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This booklet will introduce you to year’s election candidates, explain you’re voting and how to vote and you an idea about what qualities might be looking for in a candidate.

this why give you

Why do we have elections?

Worcester Students’ Union is an independent charity, which exists to advance the education of students at the University of Worcester. The SU promotes the interests and welfare of students by representing, supporting and advising them; it is the recognised representative channel between students and the University and it provides social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities for students. Every year, the SU holds elections so that students can vote for the officers who they feel will best represent their interests in the next academic year. These officers play a key role in the way your SU operates and develops, forming the Executive Committee and representing students’ interests on a range of University boards and committees. The University has a legal obligation

(under the Education Act 1994 Section 22) to make sure that the SU operates fairly and democratically, that all members are entitled to vote in a secret ballot and that the elections are fairly and properly conducted.

Why should I vote? If you’re studying at the University of Worcester, you’re a member of Worcester Students’ Union. That means it’s your SU, working to represent your interests, so you should be interested in who’s going to be representing you. If you think there are things which should be changed about the way your SU works or about your experience of being a student at this University, you will want to support the candidates whose views and priorities best match yours. Worcester SU is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS) whose mission is to promote, defend and extend the rights of students and to develop and champion strong students’ unions. The NUS is currently campaigning against increases in student fees and is supporting SUs to encourage students to vote, not only in their SU elections but also in the general election later this year.


What does the President do?

The President is the spokesperson and figurehead of the SU and leads the sabbatical team. His responsibilities include being Chair of the board of trustees of Worcester Students’ Union and a governor of the University of Worcester. The President chairs the Executive Committee, is a Student Councillor and needs to be an active member of a range of SU committees. As the key link between students and the University, the President has regular meetings with the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar and represents the SU on a number of boards and committees. The President needs to work closely with SU staff to help promote and develop the Students’ Union into a modern organisation which aims to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body. He is also the key link with the National Union of Students and is a delegate to the NUS National Conference.

What kind of President do you want?

Michael Collins Candidate for President Also standing as delegate to NUS National Conference

1) I will fight to protect investment in students due to cuts by the Government to all Universities. 2) Actively fight to stop any rise in accommodation fees through a “Halls Not Hiltons� campaign. 3) Fight for extra library resources for every one. 4) Fight for better representation of mature and part time students. 5) I want YOU to have a say on what events we hold throughout the year.

9) Work with the International Officer to re-engage International students in the SU. 10) Campaign for more student jobs in the SU. 11) Sort out the issue of initiations/ welcome ceremonies once and for all. 12) Campaign against any proposed increase in tuition fees. 13) Create a sense of fairness for all clubs & societies. 14) Campaign for better rights for students with a disability.

6) Campaign to rebuild the SU- a place for all. 7) Foster a proper relationship with the city campus, with a place for an SU down there too. 8) Create better links with nursing and teaching students so they feel involved too.

15) More interaction between the Sabbs and students! 16) Re-open the Dive Bar on weekends. 17) Make the SU a place that is relevant to everyone!

Simon Lewis Candidate for President

Manifesto Not Submitted

Vice President Student Groups

What does the Vice President Student Groups do?

Worcester Students’ Union is proud to support an increasing number and range of student sports clubs and societies and the Vice President Student Groups is the public face of these activities. Responsibilities include being a trustee of the SU, a member of the Executive Committee and a Student Councillor, but also chairing the Student Groups Committee and taking a lead in promoting active involvement with clubs and societies. The Vice President Student Groups oversees the grant process for clubs and societies, organises the annual Varsity, the Colours Ball and the Sports Tour.

What kind of Vice President Student Groups do you want?

Hugo Flecha Candidate for Vice President Student Groups Also standing as delegate to NUS National Conference

What I propose I will provide the students of Worcester University with: • Universal sports kit for example all the same colours but different style because of the companies. • A stash shop at university for example someone comes from the stash shop and sets up a store at the dive each month. • Match of the day highlights of the sporting events along with drama performance either a slideshow of photos or record the performance/ match. • No more minor celebrities in the dive because there is no point in wasting money for someone who either won’t turn up or will not attract a minority of the students.

• Band and Comedy nights along with an open mic night where anyone can put perform. The performers will either be students at the university themselves or around the area. • Provide non-sports society groups with the same financial backing. • Fundraiser nights for societies and sports teams. Such as five a side football, art exhibitions and the proceeds go back into making new art. • A non-sport societies night on Thursday before salsa. • To provide more funding to nonsports societies and smaller sports i.e. badminton, American football, hockey, netball.

