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Alaska-E-Book By: Brett Jacobs

A-Anchorage Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. Anchorage has many animals like Moose, Black Bear, Brown Bear and Dall Sheep. Something interesting is that they don’t have any sales tax. The anchorage in Anchorage is507,923 acres. This is a unique city because it is the largest city in Alaska and it has no sales tax.

B-Black Bears The Black Bear is the most known bear in North America. Black Bears live in forests to find more food. Black Bears even have diets; they depend on the season to have a diet. This is a unique bear because these bears can grow to be 20 to 50 feet tall that’s like me having 30 more of me on top of me.

C-Caribou A Caribou is an arctic deer with large antlers. A Caribou is in the deer family and they’re found in North America. Caribou eat leaves, herbs and moss. The population of Caribou in Alaska is 9,415. Caribou are unique because they are actually Santa’s Reindeer.

Dall Sheep The Dall Sheep is native to the northwestern to North America. The Dall Sheep has brown and white patches on its rump and legs. In the summer Dall Sheep eat a big meal of plants. Dall Sheep live in the mountains of Alaska where it is rocky and steep. I think this Sheep is unique because you really don’t see a lot of Dall Sheep around where we live.

E-Endangered Species Alaska has a small amount of endangered species. Here are some of them: the Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, Leatherback Turtle and the Sei Whale. Endangered species means that they don’t have a lot of that particular animal. These animals are endangered because they are being hunted by humans. I think endangered species are unique because they don’t have a lot of that animal.

F-Flag of Alaska The State Flag of Alaska is known by the Big Dipper and the North Star. Benny Benson a 13 year old boy designed the flag in a contest and he won. The State flag was made in 1806. The background of the flag represents the Forget Me Not and the Alaska Flag. This is a unique Flag because it has the Big Dipper and the North Star.

G-Great Alaska Shootout They have a men’s and a woman’s basket all team for the shootout. The men’s tournament has been around since 1978 and the woman’s has been around since 1980. In 2010 the Arizona State won against Alaska. I think that this is unique because we don’t have an Alaska Shootout.

H-Hockey Teams in Alaska One of the hockey teams in Alaska is the Alaska Aces. The Alaska Aces won the game against Utah and the score was 3-4. The Alaska Aces won against the team Thunder and the score was also 3-4. I think this is unique because I didn’t know that Alaska had a hockey team.

I-Iditarod  The Iditarod for this year starts March 6.  There are about 40 people in the Iditarod each year.  You have to be at least 21 to enter the Iditarod.

I think this is unique because we don’t have a lot of snow here so we can’t dog sled.

J-Juneau  Juneau is the capital of Alaska.  The size of Juneau is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island together.  The name came after a gold miner named Joe Juneau. When it was first made it was called Rockwell and then Harrisburg. I think this is unique because we have a capital

K-King Crab King Crabs are also know as the Stone Crabs. King Crabs are thought to be know as Hermit Crabs. These crabs are hunted by humans. Hunting King Crabs are very dangerous, because they are so big it can pull a oversized human in the water. I think they are unique because they are the king of all crabs and they are huge.

L-Larsen Bay

Larsen Bay is located at Kodiak Island Borough. The population in Larsen Bay is 115. Larsen Bay is the second located city in Alaska. I think this is unique because it is huge and we don’t have a lot of lakes that are this beautiful.

M-Moose Moose can also be called Eurasian Elks. Moose is the largest extant species. These moose are in the deer family and they have the largest antlers in the deer family. I think moose are unique because we don’t see a lot of moose were we live.

N-Northern Lights Northern Lights only happen on cold dark nights. Is cold here so why don’t we see Northern Lights? The reason we don’t see Northern Lights here is because it doesn’t get as here as it does in Alaska. If it was twenty degrees there it would be their summer because they are used to the cold weather. I think this is unique because it is a variety of different colors.

O-Otter  The otters cousins are skunks, weasels , polecats, badgers, and wolverines. With twelve species in seven types, otters have an almost worldwide distribution. Sea otters live in the coastal waters. I think this is unique because we don’t see any of these creatures.

P-Parka Parka is like a heavy wear like we have camouflage but they have parkas. Some parkas have feathery or fluffy hoods. Making parkas are a lot more than making our kind of clothing. People only wear parkas when it is below zero. I think this is unique because we have leather jackets but they are not like parkas.

Q-Quinhagan Quinhagan is a city in Alaska. The Quinhagan is a city made on a river. The population is 547. I think this is unique because we don’t have a city on water.

R-Red-Legged Kittiwake

The Red-Legged Kittiwake is similar to the Black-Legged Kittiwake. The Red-Legged Kittiwake always stands on it’s back legs. The Red-Legged Kittiwake was named after it’s legs . I think this bird is unique because it is the only bird named after its legs.

S-Salmon The fish called trout is cousins to the salmon the only thing that is different is that salmon migrate and trout doesn’t. Salmon are getting killed by black bears but they are over populating. Salmon are born in fresh water but they migrate to the ocean. I think this is unique because some are pink but some are black.

T-Tongass National Forest In Tongass National Forest they have a variety of brown bears. They have all kinds of wildlife and they have stations were you can explore plants and different things. I think this is unique because we don’t have forests here.

U-Unalakette Unalakette is a city in Nome. Right now the population is 744.unalakette is right next to the Bering sea. I think this is unique because it’s in Alaska who doesn’t want to go there.

V-Valdez The population of Valdez 4020. This city is the most important air port in Alaska. Valdez was the named after a Spanish man named Valdez Fernandez. I think this is unique because it is named after a man.

W-Wolverine A wolverine is relative to the weasels. Wolverines teeth are as sharp as a sharks teeth. I think this is unique because its teeth are sharp it could bite your whole hand off.

Y-Yukon Delta

The Yukon Delta is the largest delta in the world it is the size of Oregon. The Yukon Delta has 52,000 people living there. The Yukon Delta is very close to the Bering Sea. I think this is unique because it is beautiful.

Z-Zitna River The Zitna River is called the Great Schutt Island. The Zitna River is close to the little Danube. This river is important because it is supposed to be for drinking water. I think this is unique because it is huge.

Brett Jacobs  

This is an ebook on Alaska.

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