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How Millennials will VIEW Ocean Spray

That’s a promise. Agency 398 is rooted

in digital principles, which allows us to pivot quickly to the rapidly changing digital and experiential Millennial environment. We’re passionate about rejuvenating brands and bringing them to life. Through the combination of cutting edge augmented reality and invisible QR code watermarking technology, we are adding an experiential, digital layer to the entire campaign. This is only the beginning. Agency 398 has developed an innovative, cohesive, and groundbreaking campaign that calls upon Millennials to discover all that Ocean Spray has to offer. The components of our campaign are easy to measure and adjust, which will allow us to

adapt our campaign alongside the evolving Millennial generation. We’ve developed tactics for every step of the consumer journey path. From brand awareness to brand advocacy, our target audience will be guided through every step of the process. Discovery and adventure are a natural impulse for the Millennial generation. Our creative tactics harness this energy, effectively sending them directly in Ocean Spray’s direction. We encourage you to hold on to your waders and let go of the traditional. Agency 398 is about to take you on a journey to discover all that Ocean Spray can be.

CONTENTS Executive Summary.................................2 CHALLENGE....................................................2 OVERVIEW..................................................... 3 RESEARCH..................................................... 4 Consumer Insights....................................5 Target audience........................................6 Model............................................................7 CREATIVE Objectives & StrategIES......8 Big Idea......................................................... 8 CAMPAIGN PHASES.......................................9 Creative Executions........................ 10-18 Media Mix & budget................................. 19 Flowchart............................................... 20

You asked us to



Grow household penetration by 0.5 percentage points among Millennials over the next two years.

Develop a marketing campaign that drives the relevance of the Ocean Spray brand for Millennials, ages 24-35, across both food and beverage.


Evaluation................................................. 21 Sources...................................................... 21

Generate a 7% increase in brand equity among the Millennial audience. 2

GETTING TO KNOW OCEAN SPRAY OVErVIEW An underappreciated brand in the food and beverage industries, Ocean Spray is best known for juice while other products fall to the wayside. With an extensive product line, including snacks and beverages, Ocean Spray should be a top-of-mind consideration for Millennials. However, the company is missing the mark with this audience. Millennials have shifted toward healthier beverage options while their perceptions of Ocean Spray remain unchanged. Millennials view Ocean Spray as an older brand that only sells sugary juice, creating a disconnect between the brand and the consumer. To connect with Millennials, Ocean Spray needs to push them to discover its extensive product line. Unknown and unheard of, Ocean Spray products are waiting to add that zing to Millennials’ adventurous spirits. Agency 398 is here to guide their discovery.

STRENGTHS Adaptability Ability to adapt to relevant juice trends; the brand will never be irrelevant

Perception Negative perception of the brand; old, sugary, and outdated

Variety Extensive product

Unengaged Lack of

Complementary Products pair well in combination with other food or beverages

Timing Brand dependency on

portfolio meets the need for every type of Millennial

OPPORTUNITIES Explore Discover product


Trend Shift Growing


demand for low-sugar, health conscious products



Diverse Media New multichannel targeting platforms

engagement with Millennials through exciting media platforms

seasonal sales

THREATS Fierce Competitors Heavy competition among juice, hybrid drink, and snack brands Health Concerns Consumer concerns about sugar content Declining Market Decline in category sales for juice overall

KEY TAKEAWAY Despite being in a cluttered category with ample competition, Ocean Spray sets itself apart as a brand that has something for everyone. 2.06% 2.47% 2.88% 4.12%




5.64% 16.87% 30.04%




Agency 398’s research methods employ a combination of multifaceted primary research tactics and extensive secondary research, including databases, news articles, product reviews, and blogs.

Focus Groups Participants.............36

What do Millennials currently think of Ocean Spray? “I’ve only ever heard of the cranberry juice.” ALEX male, age 25

In-Depth Interviews. . .......................34



Survey Responses......................... 1011



States Represented.........................32



Hours of Ethnography. . ................... 15

“I used to buy the cranberry juice, but I’ve never heard of Pure before.” MARIA female, age 27

Store Intercepts............................. 38 Secondary Resources.. ................... 77 TOTAL RESEARCH Stores Visited.....................................7 IMPRESSIONS

Taste Test Participants..................45

What do Millennials think after they see Ocean Spray’s wide variety of products?

