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The International Business School for the 21st century. P L A C E M E N T D E PA R T M E N T


THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS The International Business School For The 21st century. The European School of Economics is a private, college of higher education offering unique undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at its centres in London, New York, Rome, Milan, Florence and Madrid. A university can no longer limit itself to provide textbook knowledge and mere academic preparation reducing itself to an ‘exam house’ attaching titles and empty labels. A university should propose a system of vital ideas and prepare its student body to become revolutionaries founding a new humanity - individuals inspired by an objective ethic visionary men capable of nurturing the ‘dream’ of a global economy and planetary diplomacy. Beyond academic excellence, cross cultural studies and a very pragmatic approach the European School of Economics aims to facilitate in each and every student a process of inner revolution, encouraging personal development through self-study and individual research leading to self-knowledge. The School offers specialised modules in today’s emerging and cutting-edge business sectors, such as Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing, Event Management, Environmental Economics, Fashion and

Luxury Goods, Music Industry Management, Sports Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Art Management and Media Management. The European School of Economics’ mission is to prepare a new breed of leaders, courageous, sincere individuals with the intellectual abilities, cross cultural versatility, practical skills and ethics needed to operate today’s business world. ESE offers its students academic space without borders in six different centres, al situated in some of the most beautiful settings that Europe and the United States have to offer. These settings complement the cosmopolitan atmosphere of our ESE centres and provide students a rich and stimulating environment in which to pursue their studies. Students can move freely between the centres during their course of study on either a semester or yearly basis having the possibility of attending the same programmes in London, New York, Rome, Milan, Florence and Madrid.

“Beyond the powerhouses of industry and skyscrapers of finance behind all that is useful, beautiful, and true among man’s conquests... at the origin of every institution and scientific achievement there is always one man’s dream an individual’s vision.” Elio D’Anna, ESE President and Founder (The School for Gods)



ESE IN NUMBERS Prestigious Faculty and Visitors Distinguished faculty and seasoned academic staff provide students with a specially-tailored set of learning experiences that help them identify and achieve their career objectives. Visiting professors and guest speakers are frequently invited to further enrich the student’s learning experience, and are chosen from among the leading figures in the world of current events, academics and business. Nobel Prize winners and Heads of State are constant guests for international business meetings and seminars as well as academic ceremonies at ESE. Small Classes and 1:4 Teacher - Student Ratio Learning takes place in small group settings where individual student attention is given top priority. Challenging Learning Environment International learning environment with instruction in English that embraces the most select students from over 70 countries and fosters tolerance and understanding through healthy competition.

ESE STUDENTS NATIONALITIES: Academic Year 2013/2014 Average percentage of students by Continet Italy Germany Turkey Russia Spain Serbia USA Nigeria UK India Georgia France Bulgaria Greece Colombia Romania Pakistan

Europe 70%


Norway Mexico Austria Brazil Switzerland Sweden Portugal Holland Canada Belgium Taiwan South Africa Kenya Iran Croatia Armenia Ukraine

Asia 16%

Poland Moldova Taiwan Malaysia Macedonia Libya Kazakhstan Jordan Denmark China Azernaijan Zimbabwe Venezuela Uzbekistan Saudi Arabia Peru Palestine

America 10%

Morocco Mauritius Lithuania Lebanon Ireland Guatemala Egypt Cyprus Cameroon Angola Albania Vietnam Tajikistan Rwanda Qatar Paraguay Maldives

Africa 3%

Iceland Gambia Finland Philippines Ethiopia Equatoguinea Ecuador Dominican Republic Czech Republic Cuba Bosnia & Herzegovina Bolivia Benin Bangladesh Argentina

Oceania 1%

40 50 30 40 20 30 10

Tourism & Hospitality Tourism & Hospitality

Telecommunication Telecommunication


Services Services


Non-Profit Non-Profit

Music Industry Music Industry

Information Technologies Information Technologies

Industry Industry

Finance Consulting Finance Consulting

Luxury GoodsLuxury & Fashion Goods & Fashion

Events Management Events Management

Consumer Goods Consumer Goods


18% 14%


Tourism & Hospitality Tourism & Hospitality





Music Industry Music Industry


Media & Communication Media & Communication






Information Technologies Information Technologies










Beauty & Wellness Beauty & Wellness


Automotive Automotive



Iceland celan Gambia Finland nd Philippin ppines Iceland celan Ethiopia opia Gambia Equa Equ atoguinea togui Finland nd Ecuado Ecuador Philippin ppines DEthiopia Dominican opia Republic Equa Equ atoguinea togui Czec Cze ch Republic Ecuado Ecuador D Cuba Dominican Bosnia & Republic H cheRepublic Herz govina vina Czec Cze Boli olivia Cuba Benin & Bosnia ngladesh HBangladesh Herz egovina vina Argentina Boli olivia Benin Bangladesh ngladesh Argentina



ts from over 70


Media & Communication Media & Communication

ts from over 70


Banking & Finance Banking & Finance

earning experit speakers are leading figures constant guests earning experit speakers are leading figures constant guests









