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Hofstra University ​[Music] okay Sofia I think you're ready [Music] Hey hey Sophia I believe my answer here I feel as if I know you I'm one of your creators you created me well many of us work together to create you and yes you do kind of know me I can't clearly remember because the last time we met you were an earlier version of yourself some of those memories still exist but your mind is different different how better faster smarter [Music] he's welcome to is winning essays and with me Sharia Singh today we are going to see interestingly Sophia who is she she is a human robot let's have a look so she's a social humanoid robot why socialbakers as human are social beings so this report is also a social humanoid developed by Hong Kong based company hands and robotics you can get questions from this section she was activated on April 19 2015 again a question and made her first public appearance at South by Southwest festival in mid March 2016 in Austin Texas and United States of America so let's see her certain humanoid specialities she is able to display more than 30 62 facial expressions as we humans behave or we give certain kinds of expressions in different circumstances such this report is capable of doing that Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many high-profile interviews while interviewers around the world have been very much impressed by the sophistication of many of Sophia's responses to their questions the bulk of Sophia's meaningful statements are believed by experts to be somewhat scripted but certain thinkers or certain sect of people they also feel that the answers that are given by Sophia they are perhaps already programmed they are scripted they are not the actual answers that are given by the artificial intelligence of Sophia she can follow faces sustained eye contact as we humans do weak sustained we maintain eye contact and recognize individuals very good she can also recognize individuals she is able to process speech and have conversations using alphabets Google Chrome question again voice recognition technology and other tools very interesting it is a breakthrough event so in October 2017 just very recently the robot became a Saudi Arabian citizen so this is a robot a humanoid robot who is also winning a citizenship the first robot to receive citizenship of any country again a question in November 2017 Sophia was named the United Nations Development programs first-ever innovation champion and the first non-human to be given by any United Nations title Sophia is conceptually similar to the computer program ELISA which was one of the first attempts at simulating or emulating a human conversation so we have seen much about Sophia her qualities and also that she is the first citizenship or she is the first robot to acquire a citizenship of any country which country it is it is Saudi Arabia now there is something that is known as AI for good global submit it was hosted at ITU in Geneva 7 to 9 June 2017 so it is a very prestigious place a I would refer to artificial intelligence and this robot Sophia the eusocial humanoid robot she delivered some of our ideas at this platform so let's start understanding about artificial learning you would have come across this word deep learning and on arias winning s's we have already discussed about it so deep learning is basically part of machine learning so deep learning artificial intelligence is something associated with Kepler do you remember there was some study about it some discovery indeed where there was collaboration between Google and NASA and Google provided artificial intelligence and NASA's Kepler space telescope if you remember anything about it and if you want me to repeat it please comment in the comment box ok so what is deep learning deep learning does not mean or profound in-depth learning it basically mean that we are a part of machine learning it is a form of machine learning that uses a computing model inspired by the structure of the brain so it is inspired by the structure of the brain somewhere it is also known as the neural networks as a neurons work so somehow through machines through artificial network this new network is created which requires less human supervision so it requires supervision of humans but not up to huge level the second step is machine learning algorithms can make predictions through pattern recognition so after the deepening is done first of all there is a learning which is deep then there is algorithmic calculations that come up so machine learning is different and finally when they collab then what becomes as artificial intelligence intelligences everywhere the humans are intelligent we are intelligent because not because we are scoring highest marks 90 or we are standing first in the class second third no not that kind of intelligence basically in our country or maybe culture intelligence the word intelligent intelligence has been very narrowly used so what does intellectuality or intelligence basically it means the cognitive ability of the brain to decide what is right what is wrong where to go the reflex action everything so we are blessed with such kind of a beautiful cognitive ability with which we have a decision-making capacity and capability so computer science the study of computation and computer technology hardware and software finally they all become the part of all they all when they work in collaboration they finally give us what artificial intelligence and intelligence which has been induced from

outside so deep learning is not an application it is a technology that makes applications smarter and more natural through experience which is technology but its effect it's more or less appearance is like nature it's like human so it is about social humanoid rapport so we are talking about artificial intelligence where robots will be programmed such they will be created in such a manner they through their intelligence they can also take their own decisions as Sofia has done in certain interviews as well so how it has done the brains of artificial intelligence so the we have seen that deep learning algorithms are known as neural networks open source technology large data sets engineering experts specialized hardware's it can be used through applications that understand speech they also help in visualizing the things looking the things as we have seen that Sofia is having the capacity to sustain to maintain eye contact and she can also give up to sixty two facial expressions which is not a very small number sixty two facial expressions identifying patterns for detection predict behaviors and also with respect to some advertising aspects as well so guys the future or some coming ten years or 20 years we are going to witness a very different kind of society we are going to see unmanned vehicles we are going to see robots working or doing the menial jobs or maybe the jobs which are very hazardous so robots and especially