Sidecar are also hand-made and unique. Every six weeks to two months the art is switched out for new art, all of which are created by local artists. The pieces can also be purchased throughout this time.

There are many different items which can be purchased at Sidecar, from coffee, to sweets, and even beer. When one thinks of coffee, they generally do not associate beer with a coffee taste. “Night time beer gives people a welcome feeling,” says Fuchtman. “We serve very high quality beer and it’s never been seen as a problem. We don’t have people stumbling into Sidecar at late hours, our customers are loyal but also appropriate and treat Sidecar with respect.” Some of the coffee choices which are incredibly popular and are the favorites of the shop are Frank Sinatra, The Optimist, and the Van Fleet. These are each lattes with a variety of flavors. The most popular is the Frank Sinatra. This particular latte is composed of Guillard chocolate, espresso, milker & piercing blue eyes. The last ingredient is a reference to where the latte received its name, from Frank Sinatra himself. This latte also has a touch of lavendar. The next is the Van Fleet which is also filled with guillard chocolate, espresso and milk, but also has orange zest to give it a unique citrus taste. The third is The Optimist, which implements a blackberry taste along with the other ingredients, giving it too a citrus taste. Not only are the ingredients of these lattes unique, as are other options, but so are their names.

When asked why each received its name, Andy simply said “I made them up. Frank Sinatra himself was always said to have smelled like lavendar, so that was where that name came from. But the majority of them I literally made up.” There are some people who have commented on the prices Sidecar has used, and that compared to other coffee shops they may be too pricey for their size. But what makes this fact completely false is the fact that every coffee, no matter what size, is made with a double shot of espresso! Other coffee shops would require customers to pay almost double to add an extra shot of espresso to their coffee. Even though many of the components to Sidecar were either made up or created with a theory or on a whim, no matter what the intention, the outcome was clearly a success. The coffee shop is buzzing every day and people really seem to love the feel and taste of Sidecar Coffee Roasters. As Jed always says, “coffee should be fun. It should speak to you and make you smile. The goal of Sidecar Coffee Roasters is to listen to it and let it sing.” Stop by Sidecar and hear your coffee sing to you. Just make sure you actually listen.

~Laura Janssen

First Timer of Sidecar Coffee Roasters

Coffee lover and UNI student, Katie Chilcote, visited Side Car Coffee Roasters for the first time on March 27th. Although she is a frequent visitor of Panera Bread to guarantee a fresh brewed cup of Hazelnut coffee, the Frank Sinatra latte she experienced at Sidecar may have turned her into a permanent customer.












Coffee Love  

...for the love of all that is roasted.