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Mikala’s Alaska E - book By :Mikala

A Anchorage Anchorage is the capital city of Alaska. Anchorage is about the size of the state Delaware . There is 290,588 or 44% population in Anchorage. There is 105 language in Anchorage. The average of the snowfall is 70.6 inches in Anchorage.

B - Benny Benson Benny Benson was born in Cognac. He is thirteen years old in the 7th grade when he invented the Alaska flag. In 1926 he had noticed that all the states had a flag, but Alaska didn’t have one. So he made Alaska one. Benny Benson looked up at the sky and saw the big dipper and the north star so that is how he made the flag. He won a golden watch. He gave the watch to Alaska’s state museum in 1963.

C - Copper River The Copper River is one of the Alaska’s state river. The Copper River rises out of the copper glacier. Copper River is northwestern from Cordova. The Copper River is 287 miles (462 km) long. The Copper River is one of the major rivers.

D – Dog Sledding Dog sledding is a sport to some people in Alaska. Dog Sledding is one way people get to places. People use dog sledding mostly for traveling for a long distance. Some people use dog sledding for racing. Native American’s in the old days used dog sledding for serving in very cold places.

E – Alaska Earth quakes March 27, 1964 at 5:36 a great earthquake occurred in Prince William Alaska it was a quake and the tsunami. Most damage earth quakes occurs in Anchorage. There was 128 people how lost there life because of the quake and the tsunami. (The worst earth quake they had. )

F- Forget-Me-Not Forget me not is Alaska’s state Flower. Forget me not grows 5 to 12 inches long. The best time to see the forget me not in midsummer time. You can find Forget me not any where in Alaska. Forget me not flower became Alaska state flower in 1848.the color of it is sky blue. The best place to see them is in the midsummer, from later June to late July.

G – Gold In 1848 gold was discovered along the Kenai river in the southern of Alaska. Gold in Alaska has all kinds of names like the gold nuggets is another name it weights about 42 pounds. Gold miming started in Alaska around the 1870.


I – Iliamna Lake The Iliamna Lake is one of the eight largest lakes in Alaska. The length of the Iliamna Lake is 77 mi (124 km). The width of the Iliamna lake is 22 mi (35 km). Iliamna lake is located in the South-West of Alaska at the north end of Alaska.

J - Juneau Juneau is the state capital of Alaska. Juneau has been Alaska’s state capital ever since 1906. Juneau is almost as large as two states combined. Juneau is located southwest of Alaska. The population of Juneau is 30,903. The size of Juneau is 2,716.7 sq. miles of land and 538.3 sq. miles of water.

K- king salmon The king salmon is Alaska’s state fish and Alaska’s important sport. The other name for the king salmon is Chinook. The king salmon adults has blue-green backs with bright silvery flanks and white. King salmon’s only hatch in fresh water. They spend most of there time in the ocean. The female lays between 3,000 to 14,000 eggs.

L – Alaska Sea Lion Sea lions are warm - blooded mammals. Sea lion’s top speed is 17mph. Sea lion baby’s weigh up to 40 to 50 pounds.

M – Mukluks boots Native Americans made mukluks out of all kinds of stuff. People in Alaska wear this boots when it is cold. Mukluk boots can be light or some of them can be heave weight. Some people in Alaska handmade there mukluk’s boots.

N – Northern Lights You can see north lights anywhere. You can see them better in the north of Alaska at 63 degrees. The best northern light is aurora northern lights. The aurora borealis lights up the sky in a colorful display above Eagle River. The aurora is active all year but can only be seen when the Alaska night sky is dark enough, generally from late August through early April.

O – Oil fields There are have oil fields in Alaska. One of the oil fields is North Slope the largest oil field is Prudhoe Bay. Bay

P – Parka Coat Parka Coats is coats that people wear in Alaska to keep them warm. When some people go and find fish in Alaska they would wear parka coats.


R- Ruff Ruffs is on the face of the hood to keep them warm in Alaska if it gets cooled.

S – Great Seal of Alaska The seal shows icebergs, northern lights, igloos and an Eskimo ice fishing. The seal was created by a "unnamed draftsman“. Above the mountains there is some Alaskan northern lights. The train on the seal stands for the railroad.

The Last Frontier The Last Frontier in Alaska is cold and wild.



W – Woolly Mammoth Wooly Mammoth is know for bones and frozen carcass. Woolly Mammoth have distanced or died out about more than 10,000 years ago. Woolly moths are also called tundra mammoth. They have trunks that reach up to 16 feet long.


Y – Yukon River The Yukon River is one of the major rivers of Alaska. Yukon means greatest river. The length of the Yukon River is 1,980 miles (3,187 km). The first steamboat on the Yukon River was the wilder in 1868 it was small. The width of the river is 1,900 ft.

Z - Zodiac Zodiac is a sport boat. They have clocked this boat at 27mph with a 25HP outboard and 2 people. Just the right size for two people to handle yet with room to fish four.

Mikala Locklear  

This is an ebook on the state of Alaska.

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