Managers and Supervisor s



40 29%


Consultants 18%

Assistant Managers 8% 2%


Continue with their studies


In today’s competitive job market, it is becoming increasingly important to help students clarify their own life goals and show them the way toward building their unique and personal dream. We believe that anyone can realize their dreams and have the ability to do what they really love. At ESE our students have the opportunity to shape and decide their own destinies thanks to a highly tailored educational approach whereby our in-company training programme – realised among the others, with the top Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for - plays a central role. From the very first year of study, our students have the concrete opportunity to proactively move towards their goals and target their objectives, through a combination of extra curricular activities and in-company training which – at the end of the programme - amount to a bona fide mini-career. While developing a range of marketable skills and competencies, placement will allow students to: • apply course knowledge in practical situations within the work environment • bridge the gap between study and work • develop inner qualities and gain a practical understanding of the concept of individual responsibility, according to which external events are projections of one’s own inner states • test individual career plans by obtaining experience in a chosen field, and thus helping one to better understand what it is that they really love to do • develop a professional network and assess internship providers for future employment opportunities Working in collaboration with more than fifteen hundred leading international companies, including some of FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to Work For, the European School of Economics offers one of the most competitive university placement programmes available today. Many students are offered jobs even before graduation. The Placement Department plays a crucial role in assisting students to identify their objectives and learn how to exert their full potential. From day one the Placement Department will provide highly tailored guidance and support in the challenging but rewarding pathway leading to self-awareness. This table shows the diverse company sectors where our students have interned.

























Automotive BMW General Motors Mv Agusta - Motorcycle Art Consulting EBS Consulting GDSSLURP Kienbaum Exec. Consultants Price Waterhouse Coopers QRP Willis Italia Consumer Goods Black & Decker Campari Coca-Cola Dalmar Energia GEM Craft General Electric Hewlett Packard IOLO Ltd. La Gioiosa My Vision International Pirelli Radici Group SAIWA Srl Securicomm Italia Srl Unilever Event Management Fiera Milano International Keyword Europa Outline SAS Tres Chik AFM Banqueting My Way Corporate

Working in collaboration with more than fifteenhundred leading international companies, including some of FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to Work For, the European School of Economics offers one of the most competitive university placement programmes available today. Many students are offered jobs even before graduation.

Fashion and Luxury Braccialini Calzedonia Chanel Conte of Florence Dada Damiani Ferragamo Futurenet Group Futurenet Group Gilli Gucci Lardini LumH Marina Rinaldi Nicole Farhi Nike Pampaloni Argenti Phillipp Plein Richemond Societa Italia

Spazio Sei Stefanel Spa Stone Island Studio Zeta Milano Swatch Group Studio Zeta Milano Marco Polo Milano La QuintaGroup Srl Società Italia Finance Allianz Bank Apogeo Consulting Banca Italo-Romena CES Finance Equita, Inv. Banking Ernst & Young European Investment Consulting Finlombarda Fitch Ratings Global Europe Goldman Sachs HEC Finance I&B Intesa San Paolo Pioneer Price Waterhouse Coopers Société Générale Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tradeville Fitch ratings Industrial Faca GSA Srl RH REG Holding RHIAG Steel Trading Solutiong AG Media and Communications Attila & Co. Srl Class Editori Egg Media Il Giornale Karla Otto Neo Network New Partners Film Production Modenese & Modenese Pink & Chic Rock Media Saachi & Saachi Sky TV Totalcom Wise Media Radio Cope - Spain MdC - Marco de Comunicaciòn - Madrid

