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Improvement Analysis

Claro is a telephone company that in our opinion needs to improve its services especially its customer´s service, so they can get more clients. Based on the experiences that we have had, when we go to Claro to pay my telephone service, we could recommend them to get more workers because sometimes the line is very long and it takes so much time to be waiting there. Also we would recommend them to give their workers some kind of training about “how to treat a customer” because some workers are really mean with their customers and don’t know how to deal with people. Another thing we think Claro need to improve is service, sometimes we are at home, and don’t have service and that’s very annoying, also the internet is not as fast as they say it is, and that’s an annoying thing because we need to do homework, search a video on YouTube or watch a movie on Netflix, and the internet gets really slow so we can’t do any of these things and supposedly we have the fastest internet they say they have. So we would give those three recommendations to Claro to help them improve their service.

Ethics presentation

It is an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. The company is the world`s second largest public corporation, according to the fortune global 500 list in 2013, the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees, and it is the largest retailer in the world. It is also one of the world`s most valuable companies.

Customer Base Walmart customers give low prices as the most important reason for shopping there, reflecting the LOW PRICES, ALWAYS advertising slogan that Walmart used from 1962 until 2006. The average US Walmart customer´s income is below the national average.

Walmart It is an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. The company is the world`s second largest public corporation, according to the fortune global 500 list in 2013, the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees, and it is the largest retailer in the world. It is also one of the world`s most valuable companies. A former Wal-Mart employee has filed a class-action suit against the retail giant for forcing employees to work without pay — sometimes by locking them into the stores — after their shifts had ended. Maria Gamble of Farmingville, N.Y., is filing suit on behalf of 20,000 current and former Wal-Mart employees in New York state who claim that they were denied pay for overtime hours worked. Gamble claims that while she worked at Wal-Mart's store in Centereach, N.Y., she and other hourly workers were routinely locked in the store at night where they would have to restock merchandise and count out the cash registers, even though the workers had already gone off the clock. Gamble says the tasks often took two extra hours. "What I want from this lawsuit is simple, and it is fair. When people work, they should get paid," Gamble said in a statement. Overtime Overload The suit also charges Wal-Mart with requiring employees to work through meals and rest breaks and not providing "spread of hours" pay, which requires that an employee working more than 10 consecutive hours is entitled to one additional hour of minimum wage pay. The plaintiffs want to receive their unpaid overtime spread-of-hours wages, reasonable attorneys' fees and the costs of the action, according to the suit, which was filed in New York State Supreme Court. Lawyers for the plaintiff say employees would be intimidated into working the extra hours by being given fewer hours to work or by not getting promotions. "Any opportunity for advancement would be impacted by their insistence of not working off the clock," says Adam T. Klein, attorney with law firm Outten& Golden LLP, which is representing the plaintiffs along with Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann&Berstein LLP. Wal-Mart’s Policy A spokesman for Wal-Mart would not comment on the suit's specific allegations, but said that the store's policy is to pay all employees for any hours worked and to comply with any federal and state regulations regarding worker compensation. "This is directly contrary to our policy, and any supervisor who violates our policy is subject to disciplinary action, including termination," says Wal-Mart spokesman Bill Wertz. This is not the first time that Wal-Mart has been embroiled in a legal battle with workers. A number of female employees brought suit against the company for allegedly denying them management jobs because of their sex in June.