74% I’ve never seen these

“After trying the trail mix I would definitely buy it in the future.”

“I had no clue that Ocean Spray offered these products, but I’m excited about trying them.”

EMILY female, age 32

71% Something for everyone

Total Research impressions. . ....1295


38% Diverse 24% I’d try that

TERRENCE male, age 35


Millennials’ knowledge of Ocean Spray is limited to juice. They have yet to discover everything that Ocean Spray has to offer. Our findings show that once Millennials are given the opportunity, they will see how Ocean Spray has a home in their lives. 4

GETTING TO KNOW MILLENNIALS “I actively try not to buy things that come up in ads, unless I already know and trust the brand.” GRACE female, age 25


53% of Millennials in our survey have ad blockers turned on.

“I follow brands that give me discounts or free stuff.”

MALCOLM male, age 26


Adults aged 25-34 are the age group most likely to be frequent attendees of live events.

“I feel like I would be judged if I bought the store brand instead of the name brand.” A male participant in an in-store intercept who buys Ocean Spray


68% of people say they share to give others a better sense of who they are and what they care about.

“The three most important things to me are fun, love, and experiences.”

IMANI male, age 27


“Humor is therapeutic. You need that release in your life that helps you turn off. Humor = happy.”

JOHN male, age 27


55% of Millennials say they prefer to spend money on experiences rather than actual items.

Humor provides Millennial consumers with easy access to fun and adventure.

Create opportunities for new discoveries through various media platforms that cater to the desires of the Millennial audience.

Rebrand Ocean Spray with humorous and relatable content that makes the brand relevant in the eyes of Millennials.

KEY TAKEAWAYS Implement new and innovative advertising techniques to reach Millennials in a new capacity that allows for increased authentic interaction and trust.

Engage Millennials through experiential and interactive techniques in a way that feels natural to them.

Provide new avenues and opportunities for digital expression to address and integrate Millennials’ interest in increasing their social currency.


Getting to know our target audience

Based on psychographics and behavioral traits, Agency 398 identified the two types of Millennials who will activate and move others to welcome Ocean Spray into their homes.

Active Explorer, Mike Active Explorers are socialites who seek new discoveries and love to bring others along. Gets inspiration from favorite Instagram accounts

Listens to Spotify when driving

I need work-life balance!

I want to be the best at what I do.

Hesitant Adventurer, Vanessa Hesitant Adventurers need a push from the Active Explorers to get out of the house and stop binge watching Netflix. Listens to inspirational podcasts and Spotify on commute Makes homemade smoothies in the mornings

Snacks in between destinations Has a wife and two kids. Together, they explore the outdoors, the best restaurants, and the latest events

Friends disrupt typical Netflix night for fun weekend adventures

Eats small meals throughout the day Googles and checks Facebook before booking adventures Completes adventures by sharing them Relaxes by viewing posts on Reddit and makes YouTube videos with kids

Meal preps for the week Checks Facebook and Instagram for current events Checks email even after work is over

KEY TAKEAWAY In order to infiltrate the Millennial generation, the Active Explorer and the Hesitant Adventurer work in sync to activate, promote, and share Ocean Spray’s product 6

What does all of this mean?

Millennial pathway model

With different opinions, preferences, lifestyles, and values, Millennials can’t be defined by one all-encompassing word. This originally presented itself as a challenge. We then realized that this challenge works to our advantage.

All tactics of the campaign will be purposeful in guiding Millennials through the consumer pathway model.

The path to advocacy of the Ocean Spray brand begins with awareness. After consumers become aware of the product line, Ocean Spray involves Millennials through engaging tactics and encourages trial of the products.

With a variety of products, Ocean Spray has something for every type of Millennial. Rather than focus on just one or two products, Agency 398 recognizes the opportunity to help Millennials discover them all.

After creating a positive brand perception, increasing product trial, and driving purchase, household penetration occurs. To ensure advocacy, Ocean Spray fosters an ongoing relationship with the consumer, motivating them to become brand loyal to Ocean Spray. This model further helps guide Agency 398's creative objectives and strategies..

NEW POSITIONING Ocean Spray encourages discovery of new experiences, new people, and new products. It adds that zing to the predictable. With an extensive line of products, Ocean Spray has something for everyone.









