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Day 4 afternoon: Non Golfers Visit Holland Country Side On this excursion we drive through typical Dutch scenery and the picturesque town of Volendam, a traditional Dutch fisherman's village situated on the shores of the former Zuiderzee. Carrying on by boat we visit Marken, an island linked to the mainland by a dike. Some of the inhabitants still wear the traditional Dutch costumes. This tour includes a visit to a real cheese farm!! Volendam Legend has it that the Volendam coat of arms is a compliment to the beauty of the Volendam girls ! No wonder that a famous singer sang the praise of this characteristic Dutch fishing village in the words: "Anyone who wants to see the real beauty of Holland, goes to Volendam". As a result of its completely insulated location, this village preserved its character for six centuries, also because of the tough vitality of the fishermen. The characteristic small houses, which together with the canals and the drawbridges form the most picturesque spots, present the visitor an atmosphere of geniality and romance. Don’t forget to visit the Volendam museum with the ’Sigarenbandjeshuis’, where cigar rings are on display. Marken We go with a boat from Volendam to Marken!! Nowhere in the Netherlands will you find such multi-coloured clothing as on Marken. And those who wear it are proud of it. Nothing in the world could persuade them to change into ready-made clothes. At one time the fashion of ages ago came to a standstill on Marken and that is why we can now speak of the Marken traditional costumes, unique in the world of folklore. And the same certainly applies to the Marken houses. The former 'terpen', mounds which safeguarded people from the high water, were used to build houses on.

Day 4 Evening Free time

Day 5 Breakfast buffet at the hotel. After breakfast the group will depart from the hotel for a day in North Holland. On our way to the afsluitdijk we will stop in the beautifull village Hoorn and the city of Alkmaar.

Day 5 morning: Visit Hoorn The glorious days of Hoorn lead back to the 17th century when it was one of the important VOC towns of Holland. Just like Amsterdam and Enkhuizen, the city of Hoorn became a very wealthy town. Nowadays, several dozen monuments and churches will make you feel the historical atmosphere. Enjoy a day trip to Hoorn and combine a tour through the historical center with shopping and dining. Hoorn is a small shopping paradise with many outdoor cafés and restaurants where you can relax. In case you are looking for action, Hoorn offers great water sports opportunities. The nearby dunes and beaches are ideal for nature lovers.

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Ic sample holland roundtrip  
Ic sample holland roundtrip