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Salt Addict Which Has A Lot Of Salt

Dutchman salt addict which is a lot of salt? The salt consumption is still alarmingly high. New research from the RIVM shows that 85 percent of the Dutch eat too salty. Salt The Directive is a maximum of 6 grams of salt per day, but according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) eat adult men and women average 9.9 grams 7.5 grams. "The results of this study are alarming," said Hans Verge, head of the Center for Nutrition and Health at RIVM. The high salt consumption starts at an early age, according to the RIVM. Boys get a daily average of 8.3 grams inside, girls 6.8 grams. RIVM also examined in which food is the most salt. Most of it is used in the hot meal, especially in meat products and sauces. Furthermore, there is a lot of salt in bread and cheese. In a slice of bread alone is about 250 milligrams of salt. Why is salt bad for you? Who much salt eat, drink and eat more, as it turns out. The seasoning is bad for health, especially in large quantities. Salt can cause high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and premature death thereby increases. Research from the University of Groningen previously appeared that fat people suffer from excessive salt consumption. Especially the pressure in their kidneys grows through than slim people. As a result, kidney damage can occur. Moreover, fat people hold more moisture, causing the blood pressure can be too high.

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