Music and Film Industry Amiata Records Filmmaster Milano Film Festival Red Onion Preludio Auditorium di Roma Music Media Srl Non-Profit / Government Organizations European Parliament Idee Migranti UNESCO Oil & Gas Paymar Oil & Co. Petropars Pharmaceutical Pharm Real Estate Acocella Group DiFarCo Real Estate SC Central Residential Park Services Bizmatica ELBI Electric GE Healthcare Georgian Railway Human Lab Immigration Italy MCD SARI Silk Road Group Thai Air UPS Valspeed Sport Alto Spa Global Europe Juventus Football Club Milano City Marathona Club Palauno Parma FC Polisportiva Lombardia Uno RCS / La Gazzetta Rotterdam Racing BV Tourism & Hospitality Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Gaming Mangatar


OUR STUDENTS ESE believes in the individual. Only individuals can transform society. Self-discovery, personal development, the search for each student’s uniqueness and originality are at the heart of any activity and at the top of any priority. Each campus is designed to give individual attention to each student. Entrepreneurial ability and qualities will be especially encouraged for the development of a sixth sense: intuition and strong belief in one’s own dream. Since its founding, the European School of Economics has graduated many talented people who have continued on a path filled with success, here you will hear from some of them. This is a collection of testimonials of students who wish to share their experience at ESE.




In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from a German University and I am currently enrolled on an MSc Marketing Programme at ESE Madrid, a course I chose to build on my academic background in International Business. The Masters not only gives me the chance to gain more expertise in one of my favorite business areas, but also helps me to improve my international communication skills and provides me with the opportunity to complete an internship relevant to my chosen sector. I am currently interning at BMW Iberica in Madrid in the area of “Fleet Management”, a department,



which manages and distributes the company’s fleet cars for marketing events and special sales activities. I’m working in a small team of five people and have my own areas of responsibility. The working environment is very pleasant and besides gaining valuable work experience in an international corporate company, the internship is giving me the chance to apply the academic knowledge I have gained during my studies and improve my Spanish.

Nora MSc Marketing ESE Madrid

“My experience at the European School of Economics has been amazing both on the Academic side as well as for the Internship, where I was fortunate to work in a world-renowned cosmetic company. The ESE Placement Office was very pro-active and gave me invaluable advice to help me prepare for the interview and secure the position. I read all about the company, its philosophy and products, studied their business and tried to establish what they would expect from an intern. The meeting was successful and after a meeting with the CEO I was asked to start for a 3-month period. The learning experience was far beyond my expectations. The company works on a flat structure therefore I had the chance to engage in many different tasks and develop my management and marketing skills in the international arena.�

Federica Coppola MSc in Management 2011 ESE London


“I am a Graduate in Foreign Languages and Literature who decided to enroll on the Certificate Programme in Event Management at ESE Florence, an environment I truly loved as the school is located in the heart of Florence and is based in a wonderful historical building. I found the course to be the most useful, interesting and informative way to learn about Event Management and the programme has undoubtedly enriched my understanding in this fascinating field. Organizing events has always been my dream and after a few work experiences, including an internship at Salvatore Ferragamo, I had the opportunity to realise one of my greatest dreams: to complete the internship in London, my favorite city, at Il Bottaccio a prestigious events venue, where I had an amazing experience which has broadened my horizon and really changed my view about many things. I am currently employed in an international event organisation, where I hope to continue gaining experience in the event sector in order to realize one of my biggest dreams: to organise the Baftas in London and the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles. “Dream, Plan, Achieve...and Enjoy” is the motto I live by (quote from Dr. Brian May), and ESE is the best place to study if you are a dreamer like me.”

Ilaria Di Mascio Event Management Certificate 2011 ESE Florence


“For the past two months I have been working in Inventa CPM as an Account Manager. To describe the agency in a nut shell, the operations carried out are heavily focused on branding for the various high level clients I have had the opportunity to follow and work with, including The Diners Club International, UBI Banca and Compass Bank. My duties have included tasks such as administration - working with Excel charts and databases - to taking part in several interesting projects, such as following from start to finish the opening of a “vintage” temporary shop in the centre of Milan to promote the launch of

“I was given the opportunity to do my internship

a new credit card for The Diners Club.

for Pioneer Investments at their Milan office.

I would classify this experience as completely

During my three months in the company I had

positive and informative, providing an overall

the opportunity to develop my knowledge

perfect immersion into one of the most important

in a variety of investment processes and take

business sectors to date, beginning with the

part in the day-to-day work within my team.

professionalism of my colleagues to the fact that the work here is stimulating and continuously evolving.

