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is Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis is a natural light show that happens on cold nights. This occurs mostly in the northern part around places like Fairbanks and barrow, because you can’t see it in places like Anchorage or Juneau because of all the lights. You never know how long you will see the aurora borealis. sometimes it can last for 5min. Sometimes it might be 4 hours. It is important to Alaska because, it’s a big tourist attraction .

is for Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle is our national bird . Alaska is one of the states that has Bald Eagles. The Bald Eagle is large ,and it takes 5 years to become a fully grown adult. They have dark brown eyes and their back legs are yellow. They have large hooked bills. The reason the Bald Eagle is so important to Alaska is because it’s our national bird and it is an endangered species.

is for Crow Lake Crow Lake is a lake in Alaska .Crow lake is 1 mile away from Moose Lake. Crow Lake is 17 miles northwest from Round About Mountain .Crow lake is in the Yukon Koyukuk Census area. The Yukon river is connected Crow lake. I think this lake is important to Alaska because it is an important water source.

is for Denali National Park Denali National Park is a big tourist attraction. This park has tallest mountain in North America Mt.Mcklinley. Denali National Park is a beautiful preserve in Alaska. Denali National Park is important to Alaska because it is a big tourist attraction.

is for Eagle Peck Eagle Peck is a 6,955 feet mountain in Alaska. The mountain is in Chugiak National Park .The wildlife you can see there are hawks, eagles ( of course), mountain goats ,and sheep. This is important because it is another one of there many tourist attractions .

is for Fossil The state fossil is the Woolly Mammoth. Woolly mammoths are heavier than most elephants .Studies show that the Woolly mammoth and a elephant are very close relatives . This is important to Alaska because these are not commonly found in the lower 49 states .

Is for Gold Gold is one of the many natural resources in Alaska. Gold is a mineral that is worth a lot of money. The mineral is rare and precious .There was a gold rush in Alaska in the 1880s. A gold rush is where a few people find a bunch of gold, the word gets out, and everyone rush to find their own. Gold is important to Alaska because, it is an important , valuable resource ,and formed their history.

Is for Horned Puffins The Horned Puffin can live up to 20 years. It weighs about 1.35lbs. The height is 15 inches ,and its wingspan is 23 inches. They are located in Aleutian Islands. This is important because it helps keep smaller animals from becoming over populated.

is for Iditarod The Iditarod is the biggest race in Alaska . .The Iditarod goes from Anchorage to Nome. On odd years it is a southern route , and on even years they use a northern route .The southern years the race is only 1131 miles long ,and the northern years it is 1,112. This year is a odd year. This race is like the super bowl of dog sledding. This is important to Alaska because it is the biggest race in sled dog racing.

Is for Jr. Iditarod The Jr. Iditarod is a 150 mile dog sled race for kids from ages 13 to17. Parents are not aloud to be with the racers during this event. The race is very dangerous and anything can happen out there in the wilderness. Racers are always on the alert. This race is important because it prepares you for the real Iditarod.

Is for Kodiak Bear The Kodiak Bear’s population is now increasing surveys show that there are 3,500 Kodiak Bears on the Kodiak Archipelago. Kodiak bears are the largest bears in the world ,and they are omnivores .Their diet includes grass, fish, and berries. The male Kodiak bear weights 600-900 pounds, and the female Kodiak Bear weights 30 percent less than the male. This is important to Alaska because the Kodiak bear is the biggest bear in the world ,and in some places they have died out.

Is for Mount Gilbert Lewis Mount Gilbert Lewis is the 50th biggest mountain in Alaska. Mount Gilbert Lewis is close to Akutan bay. The closest mountain to Mount Gilbert Lewis is Akutan mountain it is 15 mountain are in Valdez Cordova county. This is important because it is one of the biggest mountains in Alaska.

is for Mukluks Mukluks are special boots they use in Alaska .they have thick rubber tops ,and inside they have fur and other warm materials .Mukluks were originally made by reindeer skin (or caribou skin) and seal skin. Mukluks are important to Alaska because of the cold climate, and the mukluks don’t only keep you warm but they also protect your feet. Witch is a good thing in Alaska because it snows 300 days out of the year.

