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How to  Find  the  Right  Event  Planning  School     Event  planning  is  a  fun,  exciting  and  rewarding  career  enjoyed  by  many  professionals.    However,  in   order  to  become  a  successful  event  planner,  you  need  to  attend  an  event  planning  school.    With  a   higher  education  in  event  planning,  you  will  have  all  of  the  knowledge,  skills  and  abilities  to  complete   the  duties  of  an  event  planner.     Decide  What  Type  of  Event  Planning  you  Want  to  Do   There  are  different  types  of  event  planners  and  knowing  which  one  you  want  to  be  after  you  graduate   can  help  you  select  the  right  event  planning  school.    The  two  most  popular  types  of  event  planners  are   corporate  event  planners  and  social  event  planners.    A  corporate  event  planner  is  in  charge  of  planning   corporate  events  such  as  company  retreats,  industry  conventions  and  other  business  meetings.    This   type  of  event  planner  is  typically  employed  by  a  large  company  that  requires  someone  on  a  full-­‐time   basis  to  plan  their  business  functions.     A  social  event  planner  is  someone  who  is  in  charge  of  planning  social  functions  such  as  weddings,   anniversary  parties  and  other  social  events.    This  type  of  event  planning  position  is  typically  self-­‐ employed  or  works  for  a  small  business.    Both  event  planning  professionals  have  their  pros  and  cons   that  need  to  be  considered  before  you  decide  which  event  planning  school  you  will  attend.     Consider  the  School’s  Prestige   Another  factor  you  need  to  consider  before  selecting  the  event  planning  school  you  will  attend  in  the   prestige  of  a  specific  college.    By  knowing  how  business  leaders  within  the  event  planning  industry  view   a  specific  institution,  you  will  be  able  to  avoid  wasting  your  money  on  an  event  planning  degree  that  is   not  thought  of  highly  within  the  profession.     If  you  are  able  to  attend  one  of  the  more  prestigious  event  planning  schools,  you  will  have  a  much  easier   time  landing  a  job  after  you  graduate  as  companies  will  be  looking  to  hire  event  planners  who  received   the  best  education.     Research  All  of  your  Options  

Taking the  time  to  research  your  entire  event  planning  school  options  will  help  you  make  the  best   decision  on  which  school  to  attend.    Your  research  should  include  attending  an  open  house  at  the  school   you  are  thinking  about  attending.    When  you  attend  an  open  house  at  an  event  planning  school,  you  will   want  to  speak  with  current  students  and  counselors  to  see  what  they  have  to  say  about  the  school.    You   can  ask  them  about  their  experience  attending  the  school  as  well  as  what  resources  will  be  at  your   disposal  to  ensure  your  success.    If  you  feel  a  school  is  not  the  right  fit  for  you,  it  is  in  your  best  interest   to  attend  a  different  school  so  you  do  not  end  up  wasting  your  money  on  an  experience  that  you  will  not   enjoy.     If  you  are  thinking  about  becoming  an  event  planner,  attending  the  right  event  planning  school  have  a   huge  impact  on  your  career.    Knowing  what  type  of  event  planner  you  would  like  to  become,   considering  a  school’s  prestige  and  actively  researching  a  specific  school  to  see  if  it  is  a  good  fit  for  your   educational  needs  will  help  you  find  the  best  possible  event  planning  school  to  spur  your  event  planning   career.     Click  here  for  more  information  about  event  planning  degree.        

How to Find the Right Event Planning School - Event planning is a fun, exciting and rewarding career enjoyed by many professionals. However, in or...

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