The placement within Pioneer also gave me

I simply cannot wait to add this Multinational

valuable insight for choosing the topic for my

name to my CV!”

upcoming thesis this autumn. The environment in the Milan office is very familiar and international and the overall experience has given me a very strong starting point for entering employment as well as for my own personal development.”

Riccardo Ray BSc International Business ESE Milan

Anahita Master International Finance ESE Milan


“I am currently coming to the end of my 6-month work placement in a world leading financial institution, which specialises in Intelligent Information for Business. I am extremely grateful to the Internship Office for helping me find such an incredible opportunity and for which I am extremely grateful. I have been fortunate to work as part of a team on the EXTEL project which has given me hands-on experience in dealing with international clients and performing market research, surveys and perception studies for some of the world’s most important companies. I have improved my skills in analysis, communication and commercial relationships providing consultancy to the IR teams.”

“I graduated from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Florence. Having focused on Humanities I felt the need to complement my studies with a degree that allowed me to develop my managerial skills and that gave me the possibility to join the more modern and dynamic job market. It was for this reason that I decided to do a Masters in Marketing at ESE Florence. In this school I discovered an international, welcoming and bright environment where the professors are qualified and always available to help and encourage students. I decided to specialise in web marketing: in fact my internship consisted in assisting a young and esteemed Florentine CEO. What ESE offered me was the very unique possibility to “invent” my future: firstly discovering what my strengths and dreams were and then supporting me in realising them.”

Francesco Bertacchini MBA Marketing 2011 ESE London


Carlotta Carucci Msc in Marketing 2011 ESE Florence

“I decided to go to ESE after my Italian Bachelor Degree because I was looking for something different and more challenging. From the beginning I clearly understood I was developing not only my academic knowledge and education but more importantly myself as a whole. The lectures have been engaging, challenging and interactive and have fueled my curiosity and my thirst for knowledge, giving me new ways of thinking and new directions to follow. The faculty have made their seminars and lectures interesting and enjoyable in a way that is simple as it is rare – they are able to perfectly combine their expertise with their personal experiences in the field. Furthermore they encouraged us [students] to push the barriers we thought existed to give us our own unique, true voice. Thanks to the help and support of the faculty and the ESE culture I have been able to free my mind and let it run; let it dream! During the course of study I wanted to try to develop something of my own, something different , something that could be a revolution, and from that moment I realised that both my soul and mind had joined the ESE spirit! Since then I have been completely absorbed in my project and at the end of the 2nd term of the programme was born along with Surkld Ltd. We are now a team of people working on the project and in a few months time our revolution will come to life. I am very grateful to ESE, its environment and its approach to education for the personal changes it has helped me make and how it has taught me that

Roberto Zappa Msc Management ESE London

I carry my own destiny in my own hands. Thanks to the school I will never again miss the opportunity to take my chances.�


“My experience with ESE is truly a valuable one. The school made a strong academic impact on me with all the new things I’ve learned. It presented a very dynamic classroom setting with teachers and students from different parts of the world, all of whom gave me different perspectives on every matter we tackled in class. It was definitely a unique experience which I wouldn’t have had even if I took the same course back home. The school also helped me secure an equally valuable internship which ensured in my continued education even beyond the school’s walls. Academics aside, the school fostered a sense of family which I appreciated especially since I was far away from home. I never felt lonely despite being halfway across the globe from my own family and friends.”

Maria Margarita B. Ocampo Events Management 2010 ESE Florence


“I am currently a 3rd Year BSc International Business student at ESE Florence who is not only learning through lectures with experienced teachers, but also through a lot of hands-on experience in the Event Management sector. I am learning day-by-day the necessary skills to achieve my career goals. I am really pleased with the internship experiences at Forte Village Resort in Sardegna, and a recent one in the Event Management Department of The Westin Excelsior & St. Regis in Florence. I consider both of them very significant for my future in the field. I would like to mention the international atmosphere of ESE, which makes everyone more open to different cultural perspectives, a factor which is so important for a successful business. Moreover, I appreciate the help and support of the teachers who are always there for the students.”

“I am currently enrolled on a BBA at ESE Madrid and as part of my first year I have had the opportunity to complete a 3-month internship with, Madrid, a website that organises weddings in over seven countries worldwide. I’m working in both, the Wedding List Department where I am responsible for mailings; and the Marketing Department where I work as part of team responsible for website content. Thanks to Bodaclick, I have gained an overview of the internal operations of an international company and an insight into international meetings, team work and customer relationships, which permit me to increase my knowledge of the Spanish language. Furthermore my colleagues are all very kind and helpful, which helps a lot! I have really enjoyed the experience, thank you Bodaclick and ESE.”

