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RELIEF THROUGH CLOTHING A collection of work which has taken inspiration from clinical garments combined with a nordic concept to create a full white collection. The starting point was driven by the definition of human perception. Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses: the normal limits to human perception. It is a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. There are questions surrounding this definition, one being what is considered to be the, “normal limits to human perception?” Would looking at the world through the eyes of a person with a mental illness and their understanding of it be classified as the normal limits to human perception? The initial research for this project lead me to reading classics such as “The Bell jar” and “One Flew over The Cucko’s Nest”. The characters from the movie version of cuckoo’s nest acted as my muses. They were the driving force behind the collections; colour, texture and overall look. Through experimenting I aimed to create clothes which would protect its wearers and help them to gain relief as opposed to restraint. I played with ideas of padded linings, removable pockets and oversized pockets which the individual could use to wrap around themselves without force. Along side of this I focused upon protective clothing in commercial fashion, using designers such as Nigel Calbourne as a reference. I was struck by the heavy weight waterproof fabrics and wished to create a similar texture through waxing material myself. This would allow manipulation of any fabric, to change its original properties and make it waterproof. I undertook many experiments and concluded with using paraffin wax and scotch guard protective spray. I selected few garments and dipped them into the wax and for the rest sprayed them.




Technical Flat Drawings

LOOK BOOK “Relief Through Clothing” Laura J Marsh

Individual Mac

Tailored Linen Suit

Simple Mac

Bomber Raglin

Waxed Overcoat

Laura Jade Marsh Digital portfolio  

A collection of work which documents my graduate Final major project submitted for my Ba(Hons) Fashion Design & Technology specialising in M...

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