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Blooming Writer A year in Jounalism

Laura Reyes

Table of Contents 1.With every passing minute 2.She walks Carefree 3.Spring Break 2014 4.SB2014 Cont. 5.SB2014 Cont. 6. Falling -Howler 7.Is Snow Really That Great?/Dwindling Soul 8.Cinderella: Not So Happy Ending

With every Passing minute November Article 2013

The roughness of the multicolored leaves leave a distinguished sound as they slap against each other with the cold, yet tolerable, autumn air. My boots stomp along the ground. A ground that was just a weeks ago a astonishing forest green now to be unseen by colors that unite as one. Mocha, honey, auburn, blood red, orange, and even blinding yellow. I’m suddenly back to the last real thanksgiving I remember in 2000, a year before the attack in the World Trade Center. How much has changed, we were once united just like the leaves I stand on. I stand still on each member of my broken family. All different colors that were once forest green. Only difference between the leaves and my family is that a plane did not break the leaves apart. The leaves did not lose a brother. I look up to see that the trees are almost half empty; I frown. I frown because with each leaf is a minute less of autumn which is a minute less of a memory that will soon become lost in the pile of leaves in my head.

I picked this piece to be first because it was my favorite one to write. Fall is my favorite season and I could relate so much to it. I also liked writing in a way someone could visualize what I was describing.

“You can either walk the street like you run it or walk the street like you don’t give a damn who runs it” is something Laura “Elle” Reyes’s grandmother, whom she is very close to, told her repeatedly growing up. The inquisitive 16- year-old was born in the festive city of Boston, Massachusetts on Christmas Eve. Proving her Capricorn characteristics she is prudent yet stubborn. Being raised by her grandparents in the Dominican Republic for five years, Reyes takes much pride of her family’s roots from the food to the exotic dancing. Reyes takes great

interest in traveling. Having traveled to eight different countries and seeing unfortunate lifestyles, she has become more grateful in the “little” it seems she has. Other than traveling she likes to box, read her kindle, and play sports for fun. Growing up as the middle child with five brothers and four sisters she never knew how she could fit to stand out. After starting NJROTC (Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) in her previous high school she emphasized leadership and

She Walks Carefree: Behind the Eyes of Laura..

citizenship development. After talking to recruiters she realized she had a great interest in the Navy after high school. Reyes looks forward to being the first in her family to finish college. “I’m always being looked down upon by my family due to mistakes I have made in my past but I know after finishing college and hopefully becoming a chief PO in the Navy, i’ll make everyone proud” Reyes said. She has always been close to her grandfather who is a retired police officer and veteran. She says he is the one she wants to make him proud more than anyone else.

Spring Break at the West April Article

Walking through the San Diego State University campus reminded me of how much I missed the sun soaking sensation on my skin. The palm trees, soothing breeze, and the relaxed atmosphere made this university very likeable to my mother and me. Since the beginning of junior year I have been looking at universities all the country trying to find my “perfect fit”. I’ve been from as far as the University of Michigan to the University of Hawaii at Manoa but they all couldn’t compare to SDSU. The large public university was founded March 13, 1897. The very diverse campus offers some of the best programs for engineering and business in the country. One of the most noticeable things you see when you enter the campus is that no one seems to look overwhelmed. Groups of people were gathered on the grass or on outdoor tables studying or just simply on their laptop with a Starbucks in hand. Another thing you will notice is that the campus is very diverse. SDSU is made of 31% Hispanic/Latino, 14% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 4% African American. There is a wide variety of Mexican American students which was helpful for my mother since she is more comfortable speaking Spanish, we even took a short drive to Mexico later that day for dinner. Walking through you’ll see a wide variety of people which makes the university even more into my interest. While in my trip into the west coast I also drove seven hours up route 5 north to San Jose State University. It was much similar to SDSU but much

cooler and it was more into the city. A good friend of mine from Boston attends the university and took the time to give me a tour around campus. It was good to get the point of view of a friend rather than a tour guide because you’ll get a better understanding of what does around. Unfortunately my friend is a “party boy” so I ended up learning a lot more on the crazy social life on campus but I did learn a lot on the amazing programs the university has to offer especially with the majors I am interested in, Criminal Justice and International Business. What I loved most about the campus was how everyone seemed to get along. Sitting in front of the book store with my friend you could see the afternoon rush and how people simply interacted with each other. It was also very diverse with many Asians and African Americans. Our next stop, San Francisco, was around an hour away from the university. I did not look into schools in the city and I truly regret it because it was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It was not as warm as Southern California but its landscape was eye opening and jaw dropping. From the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge you could see the whole city, thousands of houses on hills, massive body of water, and to top it off the three islands. Lastly my mother and I went to the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii to visit the Univeristy of Hawaii: Manoa. Although the campus was beyond beautiful and rich in diversity, the weather was too humid for my liking. The university has the best Marine Biology program in the country, which was something I was considering if I decided on joining the Navy throughout college (NROTC). We enjoyed our stay in Honolulu for the day and all it has to offer. From the different Asian cuisine to the sunset behind the city’s skyline, the island was truly a pleasure to visit. Personally seeing universities and taking tours really helps you get a feel of what you are in for. It takes a lot of time and travel expenses but it’s an

unforgettable experience. I have traveled to Europe, the Caribbean, and South America but college visits surprisingly beats all of these trips. Going to a campus brings the mind blowing realization that soon this might be the place you’ll call home.