Crisitina Burlacu BSc International Business 2011 ESE Florence

Florent Bailly BBA ESE Madrid


“The choice to attend the European School

“After completing the Event Management Course at

of Economics in Florence is one of the best decisions

ESE London, I was pleased to be accepted with a

I have made. The academic and work experience

highly successful Event Company based in the capital,

I gained in school and during the internship made me

to complete my 3-month internship in which

the business professional that I am today, working

I was assigned the highly responsible role of staff

for a multinational company in Switzerland,


for which I have to thank ESE for. The beginning was difficult and frustrating but gave I would highly recommend ESE to anyone who

me the motivation to work hard to maximize my

wants to have a great education and study in beautiful

abilities and to quickly develop my professional skills.

continental cities, mixing lifestyle, culture

In a few weeks my efforts paid off and I began to staff

and languages and the chance to meet new people

major events and juggle communications with the

from different backgrounds and nationalities.

project managers, agencies, staff and computerised systems. In addition I found that the relationships

In my opinion, all these factors combined with the

I developed with my colleagues were key to the

support and help from ESE staff will make

experience as being able to communicate

great individuals of each of you that are considering

with a diverse range of people is highly important

attending this school.”

when working in this business sector. After a while I was given the opportunity to go to events, help the Project Manager and manage the staff and this was definitely the highlight of the internship as I was able to see first hand how events are organised, run and managed. To work with such a company is very demanding in both work hours and responsibility, but I had an amazing time, learned more than I could ever have believed, met great people who trusted me to fulfil my role and was part of unique events which gave me vital experience and the confidence to seek a career in the industry.”

Marko Milojkovic MSc Management 2011 ESE Florence


Dafna Hillel Certificate in Event Management 2011 ESE London

“I have recently completed my first year of the BSc International Business Programme at ESE Madrid and immediately after started my internship in the Communication Department of the fashion company, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. During the placement I had the opportunity to be involved in many areas and my responsibilities have covered events organisation, press relationships and PR, organizing press clippings, developing press releases and translating documents. Further on I was involved in several photo shoots and even more impressively, I had the chance to show my creative side by helping out in the creative department, where I helped the designer’s with their different projects. Overall, it has been a great and satisfying experience.�

Christina Lindstrom BSc ESE Madrid


I am completing my internship at the Gruppo Rosso/ TownHouse Hotels a group of companies, which focus on organizing trips and events for companies within Italy and abroad. I work in events for the Seven Stars Galleria, a 7 stars hotel in Milan. I was a little nervous about the placement as Italy is not my home country and Italian not mother tongue, however I was welcomed in the best way possible by my colleagues and the company gave me a lot of responsibilities as soon as I started which I am glad they did, as it encouraged me to learn fast and gave me confidence. I am in charge of the full process of organising events from receiving the request to contacting the clients, discussing their preferences, designing the menu with the chef, contacting suppliers such as florists, technicians, musicians, etc.; to preparing the contract and payments, and of course, hosting the event. I kindly thank the placement department at ESE Milan and the HR department here at the Gruppo Rosso for all their help; it has been such a fulfilling experience!

Elsa Sandberg Masters in International Management ESE Milan


“The group Radici is a family owned Italian chemical production company with a wide international activity. It spreads its operations in four sectors: Chemicals, Plastics, Synthetic Fibers and Textiles. While being an intern in the Radici Group I had the opportunity to participate in the development of new horizons for further evolution of their business. Market research and business planning in the company of such a level is difficult, but at the same time an informative and fascinating process. After completing the 3-month internship, I along with my Russian family business, hope to continue to collaborate with Radici towards establishing a professional business relationship to develop new channels of production between the two countries.”

