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Paper and Ink Arts (originally Paper and Ink Books) was created in 1980 by Brenda Broadbent as a small business dedicated to providing quality books for accomplished and aspiring calligraphers alike. Through the years, the business has grown to include a treasure trove of calligraphy supplies from inks to custom made pen holders. It has become the source for calligraphy needs for customers worldwide. Originally located in Maryland, Paper and Ink Arts relocated to Nashville, TN, in September of 2011 when it came under new ownership. Still dedicated to providing excellent service and quality products, Paper and Ink Arts remains an excellent source for calligraphers and traditional and non-traditional artists. We look forward to serving you!

OVERVEW Calligraphic practice is the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner. Classical calligraphy is a form of typography in that has a pre planed letter form and mostly used for information purposes. With non-classical handlettering a calligrapher may create characters that are fluid and spontaneous at the moment of writing. Modern calligraphy ranges from functional hand-lettered inscriptions and designs to fineart pieces where the abstract expression of the handwritten mark may compromise the legibility of the letters. Calligraphy continues to flourish in the forms of wedding and event invitations, font design, typography, original hand-lettered logos, religious art, announcements, graphic design, commissioned calligraphic art, cut stone inscriptions and memorial documents.

A. Walnut Drawing Ink, 2.6 oz Item # walbot $6.50 B. Large Easel, Plexiglass, Light, and Deluxe Bag Item # litidlx $105.00 C. 5/8” Turn of the Century Holder Item # 58cent $19.95 D. Nikko G Pointed Nib Item # Nikkog $1.55 each $16.80/dozen

F. Zig Brushables 4 Piece Blue Color Set Item # brush4-blu $11.91

E. Dr. Ph. Martin’s Spectralite Liquid Acrylic 62 colors item #marsp $8.50/bottle

G. Translucent Letterlines Item # tranlt $17.50

TOOLS USED The main tools for a calligrapher are the pen, ink, quality paper, a light box and brush. Works have also been made with felt-tip and ballpoint pens, although these works do not employ angled lines with a thick and thin variation. There are different types of pens that can be used. From the traditional “nib� pens dipped in ink, to calligraphy pens that have cartridges built-in, avoiding the need to have to continually dip them into inkwells. The Ink is usually water-based and much less viscous than the oil based inks used in printing. High quality paper, which has good consistency of porosity, will enable cleaner lines, although parchment or vellum is often used, as a knife can be used to erase mistakes on them. A light box and templates are used to achieve straight lines without pencil markings detracting from the work. Brushes are mostly used in traditional East Asian writing but have gradually made their way into Western style calligraphy. For more convenience to the calligraphy, there are brush markers that come in several colors for easy travel.

BARBARA CALZOLARI was born in Bologna in 1963. She attended the ENALC, a school of commercial art in Bologna. She worked for a silk-screening laboratory and completed projects for Bologna’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna, where she met many artists. These artist would later come to change the direction of Barbara’s professional life from art to fashion. Here she had the chance to begin to work with large firms in the garment and licensing trade and to collaborate on designing collections and developing products. Meanwhile, over a period of years, she cultivated and pursued her greatest passion, calligraphy. She contacted Italy’s Association of Calligraphy, the American Brody Neuenschwander, and she studied in greater depth the use of the flexible nib for Spenserian script. Art work on right page by Barbara Calzolari

She regularly attends international calligraphy conventions. In 2008, Barbara Calzolari applied her skills to the creation of the masterpiece in only four pieces of the” Deus Caritas Est”, a complete work of art in book form. For the same publisher, she created a souvenir of the Italy national anthems that the prime minister of Italy wished to present to the heads of state assembled at the G8 Summit in 2009. Then she wrote four complete and prestigious books on Catherine de’ Medici correspondences which are held in Washington DC Library.

A. Prismacolor Watercolor pencils set of 36 pencils Item # priswc $37.96 B. Master’s Brush Cleaner Item # brslns $3.89 E. Niji waterbrush Medium size Item # nijibe $7.97

C. Wonsor & Newton Artist Watercolor Compact Set Item # wnawc $60.89

F. Small Nylan Artist travel bag Item # smartbg $19.95

D. Acryla Gouache 20 ml tubes in 32 colors Item # acrgou $2.66/tube

MARIA TURK Was born in New York in 1956. By 1978, She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Design in Interior Design. In the early 1980’s Maria moved to Atlanta, GA where she worked at Ferry, Hayes and Allen Designers, INC as an interior designer. In 1993, Maria became a Master Gardner and yearned for a place where she could have a large garden. After Twenty years as an interior designer, she moved to Buford, GA to live in the historic home of Stonehedge, and opened it as an event facility.

Art work on left page by Maria Turk

With her home being an event facility, she was able to grow the garden that she had always wanted and begin to explore more avenues of art. Maria has been a lettering artist since the 1980’s but with her retirement she expanded her skills with classes from Michael Saul, Reggie Ezell, and many others. Greeting cards, addressing invitations and writing special framed “words of art” are some of the types of work she has produced in a variety of calligraphic styles. She enjoys introducing children to the art of hand lettering and joyfully shares her handwriting skills with all who are interested.

A. Mitchell Square Nib 1.5 Item # mitpen-1.5 $ 0.83 each or $9.48/dozen B. Pilot Parallel Pens sizes 1.5 mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, 6mm Item # para $10.50/pen C. Steadtler Calligraphy Duo Markers Set of 5 Two chisel points, 2mm & 3.5 mm Item # stea

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Paper and Ink Calligraphy Catalog  

This is a catalog design I purpose for paper and ink. It is informative on the topic of calligraphy while show casing their product.

Paper and Ink Calligraphy Catalog  

This is a catalog design I purpose for paper and ink. It is informative on the topic of calligraphy while show casing their product.