Writing this article was fun because I had so much to write about my adventure out West. It was cool to do an opinionated article and write about my personal experience. Not everyone has the advantage of seeing places outside of Pennsylvania so sharing my view was pretty awesome. I deffinetlt plan on going back to California whether it be for college or just relaxing at La Jolla Beach in San Diego (as seen above)!

Falling..... (Howler) I’m sitting in class with nothing in my mind. It’s Wednesday, “hump day”, and the day couldn’t go by any slower. I look clueless at the board Mr.Konowal is writing equations on. I begin to wonder how this will ever help me after high school. I force myself to pay attention but I get quickly distracted by a force pulling me under. It feels like I am on top of quick sand! Looking around I notice I am the only one who is going under the floor. Panicking, I scream but no one can hear me; everyone is too fixated to the lesson. My sneakers are now completely under and the pace quickens and so does my heart. I reach out for Michael, my nearest classmate, but my arms are too small. I try once again to scream noticing that my knees are now under. Then I begin to cry, I cry so hard helplessly. Suddenly whatever is pulling me down stops and everything around me is motionless. The stillness of the room lasted only a few seconds because in a blink of an eye I went completely down at the speed of light. I fall so deep into darkness and I never seem to stop like I am in outer space. As I fall I scream at the top of my lungs knowing that no one will hear my cry for help but that doesn’t stop me. I then have the courage to open my eyes and see the hell I’ve been forced in but when I open my eyes everyone in Mr.Konowal’s room is now fixated on me. They laugh as the teacher comes up to me and says “How was the nap?”.. Writing this piece for Howler was fun because I am a big procrastinator in my physics class. I thought it was one of my most creaztive pieces because it really felt real as you read along. The ending was also very funny to me beause it’s happened to be a lot!

Is Snow Really All That Great?

Dwindling Soul

There is more water in mouth than Is snow really all that great? the Pacific Ocean ‘Cause if you ask me, I won’t hesitate. I am famished. Snow has the most innocent look I am starving. It’s a pearly white blanket that makes I am ravenous. your forget its horrors. I look at the clock, eleven o’clock But come across it too often and you’ll Twenty minutes until lunch. run back under your covers. Can I last another period? I can be thankful for snow when school is canceled and I can sleep in By now my lips and tongue are But I will be devastated when its parched. summer and I’m still studying. My breath sounds are decreasing At first the snow outside may look and my heart is racing. innocent and fun, I am weak; the starvation is slowly But always remember snow will never killing me. be out done. All I could think about is the You can try to shovel, kick, or melt it plastic, cardboard-tasting domino’s out pizza. But it always finds a way to ruins your plans without a doubt. Finally the end of the period bell So next time you wish for snow, rings, Make sure you just ask for a sprinkle I surprise myself when I am and nothing more. running out the door at the speed of light. My family is from the Caribbean so its in my blood to not like snow. I find it beautiful from indoors but not to play. Unfortunetly my birthday is Christmas Eve so I could never really celebrate. Writing this piece was easy & fun considering i can relate to it!

I took this photo in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It shows my love for beach and cocnuts. I love coconut flavored treats.

: y r o t S a l l e r e d n i C l a e g R n i e d h n e T y p p a h o s t o N Laura Reyes 26 March 2014

“We must burry her....”

Many think they know the story of Cinderella but the ending has changed over the years. The story is told as house keeper young women who changes from drags to a grown one night and mutually falls in love with a prince. This prince is love struck and when Cinderella suddenly leaves, he is dedicated to find her with only a glass slipper. That is where the tale is told wrong. Cinderella never lost slipper. After Cinderella saw the clock strike twelve she went running out to her carriage. Too bad her two evil step sisters caught her before she can even go out. One of the sisters was secretly in love with the prince whom Cinderella was with all night and the girls had a plan to make sure Cinderella didn’t leave with him. After capturing Cinderella they stripped her gown off and tied her up with a handkerchief in her mouth so no one can save her. One of the sisters put on her gown and pinned her hair up like Cinderella. She left the room leaving the other sister to carry Cinderella out to the woods.

Cinderella’s step sister ended up marrying the prince with him thinking it was truly Cinderella. Meanwhile the other evil step sister ended up carrying Cinderella to the woods but as the buried a whole to put her in, Cinderella pushed her under and dug her in. Cinderella did try to find her prince charming but she found him so happy with the other evil step sister. She convinced herself that he never loved her but only tried to get close to her to get her sister.Finally, Cinderella moved far away to Amsterdam where she became a prostitute. Prince Charming was told the truth on his death bed and his wife, the evil step sister, ended up cheating on him with his brother Steve. The story was never told like this because Cinderella’s pimp, Walt Disney, thought it would be a best vgjhvvseller as a children’s book, so it was made less explicit.

Laura's portfolio NHS Journalism  

Final project for Journalism. Portfolio on some work I have done throughout the year.