Lewis Horton Candidate for Vice President Student Groups

The aim of my manifesto is to create a positive experience for all sports and societies regardless of if they are: • Male, Female, or Mixed • Competitive or Non-Competitive • Large or Small • Popular or Unpopular The action points of it are:

involving everyone. • Campaign for more use of all university facilities for student groups (EG Astroturf four days a week, Drama Studio for larger number of performances) • Help societies to promote to their events to a wider audience by use of SU media and local media.

• To review and work upon the grant application process for student groups in order to make it as fair and efficient as possible.

• Invite companies, such as Lucozade, to provide sport workshops for all sports.

• Actively encourage and support student groups to seek external funding as much as possible (within Student Union regulations).

• To engage mature students by investigating the possibility of mature student sections of societies (EG Football, Rugby).

• Improve the inter-group links of the SU by hosting activities and competitions

• Campaign to reduce the number of lectures on a Wednesday to make sports

Liam Hughes Candidate for Vice President Student Groups Also standing as delegate to NUS National Conference

I will: dive is a place that all non playing • reduce the amount of lectures taking sports talents should be showcased. place on a Wednesday so that our sportsmen/women who do not do a • move to hold varsity exclusively in sports degree can still represent our Worcester. We have a depth of taluniversity in their respective sports. ent that needs to be showcased in front of our own students, we have • increase participation in sports the facilities to make it great once for everyone by organising interagain. A great day for our sports university tournaments, in a range teams and most importantly to beat of sports, these will be run as fund Gloucester! raising events, involving non sports societies, raising extra money for • increase publicity of non sports playsocieties. ing groups around university, their contributions to the university need • make Wednesday nights an event to recognised and publicised. again, reintroducing teams of the week, and individual players of the • Tour. Tour. Tour!!! week for both men and women’s sports with a variety of prizes. • get non sports playing groups more involved in events at the dive. The

Tash Lake Candidate for Vice President Student Groups Also standing as delegate to NUS National Conference

I wish to find more funding from outside organisations to help with each society and teams financial situations.

society’s cohesion and I feel that this needs to carry on.

Another aspect is to find outside funding and partnerships with affiliations for example gaining more funding to help with qualification badges and workshops for each sport and society.

Sport and society strategies is another aspect I feel can improve. By making plans for each club and society over a period of time could help the University achieve higher. Short, mid and long term goals would be placed to create a positive outcome, for both present and future societies.

I also feel that equal opportunities within each sport and society is needed so that each team and organisation will be able to have an equal share in what the University has to offer the students.

It not just me you would be electing but it would be the student body, as your views count.

Another proposal is to rejuvenate Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights have been a major part of each club and societies background. It has been successful for many years and an influential part of each team and

Jonpaul McGrane Candidate for Vice President Student Groups

1. Create a Team Worcester atmosphere by co-ordinating with respective chairs in order to gain more support at matches for all societies. 2. Attempt to implement uniformed attire, seeking to show a united university following participation on a Wednesday. 3. Encourage all teams to seek available external funding within university regulations and guidelines. 4. Shadow current sabbatical officers to understand the process of this years Varsity, gaining knowledge of how it is organised. 5. Make Varsity the pinnacle sporting event of the year, aiming to showcase each event at local sports arenas. 6. Campaign for an increase in the grant

fund, to ensure maximum funds are available for all relevant clubs and societies. 7. Encourage Wednesdays in the dive to become the epicentre for after match activity through team unity. 8. Support smaller groups and non-sporting groups, as they provide a vital contribution to the union. 9. Support and establish relationships between societies and external clubs. 10. Improve communication links between societies and the students union. 11. Develop the relationship between the Students Union and mature students further by making the union more suitable to cater there needs.

Vice President Education and Welfare What does the Vice President Education and Welfare do?

If students are not happy with the education they’re getting at the University of Worcester, they need to know that the Students’ Union is there to support them and represent their interests. If students have welfare issues which are affecting their university studies, they need to know they can turn to an independent SU for help and advice. The Vice President Education and Welfare is there to campaign for fair and equitable treatment of students and to work in conjunction with the University and the SU to improve the student experience overall. As a member of the sabbatical team, the Vice President Education and Welfare is also a trustee of the SU and a university governor, a member of the Executive Committee and a Student Councillor. One of the key priorities for this postholder is to establish, support and develop a better course representative system.