Is for Nome Nome is a very important city in Alaskan history. In 1925 diphtheria broke out in Nome .They did not have the medicine they needed to cure the disease, so they used a telegraph to contact Anchorage .Anchorage had the vaccines they needed but the only way to get it from Anchorage to Nome is by dogsled ,because of the blizzards conditions . There were 20 musher's and 150 sled dogs in is race against time . This is important because this it is a big part of history for Alaska.


Is for Orca The Orca or the Killer whale can grow about 27-33 feet long, and weighs about 8,000 -12,0000 pounds. The male orca is larger than the female. Than are sometimes called the wolfs of the sea, because there behavior is similar to a wolf. This is important because it is one of the many species that live in Alaska.

Is for Parka A Parka is a special coat they use to keep you warm. They also have fur around the face to keep the snow out of your face. The parka is made with warm materials .A parka is usually very long ,because it keeps a lot more of your body warm ,and keeps you dry. This is important to Alaska because these coats will keep you warm on the cold snowy days.

Is for Qiviut A Qiviut is the inner coat of wool on a musk ox. Qiviut is eight times stronger than sheep wool .A male Musk ox can produce about 70 pounds of Qiviut a year. The word Qiviut is an Inuit word . This is important because this is one of the many resources that they have .

Regal mountain Regal mountain is 13,363 feet high .The nearest town around is Slana ,and Slana is 42.7 miles away from Regal mountain .Regal mountain is located in Wrangell-Saint Elias National park ,and about 19 miles away Is Blackburn witch happens to be the 2cd highest volcano in the U.S .The mountain is covered with glaciers so there has been no studying on the mountain. This is important because Regal mountain is the 26 th biggest mountain in Alaska.

is Siberian Husky Siberian Huskies are good at dog mushing. They love to run. The height of the male Siberian Husky is 21 to 23 inches. Females are 20 to 22 inches tall. The male weighs 45 to 60 pounds. The female weighs 35 to 50 pounds. This is important to Alaska because Siberian huskies are great sled dogs and dog mushing is the state sport.

Is for State Tree The state tree is the Sitaka Spruce .In 1960 the state tree became the Sitaka spruce. They are found from the northern coast of California to Alaska ,and the Sitaka Spruce is also the most important timber tree in Alaska. This is important it is another one of there resources, and it is there state tree.

Is for Ulus A Ulus is a tool they use in some villages in Alaska . They are made of steel ,and very sharp .they are wonderful cutting tools (don’t play with a ulus at home!) .Sometimes the handles are made of Dymondwood . This is important because these tools are not the same as what we use in North Carolina and the ulus (or ulu) are one of those tools we most of the time don’t use.

Is for vegetables grow in Alaska It is not very easy to grow vegetables in Alaska. You still can do it thought some of the things you can grow carrots ,parsnips ,snap peas, potatoes ,cabbage ,broccoli ,cauliflower ,collards ,Brussels sprouts ,zucchini ,string beans, and in the summer tomatoes. This is important because vegetables are one of the many useful resources.

Is for the Gray Wolf Alaska has the largest remaining population of Gray Wolves in the U.S. Gray Wolves are carnivores and eat mostly salmon, but they may also eat deer, caribou, moose, beaver, and sometimes birds and other fish. Male wolves may weigh from 85 to 145 pounds. Females usually weigh 10 to 15 pounds lighter. This is important because Alaska has unendangered gray wolves unlike the rest of the lower 49 states.

Is for X-back harness These certain kinds of harnesses are made for comfort and better fit .some of these types of harnesses are made of polypropylene and tebox .Most x back harnesses are light weight. This is important because you need a harness to dog sled and this is one type of harness that you can use.

Is for Yukon river

The Yukon River is a huge water resource in Alaska .It is 2,300 miles long ,and empties into the Bering sea .The Yukon river feeds a lot of the lakes in Alaska. The Yukon river is the 3rd biggest river in North America ,but it is the biggest river in Alaska. This is important to Alaska because it is a huge water source In Alaska ,and it feeds a lot of the lakes in Alaska.

Is for Zagoskin Lake Zagoskin Lake is a lake in Alaska .It is located in the Nome borough of Alaska. It is a water source there .There is also go fishing there. It is in Nome County. This lake is important to Alaska because it is a water source and a tourist attraction.

Zagoskin Lake

Mollie Collins  

This is an ebook on Alaska.

Mollie Collins  

This is an ebook on Alaska.