Creative objectives Change the brand perception

of Ocean Spray among Millennials from unhealthy and old to relevant and fitting to their lifestyle.

Create top-of-mind awareness about Ocean Spray’s extensive line of products.

Increase trial and purchase



of Ocean Spray’s product mix.

Creative strategy We will change Millennials’ perceptions of Ocean Spray as well as drive trial and purchase by giving our audience content that is

experiential, shareable, relatable, entertaining, and Fun. This content discourages complacency and encourages our audience to discover not only new things and experiences, but also Ocean Spray’s extensive product line.


ADD THAT ZING What is zing? Zing is the extra thing that makes everything that much better.


Aspirational, light-hearted, relatable, and funny


Making the impossible, possible


Ocean Spray AR Animation

Phase 1 Discover Ocean Spray

Augmenting their Discovery

Social, digital, mobile, experiential, guerRilla We will introduce Millennials to the relevant Ocean Spray brand by encouraging them to “go discover,” while increasing their awareness of Ocean Spray products in a non-intrusive way.

What if we told you we could reach and connect with our target audience almost anywhere in a way that is actually enjoyable and entertaining for them?

Phase 2 Add that zing

Social, digital, in-store, mobile

Through the combination of cuttingedge augmented reality and invisible QR code watermarking technology, we will add an experiential, digital layer of AR to the entire campaign. By embedding invisible QR codes on photo-worthy spots in cities and on many tactics throughout the campaign, our audience will be able to see fictional characters and objects interacting with the real world through the lens of their phone cameras. No additional app needed! With augmented reality at the forefront of the next generation of mobile experiences, we will give Ocean Spray an extra zing of innovation.

Let’s break it down

We will keep Ocean Spray top-of-mind, pushing our target audience to product trial and purchase, demonstrating exactly how Ocean Spray products fit into their lives.

Invisible QR code

Phase 3 Share the zing

Mobile, social, digital, corporate social responsibility To continue building brand equity, our campaign will connect consumers with a relevant and empowering social cause, while continuing to cultivate brand loyalty by fostering a community for users to share their experiences.

Measurement: Scans and link clicks Impressions: 28,553,639

Click link graphic for video. Password: NSAC18Team398 9

PHASE 1 2 3

Phase 1


AR: Hold up phone to the background video to see the animations.

Discover Ocean Spray OUR JOB Show Millennials that Ocean Spray has more to offer than just juice. With our help, they will rediscover the brand.

Branding Let’s Set the Stage We will create a new, experiential, and immersive landing page to give our campaign a digital home. This allows our target market to share, contribute, and interact with every touch point of the campaign. Along with a landing page, a branding video and brand manifesto will reinforce Ocean Spray’s updated image.

Branding video STILLS In a world of schedules, routine, and the predictable...

Quick access to the different pages of the website. Location of background video changes based on the city you’re in.

Click on pins to see photos of what other people are doing in the city.

Where people’s social media content will be featured.

We challenge you to look up, to explore, to discover. Ditch the couch, give your life a little zing, and say yes to discovery.

Click link graphic for video. Password: NSAC18Team398

Click on the product for more information and recipes.

Click to download the “zing” app. 10

PHASE 1 2 3



Acquire Initial Audience

Requiring users to login with Facebook or Google will help collect data on our audience to better target them in the future. Loading

Sign up

Create your profile

Home page

Learn more about each event and purchase tickets

Redeem tickets at event location

See and explore past discoveries

Find events

We will kick start the campaign with our “Discover the City” initiative. By partnering with TripAdvisor and CityPASS, we will give our audience discounted tickets to four attractions in their chosen city. Here’s the real kicker: upon purchase of the tickets, users will be prompted to download the Ocean Spray sponsored app, “zing,” which is necessary for storing and redeeming tickets on location. Upon completion of four events, the user will be entered to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Ocean Spray cranberry bog in Chile.

Click link graphic for video. Password: NSAC18Team398

Discover products

Activation Event Discover The City Measurement: Raffle submissions Impressions: 2,560,400

Tripadvisor AND CityPASS partnership Measurement: CPM Impressions: 26,666,668

Zing App Measurement: App downloads Impressions: 3,460,000 11

PHASE 1 2 3

Adding Augmented Reality (AR) As people go discover their cities, they’re bound to snap some pictures along the way. We will place invisible QR codes at these

photo-worthy spots to add some zing to their discovery experience.

