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INT. CRAFT TOWN / BREAK ROOM - DAY The break room has several small tables, ringed by chairs. In one corner is a Xerox machine, in another stands two vending machines. A sign hangs on a closed door that reads "Todd Walker, Store Manager". VAL (early 40s) sits, slumped over, at one of the tables, idly flips through a magazine. Her Craft Town uniform--a yellow apron--is decorated by pins with snarky slogans. LACEY (25), sits next to Val. She sketches in a notebook. Lacey's apron was once yellow, but it has been covered with so many iron-on patches that it's nearly impossible to see the original apron beneath them. CODY (18) leans back further and further in his chair, catching himself just before he tips over. His apron is tied around his waist, but he hasn't looped it over his neck. DOROTHY (mid-70s) flutters in front of the vending machines. DOROTHY Should I get pretzels or those little cookies with the cream and the Styrofoam? VAL (acidly) Well, when you put it like that... Cody sits up.

When he speaks, he has a slight stutter.

CODY I v-vote for the pretzels, Dorothy. Dorothy beams at Cody and punches a couple numbers into the machine. A pack of licorice drops down. DOROTHY Oh, licorice. Win some, lose some. Lacey laughs softly into her sketchbook. Dorothy sits at the table and pulls out a large, violently green sweater from her apron's front pocket, which bulges with more knitting projects. She starts to knit. Todd enters the break room. TODD It's Lulu Perez Day! Todd pauses for effect. falls to the floor. Oh, Lord.

Cody tips his chair back too far and

VAL The book signing?

2. TODD There have been signs up for a month, Val. Val shrugs and returns to her magazine. TODD (CONT’D) Fine. I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce you all to my niece, Gwen! Todd gestures toward the door. His employees turn to look, expectantly. Gwen doesn't emerge. TODD (CONT’D) Gwen, come out here. Gwen skulks inside and crosses her arms. What?


VAL Oh, she's a charmer. TODD Cool it, Val. Todd claps his hands together. TODD (CONT’D) Lulu will be here at three, so get cracking!


After Gwen is banished to the suburbs, she finds refuge in the fabric store owned by her uncle--and in the crazy cast of characters who work...

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