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Currently in 8th semester pursuing an Industrial design degree at ICESI University which is located in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia. I am capable of designing new products and skillful in improving existing products already in the market, with the intention of improving the quality of life of both individuals and society at large.

I have experience in R&D (Reseach and development) in design and new patterns; planning and execution of events that promote industrial design; development and improvement of products; consultation of marketing of new brands; public relations and customer service.

General data Extracurricular activities GENERAL DATA


Personal inf ormation Date of birth : January 29, 1986 Telephone: (57) (2) 665 73 86 Cell phone: 316 368 56 89 E mail:

participated in organizing and developing on-campus events:

Education Industrial design major 2006 to present

Computer science 3D design: Solidworks, 3D max Computer graphics and animation: Abobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Foreign languages: English- intermediate level, Language Department ICESI University

“ Diseño y Punto” aw ards. ICESI University. Public relations and logistics. Performed these duties over 4 semesters. “ Hoy es diseño inedito” event. ICESI University General manager of the event. Fall 2010

Lianna Lianna is the name of a hammock-chair whose design is inspired by the downward movement that aerial roots display in trees. It’s made of recyclable materials such as pieces of cloth leftover from textile machines, leather, threads and various foams.

Product height: 4,9 feets Product base: 17,7 x 17,7 inches

Puko Puko is a children’s RTA (Ready to Assemble) furniture design which allows children to study and also to play recreationally. For children between 5 and 7 years old.

Designed by: Laura Hurtado Ruiz Oscar Darío Cañón

Optimization of space.

Zoo + nutrition A feeding system designed to minimize stress of primates in captivity. Through the use of an interactive game when feeding the primates, they become less dependent on humans. Every 20 days a new way of searching for food is introduced to the primates.

Designed by: Laura Hurtado Ruiz Karol Ximena Fl贸rez

1, 2 or3 overhead hangers. Linen mesh

The primate spins and slides the device and plays with them.


Belle is inspired by the passion flower , its natural shape and abstract symbolism. It’s designed for spa centers and resorts to provide users with comfort and total relaxation


Triagonal consists of 4 diferent geometric-configuration shaped tables designed for pre-school and kinder gardens, helping children to improve the way they interact, learn and perform activities, promoting interpersonal relations and their ability to communicate more effectively.


Duali is a design that uses two centerpiece tables for residential homes and office spaces. The structure is made of wood and complemeted with stainless steel.

Rufo Burger Rufo Burger is a fast food outlet located in downtown, Cali, Colombia. A corporate logo was designed to market its image as well as a fast-food preparation system.

Corporate logo

Rufo Burger

Hot dog wrapping and container.

If needed, overhead awning can be dismounted.

Belfast Ediciones

Logo design for Belfast Editions, a broadcasting and communications video company.


This project included the development and design of a company and its corporate identity. Pranna manufactures prosthesis and devices for disabled animals. The logo is the abstraction of two hands embracing our planet earth.

Telephone: (57) (2) 665 73 86 Cellphone: 316 368 56 89 Cali-Colombia E mail:


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