Measurement: Scans and social posting AR Impressions: 200,000,000


Backpacks To push product trial, users will receive a backpack filled with Ocean Spray products after scanning their first ticket. By adding the invisible QR codes to the backpacks, the interactive AR experience will allow other city-goers to become aware of the “Discover the City” initiative as well as the Ocean Spray products.

Every time city-goers use their cameras and a backpack happens to be in the area of the shot, the AR will be triggered.

The AR an second imation las ts 5-7 s as to n the fin al pictu ot disrupt re. In o to mak r users c e it show ag der ain, an refr ame th makin e sh g th and en e experienc ot, e fun tertain ing intrusiv , but not e.

To not be intrusive, the backpacks will just have subtle animation to call attention.

nsumers 74% of co buy a tivized to are incen fter t c produ a promoted a attending vent. branded e



How are we generating buzz about all of this? Guerrilla

RFID Digital Boards

We will place Ocean Spray’s classic delivery trucks in the main entrances of public places, along with a team to distribute products.

To add interactivity, the label of every product passed out by the truck teams will contain a small RFID chip, which tracks the product’s location. People who have the product on them will see interactive ads when they are within eight feet of digital boards placed within a five-block vicinity of the trucks.

Measurement: User-generated content, hashtag monitoring, product distribution Impressions: 14,383,562

Measurement: Billboard views + products taken Impressions: 69,309,950



Webisodes Connect, Laugh, AND Share We will create a set of fun, light-hearted webisodes featuring the recognizable Ocean Spray bog farmers getting out of their rural routine and “discovering cities,” while also interacting with Ocean Spray products along the way. The 15- and 30-second versions will be used for paid social ads, prompting users to view the full versions on Ocean Spray’s landing page. These webisodes will also be placed in pre-roll ads on Hulu and YouTube TV with the extended $10 million budget.

Mobile Programmatic Ocean Spray will leverage the social, mobile, and lifestyle data collected by the zing app to serve relevant, targeted ads to the audience on their mobile devices. Measurement: CTR Impressions: 83,253,221

Measurement: Video views and engagement on social platforms Impressions: 80,301,271

CREATING ORGANIC BUZZ Influencers, bloggers, SEO, local travel bureaus, and Ocean Spray’s social media will generate organic content and earned media about the app and the experience. Measurement: Media mentions Impressions: 3,750,000


Millennia primary w ls say the ay they w atch television now is w ith streamin gs the intern ervices on et, rather than traditiona l cable TV .



@amandablakley 14

Phase 2 Add that zing

PHASE 1 2 3

Click link graphic for video. Password: NSAC18Team398



Even meals agree... they could use a little zing

Online Video

We will create relatable and catchy videos that personify breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Spotify audio ads will mirror the copy in the online videos.

The 25-34 age group watches the most online videos.

With a little humor and creativity, these ads will effectively show how Ocean Spray products give meals that extra zing they’ve been missing. Measurement: CPM Impressions: 40,000,000

Click link graphic for video. Password: NSAC18Team398




ANNOUNCER: Introducing the voice of breakfast.

ANNOUNCER: Introducing the voice of lunch.

ANNOUNCER: Introducing the voice of dinner.

BREAKFAST: Wow, Vanessa. Way to spice it up. What is this like oatmeal for the fifth time? Yeah don’t forget OJ. How many times can he kill the mood? Wait... What's that? Move fruit, I can’t see it. Ocean Spray 100% Organic Cranberry Juice. What is she going to do with that?

LUNCH: Alright. Alright. Alright. What do we have today? Oh, Mike, is that some salad I'm seeing? Good for you, man. Proud of you. Yeah, okay, dump half the dressing container. Mike, why are you so predictable? Oh, wait... What’s that? Oh move...chips I can’t see. Is that Ocean Spray Milk Chocolate Dried Cranberries? Who is this new guy? Oh Mike, you’re making dessert a snack size. Alright alright alright.

DINNER: Come on guys, let's sit down. I have American Idol at 7 and I need to finish by then. So what did we decide on tonight? Okay, some chicken, cool Tom. Is your cookbook just chicken? Let’s see what Carl brought, oh…. What’s that?! Carl, did you get a new recipe or something. Is that my good man brussel sprouts with Ocean Spray Original Dried Cranberries. Oh yes!

