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A is Alaskan King Crab The Alaskan King Crab is made in three types called blue, red, and gold king crab. They all live in different places in Alaska. They usually eat small fish.

B is for Bald Eagle • The Bald Eagle is the national bird. They feed on smaller fish. There are a lot of Bald Eagles in Alaska. The male and female take turns incubating the egg.

C is for Cain Carter • Cain Carter is 19 years old. He is a rookie in the Iditarod. Cain is a musher. His stepdad is Lance Mackey. Cain has two sisters that are 22 and 20.

D is for Dog mussing • Dog mussing is the state sport in Alaska. The Iditarod is like a long super bowl for dog mushers. There are 62 mushers in the Iditarod.

E is for Evansville • Evansville is the least populated place in Alaska. There is an accurate number of people which is 28. There is more men than women in Evansville.

F is for Fairbanks • The Fairbanks is famous in Alaska. The Fairbanks is in the southeast part of Alaska. The state capital of Alaska is in the Fairbanks.

G is for Gary Paulsen • Gary Paulson is a bad author. He used to be a musher. He scratched in most of his Iditarod's. Which means he is a bad musher.

H is for Harlequin Duck • The Harlequin Duck lives in Alaska. I think the Duck is the coolest duck. The Harlequin Duck is an Amphibian. It is many different colors.

I is for Islands • Islands are very famous in Alaska. Especially the Aleutian Islands. Alaska is so big because it has a lot of islands.

J is for Juneau • Juneau is the state capital of Alaska. But it is not the biggest city. It is one of the most famous cities. A lot of people live in Juneau.

K is for Kodiak Bear • The Kodiak bear is the 2nd meanest bear. It is 2nd biggest bear. They like to eat meat. They are hunted a lot. But they mostly eat fish.

L is for Lance Mackey • Lance has won the last 4 Iditarod's. He is doing pretty good this year. He is the dad of three kids. Two girls one boy. There ages are 22 20 19.

M is for Mount Donnelly • Mount Donnelly is the biggest mountain in Alaska. It is really big. It is one of the most famous mountains in the world.

N is for Northern Lights • The northern lights is very famous. Some people go to Alaska just to see it. It is one color or many colors that is in the sky it goes by fast.

O is for Orca • The killer whale is another name for the orca. The orca is very deadly. It is more stronger than a shark or a dolphin

Q is for Quail • Quail is a small bird found in many places. They get hunted by many people. They are made into many types.

R is for Red Legged Kittiwake • This is a really small bird. It eats small stuff. Its colors are usually red and white. It is originally from Alaka.

S is for Salmon • Salmon is a fish that bears love to eat. It is more common in Alaska than any other place in the world. Humans like to eat this type of fish.

T is for Trout • Trout is famous. Lots of people eat trout. Trout's are prey to a lot of things. They are saltwater fish. Trout are not very big.

U is for Unalakleet • This is a town in Alaska. Not many people know about it. It is a checkpoint in the Iditarod. it is about three fourths of the way threw the iditarot.

V is for Volcanoes • There are many volcanoes in Alaska. They make Alaska really big. They can almost spread across the usa’

W is for Wolverine • Wolverines are very scarce. There is only one left in Alaska. They are very deadly. They wont attack you unless you bother them first.

X is for Xaatl • This is another name for a iceberg. It has many ships including the titanic. A iceberg is mostly underwater. Which makes crashing a lot easier.

Y is for Yukon Quest Int. • This is a dogsled race. If you win you get to race the Iditarod. And you get a lot of money. You get bragging rights.

Z is for Zoo • The Alaska state zoo has a of animals. It is very old but they still has a lot of visitors.they have birds monkeys turtles.

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This is an ebook on the state of Alaska.

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