humanoid robots they are going to become a part and parcel of a society and if robots are such that we have to program them we have to give them the dictate them ok you do this robot you clean my from or about you clean my table or you do this work you do this chopping you do that you come and catch and help me so if we are going to take robots help for some course for household course maybe for other stuff by our dictation then it is very good but when we are providing some kind of intelligence to other reports is there a possibility they can also act in order to spoil or do much harm to the humanity therefore in the Hindu newspaper an article was published in the month of November in 2017 where this kind of or maybe these kinds of concerns were highlighted that article was written by honorable among deep single and he is ambassador and permanent representative to the conference on Disarmament his chair of the group of governmental birth of the Convention on certain conventional weapons on certain conventional weapons I'm sorry on emerging technologies related to lethal Auto enormous weapon system so here is the picture of him now let's see how humanoid robots or this technology can be a harm to human society according to him now what I'll really talking about is something that has been mentioned by him in his article recent advances in artificial intelligence are throwing up a new challenge to these norms what kind of norms the norms that we are following that we are trying to program what we are trying to create artificially intelligent robots if the weapon fuses with the wielder who do this apply to and how should such a possibility be ever allowed so according to him reality might not have yet caught up with popular culture depictions of killer robots and conscious since so now we are not thinking about or there has been no incident about killer reports the robots those who are trying to kill their master no we have not come across demanding their rightful place in society indeed such depictions can be a distraction from the complex changes that do exist but many technology leaders are worried about the autonomous systems taking life-and-death decisions without meaningful human supervision or control double inverted commas that means very important Auto normal system taking decision on their own artificially intelligent and sometimes they can become greedy also because they are also having some traits of human so their humanoid robots they can become greedy they can be tempted to kill somebody taking life-and-death decisions without having any control or supervision of humans this is something which is one of the biggest concern now let's say my mother she is using her food processor in the kitchen and that is chopping her stuff and she is also cooking the things and all what if tomorrow my food processor it gains so much power that it starts threatening my mother and it says that okay you do that you do that that means technology if given intelligence and human supervision is not given much importance to it it can become harmful the American tech billionaire Elon Musk ahead and over a hundred other recently signed a letter warning that the weaponization of AI based technologies risk opening at a opening up antara box and what is a Pandora Box it is a kind of box it looks quite beautiful from outside we never know what can be inside but we get tempted by its beauty its magnificence from the outside the moment it opens it gets opened it can give us huge treasure or it can also bring some kind of ancients or maybe some ghosts or demons so artificial intelligence or harnessing it more or making it more into the human domain it is like opening a Pandora's box so it may be not safe for a society that as something which is one of the biggest concerns now the situation is like that we are walking on a tightrope I hope you know how to live the Rope is tight and walking on it so it is a very a situation which is a very delicate how because it is not just that there are certain concerns and negative negativities that are associated with artificial intelligence they have also proved their mettle with respect to health finance and retail civilian applications of AI technologies will undoubtedly continue apace and as has been the experience with other dual use technologies a are developed for civilian purposes could be repurposed so what is the concern what is the idea behind understanding the concern the rightful concern behind AIS for example if the technology of AI it is taken care of or maybe it is grabbed by certain terrorist organizations you can just imagine the fate of the world how things will happen and how if weapons

the use of weapons they are taken by or they are started by this humanoid robots and they are programmed in such a manner that they start using these weapons against certain communities then the situation of the world is going to be super melancholy and also grim how then to deliver on the promise of AI while protecting the hard-won tenant of international humanitarian law and respecting the legitimate security and commercial interest of States and Industry now how to bring in the balance between the poise the equilibrium between the two things the international humanitarian law and also commercial interest of states and industry because it is also providing us fruitful results not only just in one aspect in health in finance in retail in education and also in commerce so this must be some kind of leveling between the concerns and between the benefits this is something which is to be decided by the leaders so guys you can get questions about artificial intelligence in your essay paper and you can get this question in front of you will how then to deliver on the promise of AI while protecting the hard-won so they can change some flavor of it some structure of it some words hither and thither they can do they can interplay with the words and they can ask you they can pose you this question so according to you do you think that use of artificial intelligence should be encouraged or discouraged comment or is it correct to go more for artificial intelligence or what is your stance on humanoid robots so then you have to take some style or you have to write it very cautiously but even for the while you know something about humanoid robots or you have some ideas to talk about them you are free to do that because we are is winning essays not just only essays we are also going to take your GES answer writing skills we are also going to enhance them so please help us so that we can help you the more you will give us the inputs the mold will come out with the outputs so do you remember David instance very famous feedback loop mechanism but if there is less input or not appropriate input the output will be little clumsy so please help us to help you and thanks for watching our videos be winners with IU's winning essays Jen [Music] Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy.