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At first, I looked through the options of events. I was leaning toward the garden festival, since I tend to design with a feminine feel. However, I have recently realized I am graduating soon– scary, I know. I have been talking to my mother on and off about when we will have my graduation party. I have three older siblings and we have all had a party when we graduated high school and one when we graduate college. It dawned on me after thinking about this project that it would be useful to design an invite to my graduation party. I knew that my mother would want to mail a few out, even though most of my friends and family can be alerted via Facebook. I figured most people who got papers in the mail were like me– they either toss them, lose them, or put them in a stack and never see them again. I know myself, and my family members, use magnets all the time to hold up reminders, notes, lists, etc. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Remind my friends and family of my graduation party (time, date, & place) and make it impossible to lose. I knew it would be mostly typography-based. I figured I could add in a picture of myself if I would like. I realized it would be great to get a picture in my cap and gown since I just received them in the mail. People would wonder how I got my invitations out so quickly after I graduated! Therefore, I may redesign my invites after Sunday, when my parents are dropping off my cap and gown. I went with cream, black, and burlap. Those appeal to me the most in a sophisticated way.







Examples- Printed

Please join us in celebrating the graduation of

Laura Fromme

Laura Fromme invites you to celebrate her graduation of ISU


ISU class of 2014

Laura Fromme class of


Laura Fromme MAY

25 5 P.M.


2014 class of

Please join us in celebrating the ISU graduation of

Laura Fromme MAY

24 5P.M.

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