Why Walmart couldn’t get sued? Wal-Mart is a formidable opponent in court. It retains some of the best lawyers in the country, who have considerable experience defending the company. These lawyers are not afraid to take a case to trial. And when they lose Wal-Mart will usually appeal, even small verdicts. Wal-Mart's lawyers are connected to their own "extranet," a kind of electronic newsletter published by the legal staff at the home office. This allows Wal-Mart lawyers to have up-to-date information about key court decisions, strategy, and such things as expert witnesses the company will face. Wal-Mart lawyers are paid primarily on a per-case basis. The per-case fee keeps Wal-Mart's cost of litigation low and produces a greater likelihood that a case will actually go to trial. Wal-Mart has little trouble finding able lawyers, despite the per-case payment, because the economics of law practice dictate the need for a steady source of income simply to pay the law firm's overhead. Wal-Mart is very reluctant to settle cases out-of-court. It is folly to think, "Oh, they're a big company, they'll settle." The founder of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, established the company policy of fighting lawsuits and it remains the policy today. Wal-Mart settles cases only after prolonged court proceedings make it clear that the company was at fault and the plaintiff has sustained serious injuries and will appear to the jury as a likeable person. Settlements are usually small compared to similar injuries in other cases where a corporation is a defendant. Verdicts against Wal-Mart are usually low. This is due, in part, to the enormous good will Wal-Mart has built up by its television commercials which show friendly Wal-Mart employees, and the ability of the company's lawyers to portray plaintiffs as untruthful or exaggerating their injuries. Isolated newspaper accounts of high verdicts do not portray an accurate account of what most juries decide in Wal-Mart cases. Juries have been known to award the injured customer only his or her medical expenses and little more. Most lawyers are not interested in filing suits against Wal-Mart. The company is reluctant to settle cases promptly and fairly and almost seems eager to take cases to trial. One of the goals of the Wal-Mart Litigation Project is to identify lawyers who are ready, willing and able to sue the company where a case has merit.

Reading Comprehension

Customer Service Reading Name: ______________________________ Grade: _____ Key: ____ Date: _____ You are going to read an article about customer service in banks. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap. Write the letter in the space provided to complete the sentences. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

A Although people do not expect much from the internet these days, this will change in the future. B The managers recognise that customers find them impersonal and unnatural. C First National is also preparing to adopt this personal approach to its internet banking. D They have the attitude that some skills, such as keyboard skills and so on, can be taught, but a member of staff can’t be taught to be a nice person. E Telephones are very personal because staff are speaking to people on their own territory. F And if customers try to contact the bank by telephone, they are put through to a call centre in another country where they have to speak slowly in order to be understood. G Not everyone wants a chatty, friendly service.

Customer Service in Banks The banking profession doesn’t have a very good reputation for customer service at the moment, and it’s not just due to loss of savings. High street branches are shutting down and where banks are available, their opening hours are inconvenient. Staff at the desks are surly, increasingly under-qualified and often unable to answer questions.F. Astonishingly, however, 86% of the customers at one bank are either ‘extremely satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the service they receive. And what is even more surprising is that the bank in question has no High Street outlets at all.

First National bank is run entirely through the telephone and the internet. And its success shows that customer service is just about face-to-face contact with clients. The primary concern of the bank is recruiting the right people. C .So they only recruit people who already exhibit good communication skills. And unlike other services that operate primarily over the telephone, the staff at First National do not use scripts. B What this bank asks for is that staff be themselves and establish a rapport with their customers. Part of this is recognizing people’s needs. G. Some want the process to be swift and efficient. The member of staff has to pick up on the caller’s mood and react accordingly.

D. The idea that customer service can be improved on a medium where there is no actual contact with a member of staff may seem strange at first. However, the website designers at First National spend a great deal of time understanding their customers and offering services which meet their needs. A .First National is already taking steps to fill this demand. They already offer a service in which customers receive a text when funds are received or when their account falls below a certain level. In the future, online systems may pre-empt customers’ needs in even more sophisticated ways. Additional Instructions:

Notice the highlighted words, please write the definitions, synonyms or your own explanation for each of them. Make sure that they are defined in the appropriate context to match this reading. Branches: subdivision Shut down: stop, abandon Staff: employees Outlets: aperture Primary: elemental Recruiting: obtain Scripts: writing Rapport: agreement Demand: appeal Pre-empt: prevent Then, write a short paragraph defining why you believe Customer Service is important in business. I believe that customer service is important in business because customer loyalty develops as customers feel a connection with a company, also it is important because it adds value to the services and goods and therefore the customer feels that he has added value to their money. This will create a good public image, increase sales, create customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Presentations and Summary

