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Survival rates for many types of childhood cancer remain under 50%.

More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.1 Unfortunately, innovation in pediatric treatments has been slow, with only 4 new drugs being specifically developed and approved for children since 1980.1

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is bringing that rate closer to 100%.

While leaders in children’s cancer charities offer a wide variety of services or are focused on raising awareness and/or helping families pay for treatment, CureSearch has a single mission: driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results as quickly as possible to end childhood cancer. BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Generate $2MM of donations by December 2021 MEDIA CHALLENGE: Build awareness of CureSearch among corporations and encourage them to sponsor the effort to end childhood cancer 1


CureSearch Fact Sheet

TARGET To target corporations, we narrowed our audience to Millennial Business Leaders (MBL). This target is made up of 3.2MM business executives ages 21-38 who have major decision-making power.1 They are not at the head of established global corporations, but rather younger, small to medium-sized businesses. Although millennials are often labeled as lazy and self-absorbed, MBL consider themselves hardworking and like to seek challenging opportunities.1 As perfectionists2 and visionaries, they are steadfast in finding solutions and want to make the world a better place. MBL donate more money and time than any generation preceding them;3 however, with so many competing causes, it is hard to get a hold of their attention and checkbooks. YouGov Profiles 2020 American Psychological Association 3 Fidelity Charitable 1 2



Millennial Business Leaders are visionaries that don’t like leaving problems unsolved.


Never be satisfied with 50% Disrupt Millennial Business Leaders in everyday moments and give them the opportunity to donate at every touchpoint.


Half to Grab Your Attention

Messaging and creative format will revolve around CureSearch’s 50% statistic to shock our target and show the gravity of only having a 50% survival rate.


“I enjoy spending all of Saturday working on my business and not going to Millennial brunch.” Shaan Patel, 30 founder of Prep Expert

THIS IS WHAT 50% PRINTS LIKE KEY MEDIA PARTERSHIP WITH FORBES Millennial Business Leaders look to more experienced professionals for advice, and Forbes is one of the business industry’s most authoritative and respected voices. MBL read Forbes Magazine,1 visit Forbes.com,1 and attend Forbes live events.2 It’s a longstanding trusted trade publication, so this partnership will increase the credibility of CureSearch and its mission.


The Forbes 30 Under 30 list is published at the end of each year, highlighting young trailblazers. We will create a 15 Under 15 list and purchase the cover and a two-page spread in the Forbes December 2020 issue. We will tell the stories of 7 childhood cancer patients and survivors, and 8 children who passed away, representing the sub-50% survival rates for some types of childhood cancer. 1



YouGov Profiles 2020 Forbes 2019 Under 30 Summit

THIS IS WHAT 50% FEELS LIKE Every October, Forbes hosts its Under 30 Summit that draws over 9,000 attendees. We will sponsor the 2020 event in Detroit and five percent of the summit ticket sales will go back to CureSearch. We will have a CureSearch researcher be a keynote speaker and invite a few children to share their stories. Attendees can donate in-person and sign up to learn more about how their companies can help CureSearch. On-site event materials will include other ways to donate.

Use your mobile device to scan this QR code and learn how you and your company can help cure children’s cancer. .

Schedule of Events October 18-21, 2020


THIS IS WHAT 50% LOOKS LIKE CureSearch Sponsored :59

Donate Now 50,434 views curesearchThe survival rate remains under 50% for some childhood cancers. Join CureSearch For Children’s Cancer in raising...more View all 1,980 comments

SPONSORED NATIVE ARTICLES We will disrupt Millennial Business Leaders while they catch up on their daily news to really capture their attention. CureSearch native articles will only have 50% of content available to read, but readers can unlock the rest of the article by donating at least $5 to CureSearch. A donation button will live on the article and link the reader to the full article once a contribution has been made. We will run articles on Forbes.com and other business and entrepreneurship-related news sites.