ANNOUNCER: Go discover Ocean Spray. It adds that zing to your lunch.

ANNOUNCER: Go discover Ocean Spray. It adds that zing to your dinner.

*Pouring noise* BREAKFAST: Oh OJ you can’t run now. *Sips* Oh yes, Vanessa! Can we have this cranberry guy over more often? ANNOUNCER: Go discover Ocean Spray. It adds that zing to your breakfast.


PHASE 1 2 3




For the thrifty

Get ‘em while they‘re hungry

Location-based push NotifiFIcations

For those who have the “zing” app, we will use location-based services to send push notifications to people who are in stores. These notifications contain coupons and recipes. With a new way to use Craisins in a recipe and a coupon readily available to them, who could say no?

For the Impulsive In-Store Kiosks

Who doesn’t love a free sample? In-store kiosks will allow shoppers to sample a variety of Ocean Spray products by simply downloading the “zing” app. Full sized products will be available directly next to these kiosks for an immediate, impulse purchase at Walmart and Target.

Measurement: Foot traffic and coupon redemption through app Impressions: 31,555,200

Measurement: Impulse buys and product interaction Impressions: 28,665,984

End cap displays

End cap displays showcase all Ocean Spray products and make them easily accessible to shoppers. These will be placed in Walmart and Target. Measurement: Foot traffic and impulse buys Impressions: 45,261,670 A mix and match promotion will encourage customers to try four different products and receive a fifth one for free.

Displays will prompt users to take out their phones for an AR experience.


Even more digital Amazon

We will put money behind keywords on Amazon in order to boost where Ocean Spray products land on the search page. Bidding on key words customizes Amazon headline ads, which drives shoppers to a page featuring the whole product line of Ocean Spray products. Measurement: CPC Impressions: 2,800,000

ider Millennials cons es ost sential Amazon the m one. app on their ph


By purchasing food, drink, recipe, and grocery keywords on Google AdWords, Ocean Spray will drive traffic to the website and app, increase purchase, and add value to customers by showcasing other relevant Ocean Spray products. 

PHASE 1 2 3

Giving social some ziNg



We will leverage paid tactics to amplify household penetration on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, while creating unique and shareable organic content to continue building relevance and trust. A revamp of all platforms will push people to discover new experiences and new products. A unified hashtag will encourage people to show us how they #AddThatZing to their lives and their food.


Instagram drives the most engagement per post out of any social platform, and 60% of users find new products through this platform. We will tag products featured in our posts, allowing users to easily click for details and purchase the product directly from Instagram. Measurement: Likes, comments, tags and hashtag monitoring, video views, link clicks Impressions: 40,000,000


Ocean Spray’s owned YouTube channel will house full versions of all webisodes and video spots. Seventy-four percent of Millennials are interested in content posted by a brand or company on YouTube. Measurement: Video views, pre-roll ad clicks, channel subscriptions, link clicks Impressions: 80,000,000


Facebook ranks number two as the platform that drives the most ROI. Forty percent of Millennials use Facebook the most out of all social media networks, and 41% use it everyday. Measurement: Likes, comments, shares on posts, video views, link clicks Impressions 160,000,000


We will use Pinterest to share food and beverage recipes throughout different times of the year, emphasizing the diverse product line of Ocean Spray. Eighty percent of Millennials say that Pinterest leads them to purchase, while 47% of them have actually purchased something they have pinned. Measurement: Pins, follows, and link clicks Impressions: 20,000,000

Measurement: CPC and CTR Impressions: 3,100,000

17 @facebook



Phase 3 Share the zing

Discover Inclusivity program



Cran Club Loyalty Program A code will be featured on all products, which people can scan on the “zing” app. After scanning the code, people earn points to save money on "Discover the City" activities.

Just like our campaign has emphasized the inclusivity of its extensive product line, Ocean Spray will initiate a corporate social responsibility effort to promote inclusivity with middle school students. Through the “Discover Inclusivity” program, we will send students from different schools to the locations featured in the “zing” app, such as museums, zoos, and other culturally relevant organizations. Monitored by anti-bullying specialists, the students from different schools will be combined, promoting acceptance and inclusivity. This social responsibility effort will help them discover what Ocean Spray stands for at a young age. Measurement Engagement with the initiative Impressions 80,393,742

Keep Sharing Through the app, Ocean Spray will create a community where people can share their discoveries through pictures and reviews. Also, all social platforms will now feature the user-generated content that has been accumulated through the entire campaign.