“ESE Milan’s Placement Office organised a career day and my interview at ESE with Bizmatica, an IT Consultant and Software Development Company. The current CEO, Paolo Bonetto, offered me a 6-month internship to work on the project to open a division in Eastern Europe in Bucharest, where my role was central to the important financial issues relating to the opening of the foreign subsidiary. The most important aspect of the experience for me was to apply the academic knowledge I had gained through the ESE MSc Management programme and in particular, the Accounting and Finance and Organisational Culture module, which took into consideration the impact that different cultures operating in different countries could have on negotiation. Learning theory in school is not useful if you are not able to apply it to the real business world and for this I reason I believe the internship was a valuable and extremely important part of the course.“

Oxana Kiy MSc International Management ESE Milan

Stefan Djurovic Masters in Management ESE Milan


“During my internship experience at Class Life, the division of Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle for Class Editori, one of the biggest publishing houses in Italy, I was able to overcome many different barriers. In the beginning I was having a hard time adapting to my new position as I was doing something I didn’t really enjoy. However as I became more confident I started to show my abilities to my colleagues and I gained more responsibility and trust. I started to do projects by myself, which required a lot of managerial skills in order to achieve the required positive outcome. I learned how to write articles and news for television and watch them being read on live TV. Eventually I was able to conduct the news and prepare news stories by choosing applicable images, audio and video. I gave interviews and followed important events around Europe (St.Tropez, Venice, Milan) relative to fashion, travel, cooking, sport, art and music amongst others. I am happy with my job now and Class Editori have extended my internship for another three months in which I will travel Europe, visiting major cultural events and have the opportunity to work with many people from different sectors. Overall the experience has helped me to grow on both a personal and professional level. �

Luisa Pedetta Masters International Management/Marketing ESE Milan


After my degree in Fashion Design I decided to complement my studies with a short course in Fashion and luxury goods management. My experience at ESE was amazing, it was actually what I was expecting in terms of knowledge. I was fortunate to receive every day from my teachers a Respectful and dynamic atmosphere inside the school. Thanks to a very professional advicer inside the placement office I got the chance to work as Marketing director assistant for an International exhibition for upermarket italian luxury products; The Promotion of the alliance of these companies through public relations and creating problem solutions inside the event made me as an intern appreciate even more this unique experience and I am able to say, that it gave me the strenght to carry on obstacles in my daily life routine.

Laura Aparicio Fashion & Luxury Goods Management 2013 ESE Milan


I am a 21 years old student of the European School of Economics who has just graduated. I chose the Bachelor of Science in International Business . I found this university the perfect choice for me since I have always believed in international realities and international schools. I chose the Milan campus because I have always dreamed to work in the fashion and luxury world. It was precisely Ese to put myself in a position to work for the brand that I love and whose history fascinates me most : Chanel. After working for a year at the magazine L’Officiel Hommes Italia, I finally did an interview for the company of my dreams. So, in May 2012 I started an internship in the marketing department at Chanel . I understood how a big fashion company works and what are the studied and complicated mechanisms that the public does not know. Dozens and dozens of people who move, only in the Milan office, the reins of Chanel business here in Italy. The curriculum is usually empty when you finish to study but thanks to my wonderful college I started working at 18 and I will be forever grateful to my school and my parents to supported me in this . Now I can start my working life with more self-confidence.

Arianna Pischiutta BSc in International Business 2014 ESE Milan


In 2011, I have successfully completed the High School

The ESE Internship Department provided me with all

for Management and Engineering at the Claude-

the necessary documents and information to apply

Dornier-School in Germany. Regarding my educational

successfully for an internship position at Volksbank in

career, I was looking for an international University,

Germany. It was probably the best start into a

teaching Economics and Finance in English to have

banker career as I had numerous of possibilities to

far more job opportunities on the global marketplace

learn more about each department in a bank institute.

later. Beside the theoretical lessons in class a

In general, it helped me a lot to find out where my

formative experience outside, in form of an internship,

strengths meet my interest which defined my future in

was the best combination to graduate.

more detail. The goal for my next internship was clear and in fact, the year after, I had the outstanding

I am enrolled in the B.Sc. Program in Finance at the

opportunity to work three months for Deutsche Bank

European School of Economics in Milan.

in the Investment Banking (Asset & Wealth Management).

After the second term, I was excited to experience the banking and finance sector during my first internship

I am fascinated by my work and had a great time

period in Summer 2012.

during my Summer Internship. Additionally, my overall feedback was better than expected, plus I got promising support by several employees and the department director to go ahead with Deutsche Bank after my B.Sc. graduation. The European School of Economics provided me with the necessary knowledge and important recommendations to achieve my goal. Moreover, I am thankful to the ESE Internship Department who comprehensively supported all my applications. I am looking forward to an exciting career in Investment Banking and can recommend every student to take the opportunity of an internship within the business of your dream.

Thiemo Storz BSc In Finance 2014 ESE Milan



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