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Jenny Burns Storyteller

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Darren Bartlett Head of Learning & Development

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Moving the Movement Synopsis The illusive and mysterious ‘Magic 10’ hold the key to creating an amazing organisation. Once you’ve heard stories from some of the most innovative and exciting companies in the world we’re sure you’ll want to join ‘The Movement’ we’re creating here at RSA. You’ll also discover new ways to collaborate on ideas to deliver our HR strategy. And we all know team work is key so we’ll also be discussing how our teams can work better together to achieve our ambition. This is a unique opportunity – don’t miss out.

Contents Introductions and welcome - Overview of day 11.00am The Magic 10 11.10am Our HR story 12.10pm HR Strategy the detail 12.30pm The Movement 1.00pm Lunch 1.15pm Using The Movement to deliver our HR strategy 1.45pm Working better together 2.45pm Close 3.45pm

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