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HELLO I am thrilled that you want to see my portfolio - thank you! I’d also like to take this opportunity to share a bit more about who I am. I am a graphic designer and lover of stories. I am a wife to Aaron and mama to two little boys. My strengths are: self-assurance, developer, adaptability, futuristic, and relator. My work experience has proven I can establish and achieve goals, master new tools, and build long-term relationships. But more importantly, my life experience has taught me that people won’t remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel. So it is with design. Design is about creating something beautiful, yes, but great design is always about an experience. Through design we have the power to make an experience empowering and meaningful. What a gift! I am honored that you would review my work and hope for an opportunity to chat more.

In 2005, I took a leap of faith and started Holy Cow Design. The name of the company was inspired by a client who once exclaimed - “Holy Cow! I love it!� I realized that was the reaction I was after every time and the name stuck. :)


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aHumanFactor Coaching | Counseling | Consulting


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Christy Waters, RN, BSN, MA, CLNC | Owner/Founder T 310 936 6193 F 888 466 6308 10736 Jefferson Blvd. #618 Culver City, CA 90230

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PattiHinkley COACHING

PattiHinkley COACHING

PattiHinkley COACHING


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Patti Hinkley COACHING

PattiHinkley COACHING

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“Laura’s first assignment in working with me was to create a logo that tells the story of my new brand. This was a tedious undertaking to say the least involving a great deal of trial and error as I wanted it to contain a mark of a “W” that has been in my family for generations. Then, it began to evolve until one day, magically, we both knew that was it.

This would never have happened without Laura’s patience and willingness to listen. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of her listening skills during this project, truly one of Laura’s greatest gifts. Once the logo was established we began the process of designing and building the website. Again her listening skills coupled with her creativity and patience with me were essential. The end result is that I have a website that clearly represents the message of my business, is eye-catching, and user-friendly. I continually receive positive feedback from clients, prospects and acquaintances. Laura’s work is a real gift and an invaluable asset in my life work. Dan Wilson

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Dan E. Wilson, PCC

Dan E. Wilson, ACC President/CEO Wisdom in Leadership


5949 Sherry Lane, Suite 700 | Dallas, TX 75225 | 214.502.7371 |

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You can use your gifts and talents to be a good neighbor right where you live. We would love to invite you to become a part of the Good Neighbor Network. You will receive prayer, resources, and connections to help you become the best neighbor you can be. Camp Fontanelle Road Rules Team

Touching the city with the love of JESUS

To create a movement of reproducing Christ-centered, strong and healthy neighborhoods.

We are here to “...prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Eph. 4:12

SERVE We desire to serve people in our neighborhood, locally and abroad. With every act of love we bring Your kingdom come.

EQUIP We desire to equip people to establish strong and healthy neighborhoods where they live.

BUILD We desire to build people up so they can establish and reproduce strong and healthy communities.

+ GET INVOLVED Good Neighbor Ministries 1555 So. 27th Street Omaha NE 68105 402-344-4738

As a part of Good Neighbor Ministries you’ll have the opportunity to participate in: + Practical Service + Discipleship + Leadership Development + Networking + Special Events Copyright ©StockLayouts LLC. All rights reserved.

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Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

AccuCare EHR/Billing System

AccuCare Billing in the cloud.

We’ll help you navigate the changes in healthcare reform so you can earn more money, faster.

#1 CHOICE for Addiction and Mental Health

Technology that supports your practice today and tomorrow.


The fact is that healthcare is changing, and that means new challenges and opportunities.

AccuCare, a simple to use, fully cloud-based EHR and electronic billing system, is designed specifically for the behavioral health industry

Quickly accept and record payments in batches Easily send e-claims for Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance Direct connection with our own clearinghouse Assistance with Medicaid and insurance enrollment Access your data anywhere

AccuCare is powered by Orion Healthcare Technology 18047 Oak Street Omaha, NE 68130

Call us for a guided product tour: 1-800-324-7966 or visit us online at

AccuCare Web-based EHR We can help prepare you for the increased

number of Medicaid eligible clients. Easy-to-use, integrated EHR and Billing software Simplify billing for Medicaid, Medicare and insurance Step-by-step implementation and end-user training Help with Medicaid and other insurance enrollment

If we can answer any additional questions, we are eager to do so! Please give us a call at: 1-800-324-7966 or visit

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AccuCare is powered by Orion Healthcare Technology 18047 Oak Street Omaha, NE 68130

Quickly accept and record payments in batches Easily send claims for Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance Direct connection to our own clearinghouse Assistance with Medicaid and private insurance Access your data anywhere

To speak with someone about moving your billing to the cloud call: 1-800-324-7966.

AccuCare is powered by Orion Healthcare Technology 18047 Oak Street Omaha, NE 68130

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Organizations that proactively plan how to support virtual leadership will see a better return on their investment. Leading from a Distance offers strategies to ensure virtual teams and leaders are set up for success.

Understand the challenges virtual leaders face Learn the profile of high performing virtual teams Apply practical tools and guidelines to lead from a distance

The Virtual Leadership Challenge

Program Topics include: Virtual leadership is here to stay. In fact, virtual collaboration is increasingly common and more organizations are expected to work across geographical boundaries. Virtual collaboration can have many benefits increased productivity, flexibility for employees, a larger talent pool and reduced costs - but it requires a different form of leadership. When traditional management strategies fall short, organizations need practical tools that virtual leaders can leverage to enhance their effectiveness.

“ 32% of virtual team members

and 49% of stakeholders reported that virtual leaders were not performing at a high level.” (Source: OnPoint’s Virtual Team Study)

onpoint’s APPROACH Leading from a Distance is an engaging, high-impact leadership development program designed to enhance virtual leadership performance. The program is based on OnPoint‘s book, Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance. The program design can be tailored to make it highly applicable to partipants’ needs.

“Virtual Team Success is a must have for anyone managing geographically dispersed teams. As our global businesses become increasingly complex, I can‘t imagine a more timely or better resource.”

so there is always more value delivered than we expect with the Leading from a Distance program.”

Sr. VP HR Training, Fortune 500 software company


Leading from a Distance

“ OnPoint has a strong ethical grounding,

Understanding Your Effectiveness as a Virtual Leader The “Virtual Challenge” and the Differentiators of Top Performing Virtual Leaders Building Great Virtual Teams: A Launch Kit Managing Accountability Remotely High Impact Communication Skills: Creating a “High-Touch” Environment Conducting Effective Virtual Meetings Managing Conflict from a Distance Remote Coaching for High Performance Creating a Sense of Purpose in Virtual Teams

OnPoint offers two assessments to help virtual leaders identify areas of strength and areas for improvement: Leading from a Distance Simulation Experience an online business simulation where leaders engage in a series of virtual leadership challenges. At the end of the simulation, leaders receive a feedback report and development guide based on OnPoint’s RAMP model of high performing virtual leaders. Leading from a Distance 360 Receive targeted feedback to identify strengths and performance needs related to virtual leadership.

contact us We look forward to speaking with you!

Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar, VP Talent Management, Gap, Inc.

The engaging, instructor-led program is offered in face-to-face sessions or a virtual classroom with breakout groups.





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005 web graphics

thank you for your precious time and attention.



Laura Brooker 402-305-8000

Laura Brooker's Graphic Design Portfolio

Laura Brooker's Graphic Design Portfolio