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White as Snow by Ricky Coulter (P2) St John the Baptist Primary School

Good as snow Fun as snow Greatest snow Giant snow Deep snow Enjoy the snow

Cold and White by Bronwyn Grant (P5/4) Livingston Village Primary School Snow is falling everywhere, On the ground in the air, Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, Santa comes and then he goes, Delivering presents to girls and boys, Not making any noise, Children playing in the snow, Building snowmen as they go, Crunching snow under my feet, As visitors come I like to greet.

Snowy Poem by Tamara Dsouli (P6) Livingston Village Primary School

Snow snow when will it stop Get some soup in a pot Snow is just great To play with a mate Snow stops the school That is just cool! School will be back on when the snow is low But just for now go on Glow!

Snow, snow wonderful snow by Megan Gillanders (S1) St Kentigern’s Academy Snow, snow wonderful snow The longer you’re here the more I want you to go, You are as white as an angel And as cold as a fridge, You caused havoc on the forth road bridge Maybe I’m wrong and maybe you’re not so bad I’m sure that when you’re gone I’ll be very sad I’ll miss the crunch under my feet As I walk down the snowy street And I will be back to school very soon I bet my teachers are over the moon Goodbye snow and your crystal like flakes I’ll see you next year and the joy that each individual snowflake makes.

By Ross Fairley (P1a Williamston) & his Mummy (P7F teacher at Harrysmuir)

On Sunday 28th November we were in Aberdeen because we were going to my cousin’s birthday party. It was snowing quite heavily overnight so Mummy said we had to leave early to make sure we got home safely. We left Auntie Kerry’s at 11.30 in the morning and the roads were ok until we got to just outside Dundee. We had to queue in traffic for 1 ½ hours to get into Dundee!! Mummy made sure we stopped at Morrison’s to get some food (just in case!) and I got a new Thomas DS game. We left Dundee at 4.30 and it was fine until... 4 miles from Perth. There was a big traffic jam because the main bridge over Perth was closed because it was too dangerous to cross over. We just had to sit in the car and we only moved a little bit at a time for the next 5 hours!! (I was glad I had my new DS game!). After 10 o’clock at night we finally made it into Perth. Mummy said we had to stay there so we looked for a hotel. But just like when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to stay, there was no room at the inn! A policeman helped us to go to a school in Perth where we could stay for the night. I was excited because it was an adventure! There was another queue to get into the car park so Mummy had to leave her car in the street. It was after midnight by the time we got inside. There were lots of other people there who couldn’t get home. Some nice men and ladies from the WRVS gave us juice, tea, coffee and biscuits and sandwiches. We got special blankets to keep us warm and we had to give our names to the Police so they knew where we were going. Mummy said we had to try and get some sleep so I curled up on a chair with my Granny and my

Mummy found a quiet space for my little brother Eoin to sleep in his buggy. Mummy had to sleep on the floor! When I woke up the next morning Mummy had walked up to a shop to get us some cereal and the WRVS made soup and toast. We had to wait until the main road back to Edinburgh was open; it seemed like a long time to wait! We walked around the school, played football in the gym and I had my colouring things. A police lady told us there were 669 people staying at the school. There were TV cameras there and the story was on the news that night. At about 10.00 a Policeman said the road was open again and everyone cheered! We quickly got all of our things together, got into the car and went home ☺ We finally got home at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, 25 ½ hours after we left Aberdeen! I thought it was a great adventure and told my Daddy all about it, but Mummy was just glad to be home safe. ☺

(Ross’s key reading words are in red)

This is someone sleeping at the rest centre


by Ricky Coulter (P2) St John the Baptist Primary School Good as snow Fun as snow Greatest snow Giant snow Deep snow Enjoy the snow by Bronw...