What kind of Vice President Education & Welfare do you want?

Sam Lewis Candidate for Vice President Education and Welfare

• Create a course rep system that functions and maximizes the academic functioning of the University. • Create ‘Sab Meet’ – 1st hand contact with Sabbaticals to understand the problems of students. • More secure campus in the form of campus lighting and locks on hall doors • Provide a printing facility in the Student’s Union. • Create a larger job board for easier accessibility of jobs in the area. • Push for greater contact possibility with lecturers to gain full understanding of academic work. • Increase use of Students Union by mature, foreign and nursing students

by making aware of what the Students Union can offer them. • Campaign to get results to students faster in order to put student’s minds at ease and concentrate on following work. • Create a Student Union function for processing new exam papers so that incorrect information and presentation occur as little as possible. • Influence how the community perceive students and work towards a positive view. • Increase the number of academic events at the Students Union at both daytime and night time. • Be a confident and professional member of the Students Union that successfully represents student’s needs and wants.

Thelma Osondu Candidate for Vice President Education and Welfare

I am Thelma Osondu and I’m running for Vice President Education and Welfare.

• More resources such as books, journals, articles in the library

I have gained so much from studying, being in different club societies and working at various departments within the University and would therefore relish giving back all I have gained from the University to fellow students. I am enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated to voicing your opinion and beliefs in an environment where any student can come and talk to any sabbatical and have their ideas heard. If elected, outlined below are the key issues that will be addressed.

• Extend library opening hours

• More drop-in sessions for study skills, career advice and regular CV clinics to enhance students’ employability.

• Campaign for more jobs for students by organising more career events at the University by establishing more links with employers locally and nationally. • Campaign for higher living standards and better quality for students within halls and off campus accommodation But remember I cannot achieve any of this without your votes, please vote for me No [1] and I promise I would work on an open door and open mind policy. Thank you

Ben Stead Candidate for Vice President Education and Welfare

Hi Folks, I’m Ben Stead and I’m running for VP Education and Welfare, Voting for me will guarantee that our SU will: • Campaign with the university for fair Accommodation prices

• Enhance ‘Town and Gown’ relationships • Campaign for students Against the Proposed cuts on student Investment • Improve All Study Areas

• Create a Functioning Course Representative System • Support the University to provide facilities which match student needs with in Accommodation, The Library, Child Care Etc • Advise students on legislation. • Actively encourage Mature students (65% of all students) to become more involved within the union • Campaign for more Parking spaces (Cars and Bikes)

• Increase Educational resources within the University; Journals, to Computers, to Academic support Tutors • Ensure that Our SU is Re-developed into the 21st Century I am prepared to fight your corner should you find yourself facing any Education or Welfare related issues. Remember, If you see me around feel free to come up and say Hi! Our Voice, Our Union! On 3/4th March, Don’t forget to Vote Ben Stead for VP Education and Welfare.

Part-time Executive Officers

Part-time Officers are volunteers who combine their role with their studies. They’re all expected to be active members of the Executive Committee as well as Student Councillors. The Students’ Union wants to make the most of the skills, experiences and enthusiasm which these Officers bring and they will form part of a pool of volunteers willing to undertake various tasks and duties as requested by the Students’ Union and the University. They’ll provide vital support to the sabbatical team and will help them work with the University to organise and run campaigns and to represent students and their interests at any opportunity. Executive Officers will be responsible for reporting back to the student body on issues and concerns which have been raised. The individual roles and candidates are as follows:

Equal Opportunities Officer

Worcester Students’ Union is for all students at the University of Worcester. We want to do our best to make sure that our services and facilities are accessible and available to all of our members and that no students suffer unfair treatment. The Equal Opportunities Officer will have a particular interest in finding out what particular problems are faced by students with a disability, students who are parents or carers, students facing barriers to their educational experience. Students should not be discriminated against or be disadvantaged because of their age, religion or beliefs, gender, disability, race or sexual orientation and the Equal Opportunities Officer will be campaigning to ensure the rights and needs of all students are recognised, respected and addressed.