SOCIAL MEDIA ADS CureSearch will use social media ads to educate Millennial Business Leaders and ask for donations. These video creatives will show the story of kids battling cancer. Midway through, the story will abruptly end, the 50% statistic will play, and the ad ends with a call to action to donate.


Listening to podcasts is a part of Millennial Business Leaders’ daily routines.1 To raise awareness for children’s cancer and CureSearch’s mission, we will buy ads in business and entrepreneurship-related podcasts such as Don’t Keep Your Day Job and Planet Money. The script will run for the half of the time, then cut off and talk about CureSearch. Sample copy for a :30 sec pre-recorded spot: Katie Jones was nine years old when she was diagnosed with cancer and started treatment. She used to love softball, but hasn’t played in a year. On June 10th –-(3 secs of silence) That could be the end of Katie’s story, or it could be just the beginning. Survival rates for many types of childhood cancer remain under 50%, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Join CureSearch in curing children’s cancer. Go to curesearch.org to learn how you and your company can help.



YouGov Profiles 2020


Strategically use media to shock Millennial Business Leaders, enforcing the idea that 50% is not satisfactory, and encourage them to donate and learn how their companies can help.



Media Channels Podcasts Social Media

Media Channels Live Event Sponsored Articles Print Advertorial

KPIs Reach Social Engagement Measures Episode Downloads Donations Likes, Comments, Shares Site Visits

KPIs Social Engagement Reach Earned Buzz Measures Donations Attendees Likes, Comments, Shares

OPTIMIZATION: Our ads will reach MBL when they are engaging in their routine moments, including while they are commuting, scrolling through social, or visiting their favorite sites for content. Data will be collected and utilized to re-target the audience to help keep CureSearch top of mind and propel them down the purchase funnel.



Michael, 28, is the co-founder and COO of his company. He listens to a CureSearch-sponsored podcast while he’s commuting to work.

While waiting for the elevator, he scrolls through his Instagram feed where he’s served another CureSearch ad.

After a busy day at the office, Michael catches up on news on his favorite news site. He starts reading a CureSearch native article, only to find out that half the article is available. Michael wants to finish it, so he donates to Cure­Search to unlock the rest of the content.

He talks with his CEO and has his company pledge a larger contribution to CureSearch.

Michael picks up the Forbes 15 Under 15 issue and is moved by the article’s message.

Michael attends the Forbes Under 30 Summit and listens to Cure­Search’s keynote speaker. He is shocked to find out how much needs to be done to end childhood cancer and feels compelled to help. He donates on-site. CureSearch and Forbes social ads will share moments from the summit and retarget Michael, reminding him how inspired he felt.


A condensed flight will raise the $2MM in 50% of a year. TACTICS





















TOTAL SPEND: $2.94MM WHAT 50% PRINTS LIKE 1.4MM impressions $71K donations

WHAT 50% SOUNDS LIKE 5MM impressions $250K donations

(0.5% cvr | $10 avg. donation)

(0.5% cvr | $10 avg. donation)

Average donation rates estimated from donation data from YouGov Profiles 2020

WHAT 50% FEELS LIKE 9K impressions $365K donations Individual Donations: $5.4K (5% cvr | $10 avg. donation) Ticket Proceeds: $360K

WHAT 50% LOOKS LIKE 109.6MM impressions $2.2MM donations Articles: $643K donations (1.0% cvr1 | $5 avg. donation) Social: $1.6MM donations (0.33% cvr1 | $5 avg. donation)

CAMPAIGN IMPRESSIONS: 115.2MM CAMPAIGN DONATIONS: $2.91 MM + 5 COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARDS ($59K leftover media budget @ $10K per award2) *CORPORATE DONATION CONSIDERATION: Corporate sponsorships may not be brought in immediately, but our campaign will keep CureSearch top of mind, especially going into the holiday season. M-105-153

1 2

2019 M+R Benchmarks Study CureSearch website

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