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Laura Castro Londoño Teacher: Sonia López Matter: English Grade: 10º2 Institución Educativa Colombia Girardota, Antioquia 2017

A brief history of my life ♥

My name is Laura Castro Londoñon and my family consists of: My father, my mother and My father has the name of: Manuel José Castro Longas My mother: Maryori Janeth Londoño García I am 15 years old, and I'll tell you the most important facts of my life. I was born on November 10/2001, I was baptized at 6 months in the cathedral Of Girardota and they called me Laura. At age 3 enter the prejadin Comfama where I was two years. When I turned 4, My parents took me to my first walk to tolu Coveñas. We left at 9pm from the northern transportation terminal and arrived in the morning at Coveñas, we stayed in a cabin for 4 days, we were in tolu and in Cartagena. On the way back we did it also by bus, we left at 11 am and arrived at 9 pm.

When I turned five it was the first birthday I was celebrated, they made me piñata, they served ice cream and shared with all my family, cousins and friends. When I turned 5 years old I left the prejardin, when I enter the school our lady of the rosary where I took the preschool grades, first and second In the rosary I learned to dance cumbiay I was in several presentations, I entered swimming classes where I stayed for two years.

When I was the age of 6 I was taken on a trip to san andres islands, Is my first old lady of whom I have memories, I remember it was the first time I was going to ride in a plane, and I did not want to climb in for fear, until I met a family who also traveled there and with them went up quiet. When we arrived the first thing we noticed was that it was very hot, from the airport we went to the hotel, where we got to have lunch and then we went to do a tour by the island, on the way back we ate and went for a walk on the beach and then to sleep. The second day we went to the aquarium where we could see a variety of fish Very nice and from there we went to the island Johnny Cay, where we had lunch and we were playing with the waves that were very big. In the afternoon we returned to the hotel where we ate and then we went for a walk along the beach. The next day after breakfast we went by boat to take a tour of the bay, then we arrived at the hotel to have lunch, later we went to the beach to swim.

The next day we went to the beach where we stayed all morning, then we return to the hotel to lunch and prepare for the return. At age 7 I go to study at the Instituciรณn Educativa Colombia to grade 3, and that's where I'm still studying. The following year when I turned 8 years I was celebrated. And the following month they took me to pass to the natural park of the snowy ones. I remember getting sick when we climbed to the snowy due to the height, this was a very nice walk because it has some very beautiful scenery. In the farm house where we stayed there was a lot of forest and there was a part of the forest that was full of orchids with lots of variety. We did a walk in garrucha.. There were mooses, ostriches, zebras and llamas, and lots of variety of fish in a beautiful lagoon. The day we climbed to the snowfall we left early In the morning to do the rrecorido by the bus. I remember that it was very cold and the more we climbed colder towards, there was a lot of water, lots of moss and frailejรณn, when we got to the top of the snow it was snowing and even though it very cold was a very beautiful landscape, because everything was covered in white.

The descent was a bit road was covered all of slipped, which is why The next day we went of Manisales, and we monument to and we went to the city

difficult because the snow and the cars we had to walk down. to do a tour of the city went to vicitar the Colonization Antioquia and the church.

The return we did in bus and iso very nice c ontemplating the landscapes, Passing through Chinchina, Felisa, Pintaola, by santa barbara until we reached mines and started descending to Medellin until we reached the southern terminal. This year make my first communion in the church of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús, it was a big party, it was all my family, Comrades, i remember it happening very well at the party and also that I started to skin with a cousin for what was left of the piñata. In the afternoon it was the piñata with the companions and at night the food with the family and they gave me many gifts. At the age of 10 they took me for a walk in Capurgana, we leave the holaya herrera airport in a small plane that only fit like 5 people or 6 I do not remember well, the trip lasts 2 hours, it was a very moving flight so the plane was moving a lot, we arrived at the airport of Capurgana, it was a very small airport, with a very bad track that even had holes and at that airport could not land large aircraft for that the track was very small, the track also had no control tower it was only like a small house that served as an office. We left the airport of Capurgana and we headed to the cabins where we went to host were near the airport and we were transported in a carriage drawn by horses, I remember regret of the horses that I even told the owner to let go of them. Later we arrived at the cabins. I was very aware that there were no vehicles and it was because there were no roads , were only dirt roads (uncovered). In Capurgana there is much nature, many trees,

beaches are small, i remember that I met with my dad a small frog of blue fluorescent and fluorescent green, they were beautiful. While we were going to go around the beach we found a sand full of beautiful snails, i remember when we came back to get caught as 6 and heche them In a jar with sea water to bring them to my cousin who has fishbowl, but in the trip they died like 3 and arrive with the other 3 and to the days they died and my cousin told me that they smelled very crazy, like rotten. When we passed by a restaurant we came across a lord who had very large lobsters and we asked him the favor that lend us one to take potos and the gentleman kindly lends it to us. On the way back, we got to have lunch. The next day we left for zapzurro where we had lunch and after a walk we cross the border with Panama and arrived at a beach where we spent the rest of the day, i remember that when I got to the beach from the heat, i the blood came and I almost did not stop. On the day of the return we visit the beaches of the totumo where very big waves arrived and arrived with great force, then we went by boat to Acandi where we went to lunch, then we took a carriage that took us to the airport where we left for Medellin. When I was 12 years old I was taken to stroll to Santa Marta, we were enjoying the beaches and did several excursions, where we went to visit the monument of Pibe Balderrama and the other went to the aquarium where we saw a dolphin show and we saw lots of variety of fish and octopus. When I turned 13, I started preparing for the c onfirmation that hard prepare one year, when the mass day arrived 2 hours hard, after leaving my father I had a small meeting with the family. Then came my most awaited birthday, which was my 15 years, at the beginning of the year I said I did not want to party, i wanted to take me for a walk or redecorate the bedroom, as time passed, we decided that I was going to have a small party because they did not want to leave me without celebrating them and they would take me for a ride. Since we started organize the party i always had the thought that it was not going to be good, that the comrades were going to get bored, that none was going to stop to dance and that everything was going to be a disaster.

20 days before the year was over there was a discussion very big between my father and my mother where they separated and for that reason my mother could not travel with us to San Andres. Missing 10 days to be my father's birthday and my mother came back, but it was too late To take her to the walk, when mama returned we kept organizing everything about the party. Missing 7 days I went with my father to San Andres Where we passed very good but we always missed mama. I knew Morgan's cave and his story, we went to the blower hole and went to the aquarium. Every morning my father and I got up early to see the sunrise, which is beautiful. When it was the day of the return we went to buy the presents for the family. On the way back only 2 days left for my birthday, wait until it was the day, in the morning I was awakened with that song and to finish adjusting I was dreaming of that song. Afternoon when I came back from school my family had a surprise when I entered the room all they came out to congratulate me and they had me 2 bouquets of flowers and a teddy, broke the cake and shared a very special moment with them. When it was the day of the celebrated of the 15 years I was very excited and worried, night came and I was still at the hairdresser when they called and said that the guests were already arriving , We left the hairdresser and when I got home I was very happy to see that the house was super well decorated, between and all my friends and family were watching me and the more pity he gave me, then the waltz, the 15 candles, We ate and broke the cake, when it arrived at 11:30 pm it started The crazy hour and I love it, everything came out better than I expected, All my friends got up to dance and very excited, and I thought I was going to go crazy and bored and that nothing was going to go well, but everything turned out to be otherwise, it was certainly the night most happy of all my life.♼

My family consists of laura3  

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