Your candidate for the Equal Opportunities Officer is:

Dominique Dyer Equal Opportunities Officer

I believe everybody should have the same opportunities in life irrespective of their physical abilities, psychological well-being, race, ethnicity and sexual persuasion. Nationally the Government have passed many laws describing the rights of disenfranchised people including disability legislation, anti-discrimination laws and anti-race laws. However it is one thing for society to make laws for which we all have to obey but it is more important that our culture recognises and celebrates every individual for what they have to offer rather than highlighting their differences. As Equal Opportunities officer I aim too:

Ensure that within our community, each individual will strive to embrace the uniqueness of one another. • Work closely with the disability and dyslexia services to provide more support for students in and out of lectures, and to provide more information on all the facilities which are on offer. • Indentify needs of ethnic groups and challenge homophobic attitudes. • Improve accessibility for all in and around Campus. • I will campaign for equal opportunities for mature students with families, who have young children around campus.

International Officer

The University of Worcester welcomes students from over 50 countries, who have to adjust not only to student life, but also to a new culture and often a new language. The International Officer plays a key role in ensuring that international students, wherever their home and whatever their background, are welcomed and supported by the Students’ Union. Working closely with the International Centre, he will have a particular interest in highlighting the particular issues faced by international students and supporting them to feel included and actively involved. Your candidates for the position of International Officer:

Kari Hakala International Officer

I am Kari Hakala and I am applying for the international officer’s position in SU election. I am 24 years old international student from Finland and I am studying business degree. I am very active person, who likes to be part, get involved and organise with many things. My hobbies are cycling, singing, exercise and I like to exercise, meet friends, cook and sing. If I will become elected I will try being there for help international students as best as I can and helping them when the time of need.

If there are any ideas or complains that you wanted to share I will carry the message forwards in SU to right person. “Kari is by far the kindest man I know. As his neighbour who know Kari quite well, I can sincerely say that this young man is the perfect candidate for pretty much any position involving helping other people, organizing events or simply getting things done”. Panu Vilkki, Friend and neighbour

Shehan Yannick Sinnathamby International Officer

My name is ShĂŠhan Yannick Sinnathamby, I am a European student and would like to help International students and British students. I am not going to place myself first, but I would like to know everyone and get together so we can form ONE and stand up for what we believe in and care for in life. I am not only asking the International students to join me, but also British students are more than welcome to take part to cooperate in order to stand for what with believe in and fight for! I know that sometimes the government

does not take us very seriously, therefore, cooperation can make things better to have a better life and have a career to build what we want to achieve. We are different individuals we all have faced many things in our lives, sometimes we talk about it or sometimes we close ourselves in our own pain no matter what reason it is. Standing together, we can make a big change and achieve our goals in life! Whoever you are, the reasons of your living, we all have things to share! So stand up and make your move for a better future!

Mature Students’ Officer

We know that mature students are generally less involved with the Students’ Union than younger undergraduates are. The Mature Students’ Officer will want to find out what older students want from their SU and how best they can be supported. There is work to do in helping to raise awareness among mature students that the Students’ Union provides a range of services for all students and that representation and engagement should be just as important for mature students as it is for others. Older students bring a wealth of experience and diversity to the student body and the Mature Students’ Officer will help to channel this to improve the influence they have on their own education and the SU. Your candidate for the position of Mature Students’ Officer:

Alan Headspeath Mature Students’ Officer

Hi, my name is Alan Headspeath, a 1st year student studying Sociology & Digital Media. A mature student myself, I felt that this was a position to which I could bring experience and understanding of the requirements that mature students have during their time at university. The position involves meetings, discussions and organising events; however I want a greater involvement from YOU as the experience we all bring can help others negotiate any potential problems. But most of all it is about the voices of each and every student being heard. Why me? - University should be unforgettable for the right reasons, and by working together aims are achievable. I know the difficulties mature students face, with families, part-time jobs, housework and health issues (to mention some) all vying for your attention.

If elected as Mature Student Officer I intend to: • Be approachable and open to suggestions and comments by all. • Try to make sure that your voice is heard – whatever the issue. • See a greater input of ideas from mature students so that your union is run in the fairest way possible. 3rd and 4th March - Make a difference, vote for Headspeath.

Officers without Portfolio

The position of officer without portfolio is likely to attract candidates who don’t see themselves as representing a particular section of the student population, but who have ideas in mind which will benefit all students. Being an officer without portfolio doesn’t mean they’re not expected to do anything – on the contrary, they’re likely to be students with big ideas about what they’d like to see changed and a determination to make a difference. Your candidates for the positions of Officers without portfolio:

Martin Barker Officer without Portfolio

The Students’ Union is more than a building… more than a bar… Its about you! The students at large! It is in all honesty the actual heart and soul of our student lives and the decisions made within affect us everyday! I’m Martin Barker or ginge as most people have come to know me, im involved in nearly every aspect of student life ranging from representing societies on committees to just being a member, through the course rep and student ambassador system. I’m standing for Officer Without Portfolio and want to focus on events and campaigning for you guys! I’ve listened and now is the chance • Help organise more events like Fresher’s and Refreshers fairs during the year. to get your voices heard properly! • ‘Education for all… Not just the Elite!’ Campaigning on a national scale to deal • Bring in more high profile with University funding and fees. events for the Dive. • Enable the “talk to ginge” allowing students So....If you can’t do it… ginge’ll fix it! to contact me with issues they feel need to be campaigned for.

Jasmine Campbell Officer without Portfolio every night. • Following on from Fresher’s week, • further suggestions for events for the Dive bar to hold throughout the year in which I will help organize and run. • More publicity around campus and via facebook updates on sporting fixtures, art exhibitions and theatrical productions, increasing the support of fellow students in these events. My general aim as an officer without portfolio is to assist the sabbatical officers in making significant and beneficial changes to all aspects of the Students Union and its societies. It will be achieved by aiming to focus on the following topics:

• Bring back team of the week for • Wednesday nights at Flirt. • Ensure all suggestions are taken seriously from the suggestion box and attention received from the appropriate sabbatical officer.

• Allow current students have the full • Finally to continue to keep the friendly opportunity to have a say in the events positive attitude already held in the running in Fresher’s week in the Dive bar • Students Union for all students to enjoy and Students Union making sure it’s a and benefit from! big success and the venue is packed out

How will the candidates be promoting themselves?

Campaigning starts on Monday 22nd February and continues until voting finishes at 8pm on Thursday 4th March. Candidates all have a small budget which they can use to produce publicity material such as posters and flyers. Many of them will probably use social networking sites to get their message across too. If they’re serious about wanting your vote, they will be out and about around the campus, talking to students face to face and explaining why you should vote for them. Any student with a complaint about the way any candidate is campaigning may make a formal complaint, which will be investigated by the Elections Committee. If such a complaint is upheld, appropriate action will be taken. The decision of the Returning Officer in such cases will be final.

NUS Annual Conference delegate

National Conference is NUS’ sovereign decision making body. It meets once a year for three days. This year Conference will take place at The Sage, Newcastle Gateshead from 13th – 15th April 2010. The purpose of the Conference is to debate motions, pass policies, hold the leadership to account, elect people to committees and hold an Annual General Meeting. Unions across the country are allocated spaces for the conference according to student numbers at their institutions. Worcester Students’ Union has two allocated spaces for 2009/10. One space is given to this year’s President and the other taken by a University of Worcester student elected by cross-campus ballot. Your candidates for delegate to the NUS Annual Conference are Michael Collins, Hugo Flecha, Liam Hughes, Tash Lake.

Will there be a chance to meet the candidates?

The SU has arranged the following events which most candidates will be attending. Don’t miss these chances to meet them and to find out more about their plans and policies:

Monday 1st March: Pre-election social in the Dive Bar. It’s likely that candidates will use this opportunity to try to make an impression on you voters.

Tuesday 2nd March: Candidates’ Question Time in the Yelland Lecture Theatre, 5 – 7pm. This is the big one for the Sabbatical Officer candidates. The Deputy Returning Officer, the University’s Registrar, will chair this event. Every candidate will be invited to make a short speech and questions submitted in advance by students will then be put to them. All candidates for

the same role will be asked to answer the same questions. Following this, questions will be taken from the audience. We want this to be a lively, challenging event, so please come along to find out what the candidates have to say for themselves. Please submit questions in advance via email to the Membership Services Manager, Ruth Christie, by midday on Tuesday 2nd March. Email and please make it clear if your question is for candidates for a particular role.

1 Minute to Win It!

All candidates had the chance to record a 1 Minute to Win It! film to tell students why they should vote for them. All films are available to watch on the Students’ Union website

Elections Booklet  

Find out more about the candidates running in Worcester Students' Unions Elections 2010.

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