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AlAskA Ebook By:Christian VaValis

- Aurora Borealis • The Aurora Borealis is caused by something in the air called atoms , which move as they cool as this happens the give of a light which can be seen in lots of different colors.The only way to see them is on a cold and dark night near 12 o’clock. • Some natives believe they are the souls of the great animals that protect them from Evil.

- Bald Eagle • The Bald Eagle is a very large bird who nests high in trees, and pretty much spends all their time hunting and fishing for food for their young. • The Bald Eagle is a predator of prey (a hunter of small animals). This bird is known to even snatch Yorkie Terriers from their owners. These birds do not attack for no reason, they only attack when they feel threatened.

- Caribou • The Caribou is a large mammal and is capable of heavy body damage such as a broken arms, legs, ribs, and skulls. These animals may look nice, but they are very defensive and will attack humans only if they see you as a threat to them or their young.

– Denali • Denali is one of Alaska's great mountains. The interesting thing about it is it the 2nd tallest mountain in North America and the whole Northwestern Hemisphere. Denali is one of Alaska's great land marks.

- Eiders • They are a very warm-blooded bird who spends most of there time in sub-arctic zones only four different types live in. In Alaska’s cold area, there may be different types of them in different areas of the world, but these are very unique birds. The female is larger than male.And they are also a type of large Duck. One of them are the king Eider.

- Arctic Fox • The Snow Fox are very beautiful animals who may look mean but they are nice to humans, but there prey is not so lucky. They eat mostly meat and there favorite food is white rabbit which is very unlucky too. There diet is very large and they don’t need much to eat. They wouldn't be a good pet, so don’t try it.

-Great Grey Owl • The Great Grey Owl is a very large owl and is one of many species of owl that live in Alaska. The bird has a wing span of 4 1/2 - 5 feet, and weighs only 1 1/2 - 3 pounds. I say this owl looks like your great grandpa…it looks like he has a really saggy face. • Did you know that this owl is actually Famous? He is in the movie “Guardians of Gahoole”.

-Humpback Whale • The Humpback whale is a very large species of whale, weighing a whopping 79,000 pounds, and can range in size from 39–52 feet. For migration they swim 16,000 miles each year and are one of the largest mammals in the world.

- Iditarod • The Iditarod is one of Alaska’s famous traits that it has. The “Iditarod” was a time of great sickness that was in Alaska around 1920 – 1930 the diphtheria outbreak in Nome killed thousands and it all started with just one little Eskimo boy who had it was seeking help with his mom & dad when he came the medicine hadn’t been dropped off by the supplies ship which had just left with the medicine! • The Iditarod began when acreage received the medicine which was transported by Dog sled and now even in modern days they still use it but today they use it for fun!

-Juneau • Juneau is the capital of Alaska and is also the 2 nd largest state of Alaska. • It is also one of the cities aren’t able to be reached by car but the locals still have cars! • Juneau is a very warm place (I Don’t think it is) but if you think about the northern part of Alaska it kind of warm.

-King Crabs • The king crab is a very large species of crab who may look like a baby octopus is coming on your boat they can grow to be six feet wide and weigh up to 10 pounds. The largest king crab ever caught weighed just about 25 pounds! • they also can be good tasty thing to have on your plate at dinner.

- Ling cod • Ling cod is not related to cod in any way . These creatures can weigh up to 80lb,and are predators with only 18 teeth just 18 that wouldn’t be to much of a scary mouth…Unless you’re his dinner • These fish can live up to 25 years! Talk about stale meat! • Some people call them Cultus cod, blue cod, bluefish, green cod, buffalo cod, greenling, and white cod.

- Musk ox • The musk ox is a fairly large ox which is a good hunting animal for tags in Alaska this is a good animal for native clothing for it’s thick coat. • These animals were almost hunted to extinction just from the natives alone but now there coming back! Alaskan musk ox farms are every were these animals are huge but they may look peaceful and nice but that’s only for the females the males are another story come rutting season they will be able to almost nock trees down. ( in the wild )

- Northern Flying Squirrel • This animal is a very weird one he/she will jump out of trees to play and have fun these things may look like there flying but they kind of glide it looks like it though. But the trick of there gliding is the skin flaps under there arm they may not look like they can glide but if you threw them they. would glide but… I don’t think that would be a good idea

O - Osprey • Osprey are a fairly large bird who has a wing span of 5 ½ feet and weighs 3 lb. • Keen eyesight, sharp curved talons, and the ability to dive feet first into the water are just some of there hunting strategies they use to hunt fish or small pests such as mice or rats . Some Osprey are so talented a and experienced they can catch two fish in one dive it usually takes three to five attempts to catch just one fish!

P-Puffin • Puffins are penguin like birds who can fly! They have an orange beak and are very good fishing birds. Most are up in the cliffs in the sides of the coast of Alaska . These are one of the many species that migrate South for the winter. • Puffins have probably been depicted on more teeshirts, drinking cups, cards, and souvenir plates, been the subject of more drawings and paintings, and been made into more stuffed toys than any other Alaska bird except eagles and ravens.

Q-Qiveut • Qiveut is the “wool” from a Musk Oxen. This wool is not course like sheep or lamb wool this is soft and fine in fact it’s so soft some people call it the “worlds finest fiber”. And can be sold as sweaters and other fine clothes. This is not the top fur that is the course stuff it is below that it is usually white but can be died in many different colors .

r- Red Squirrel • The red squirrel is considered a “pest” to homes in Alaska. It can be found in spruce forests over most of Alaska. it is 11 to 13 inches long including tail, and is a olive color on the upper parts of its body with a white belly. They eat seeds, berries, buds, fungi, and occasionally insects and bird eggs.

s - salmon shark • The salmon shark is one of Alaska’s great “monsters who lurks is the water. These “fish” are one of the most fearsome types of salmon that people call it the Salmon shark it gets seen about 100-200 times a year there are few human attacks by these fish even though they are look like a killer fish and have the capability of biting a kayak in half

T-Tanner Crabs • Tanner crabs sometimes are sold under the name “snow crab.” They are like most regular crabs with five legs and two pinchers The snow crab is a member of the spider crab family. Tanner crabs are found throughout the North Pacific Ocean and Bering see along the continental shelf and coastal waters. Mature males typically weigh 1-4 pounds.

U-ULU • The ulu is a knife used by native Alaskans’ and is usually made of a bone (for the handle ) and a steel blade. They are used for cutting and cooking some use it for skinning or the pocket version if you get attacked by a small bear or other small predators. Some ulus are sold at a very high price such as a caribou handle knife . The design is simple it is a U shaped design for the blade not all are like that most are just curved back

V-Voles • Voles are a common pest for Alaskan gardens and just regular plants in the wild areas of Alaska . about 6-10 inches in total length; tail included, and has a dark brown back with a gray stomach . They are sometimes called “field miceâ€? and are found all over North America in farmers gardens eating crops

W-White Sturgeon • The white sturgeon is a living “Dinosaur” . Its species is 65,000,000 years old and it can reach up to MORE than 20 feet and can weigh 1,800 lbs! Jeremy wade is one of few to catch one of these “monsters” he is actually on a T.V. show on animal planet. He caught a 9ft. 300lb on his own . It has bony plates running down its back and is pretty much a bottom feeder. You can find it in lake Iliamna Alaska .

X- X words • Xaat means fish or salmon they usually say this when they see one or eat one it is close to xaatl witch means “ICEBURG” in Alaskan native language and it is also close to xoots witch means “BLACK BEAR!” in Alaskan language

Y-Yukon River • The Yukon river stretches from the east side of Alaska to Canada. It is the largest river in Alaska and is one of the main things people think about when they look at Alaska. It is also a very large salmon fishing ground The river is 1,980 miles long!

Z-Zoo of Alaska • The zoo has Lynx ,Reindeer, North American river otter, Alpaca Bald eagle, Mountain goat , Musk ox ,Tibetan yak , Bactrian camel Moose Wolf Black bear Brown bear Harbor seal, Amur tiger , Polar bear , Snow leopard ,sheep , goat, Turkey Boreal owl ,Northern hawk owl, Shorteared owl, Sandhill crane , Northern goshawk , Porcupine , Raccoon, eagle , Raven ,Red-tailed hawk , Arctic fox ,Great horned owl, Red fox , Sitka black-tailed deer ,Snowy owl , Trumpeter swan , Wolverine , Coyote , Dall sheep , and Golden eagle

Christian Vavalis  
Christian Vavalis  

This is an ebook on the state of Alaska.