Big companies have been sued due to illegal things they do with the products they are selling in order to gain more customers and increase their incomes. For example milk companies inject hormones to their cows so they can produce more milk without having babies, but this hormone causes the cow “mastitis” which is a painful infection of the udder and when the cows are milked if they suffer mastitis, the pus of infection ends up in the milk, and the number of bacteria in milk increases and this could be dangerous for us. Also big companies cheat on people by saying that their products are very healthy and would help them improve their energy and this ends up being the falsest thing ever, for example the Vitamin Water company, they say that vitamin water is water that has been fortified with nutrients, such as vitamins and electrolytes and will give their customers energy. But they got sued due to none of them told the truth about garbage loaded with sugar in their drinks. Their drinks are full of sugar, caffeine and sweeteners that make the vitamin water to taste good, but it is not as healthy as they say it is. As we know, word of mouth is important to maintain customers and to keep a customer´s loyalty but it is important to keep good relationship not only external customers but internal customers as well. Some big companies don’t about the relationship with their internal customers, a clearly example is Walmart, Walmart got sued due to the way they treat woman and the discrimination they receive while being working on Walmart. This makes the company decrease their profits because the negative word of mouth they receive from their internal customers. In conclusion big companies get sued due to their lack of honesty they have while selling their products or due to the way they treat their employees.




Word of mouth

Recommendation by a satisfied or unsatisfied customer to the prospective customers of a good or service.

Customer Relationship



Sales began slowly, but with favorable reviews and word of mouth, the company became successful. Going beyond with the Claro has a customer from just selling the good products. customer relationship with their customers. The traditional buying and The Eselling through internet. commerce changed the world.

External Customer

People outside the company with whom we make business.

Internal customer

Employees that see the things inside the company.


Every way that the companies create to get people interested in their products

It is important that External customers talk good about the company. It is important for a company that their internal customers feel happy in the company. Advertising is a good way to get more clients.



Assumed value of the attractive force that generates sales revenue in a business, and adds value to its assets.

Customer Loyalty

Likelihood of previous customers to continue to buy from a specific organization.


For a company is important to build customer loyalty so they can have good relationships with their customers An individual who works part- An employee time or full-time under is an internal a contract of employment customer.

Engagement Commitment between a

company and a customer.

Social networking

They don't need to buy goodwill, or build customer confidence.

A dedicated website or other application which enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc.

When a customer gets engaged with a company means that he is going to be loyal with the company. Social networking is a good way of advertising


Everything that we or people do.

A customer´s behavior can say a lot about a company.

Extra information and pictures

Customer service is to be well attended by the people that work at the place a person is getting some kind of service. No organization can succeed without building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Advertising is a way that companies use to get people interested in their products. The best way that companies use to advertise is to use word of mouth which is effective to induce people to buy by 63%. Advertising increases awareness of products and service but personal recommendations lead to actual decisions to purchase those products and services. To sustain positive word of mouth advertising provide exemplary service. People talk about extraordinary experiences. The use of electronic media and social networking is also a good way to advertise and spread the word of a good service. For a company is important to keep all their customers happy because the lost of one person leads to 67 people lost as well. The ultimate goal of customer service is to keep customer loyalty which will maintain a good relationship between the customer and the company. Customer loyalty is driven by an overall satisfaction and involves commitment to make sustained investment in an ongoing relationship with the company. Customer loyalty reflects combinations of attitudes and behaviors like Repeated buying Willingness to recommend the company to others (positive word of mouth) Resistance to switch to a competitor Service to internal and external customers is equally as important. Customer service skill development provides the most significant way to find career success.

Every organization like every individual has a personality; this sends information to the customers and employees. Behavior is transmitted in two ways: 1. Verbal(what we say) 2. Nonverbal(without words) Nonverbal communication is when people see us doing something and they extract a meaning from our actions. But also keep in mind that different cultures assign different meaning to posture, emotions and spatial relations.

Customer service RIGHT ONE  

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