To reach 60-80% of Millennials ages 25-34 at key consumer touch points over the course of the three phases of the consumer pathway by May 2019.

Agency 398’s media strategy encompasses a social, digital, in-store, and experiential campaign. Ocean Spray will be reintroduced to Millennials through highly targeted and highly relevant media vehicles in order to meet our reach and frequency goals. We will increase general awareness and involvement of Ocean Spray through social, digital, guerrilla marketing, and experiential activations. In addition to these tactics, our media mix includes in-store promotions in order to increase trial and drive purchase. Through the implementation of a loyalty program and a new corporate social responsibility initiative, the campaign will conclude with an increase in relationship-building and advocacy efforts.

$5 Million Budget

In order to stretch a $5 million budget across an extensive campaign, our efforts are focused on low-cost yet high-impact grassroots and guerrilla marketing techniques, immersive experiences, instore promotions, digital activations, and holistic social media approaches. Our media mix will deliver an increase in total impressions, promote trial, and drive repeat purchases. A contingency budget will be allocated throughout the campaign to ensure Ocean Spray can focus its efforts on the most effective tactics. The contingency fund will also provide flexibility to the campaign. We will be able to adjust the campaign with shifts in digital trends to stay relevant and top-of-mind with consumers. This allows us to optimize our budget in vehicles that show the greatest potential for future growth and success in the campaign. In our plan for the $10 million extension, we allocated the supplementary budget where we saw room for expansion, and we maximized channels that would garner the most impressions and largest return on ad spend. In addition, we added Hulu and YouTube TV to our expansive digital strategy to increase the success of the webisodes by engaging Millennials on media platforms they are using frequently.

$10 Million Budget



In-Store 14% Production 11.1% Guerrilla








Public Relations 3%


14% 11.09% Production 2.6% Guerrilla

Experiential Social

13 %


Public Relations 3%

With the $5 million budget, Agency 398 will generate over a billion impressions with our selected media mix and scheduling.   Total anticipated impressions



MEDIA Flowchart

Low Medium High $10 million budget


Evaluation Our evaluation will have a two-pronged approach. By implementing continuous evaluating techniques, we will monitor the campaign’s trajectory for success. We will also measure the campaign’s overall effectiveness in achieving an increase in household penetration and brand equity in May 2019.

Household Penetration will be evaluated using Nielsen ScanTrack.

Brand Equity will be evaluated using Millward Brown’s Brand Equity Model defined by three metrics: power, premium, and potential.

Continuous measurement throughout the campaign

Track website traffic

Track traffic to app downloads

Monitor user generated content

Monitor social presence

Track social listening

Monitor sales data and coupon redemption

Click link graphic for sources Password: NSAC18Team398

You asked us to... grow household penetration.

We increase household penetration by introducing consumers to the vast array of Ocean Spray products and creating positive brand affinity, which increases trial and purchase. Through distinct creative executions and memorable messaging, Ocean Spray will become a household staple as consumers are actively considering the Ocean Spray brand over alternative options.

develop a marketing campaign that drives the relevance of the Ocean Spray brand.

We increase the relevance of Ocean Spray among the Millennial audience by rejuvenating the brand with a fresh, youthful tone. With cutting-edge technology and digital tactics, we will reach Millennials in a non-traditional way that is non-intrusive, entertaining, and shareable. Highly measurable tactics will supply us with an abundance of data to make highly targeted media selections that maximize impressions and ROI.

increase brand equity.

We increase brand equity by intentionally focusing our efforts on changing brand perception. By introducing consumers to the extensive and previously undiscovered line of Ocean Spray products, we will increase demand using a pull strategy by showcasing Ocean Spray as an essential for the Millennial lifestyle. Our campaign sets the groundwork for continual growth of Ocean Spray through adaptable tactics that have room to evolve and pivot with the brand. Additionally, the corporate social responsibility campaign paves the way for future generations to discover Ocean Spray early on in their lives. 21

Plans Book  
Plans Book